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Helmets Off is hosted by former NFL and University of Utah football quarterback and reality TV star, Scott Mitchell. In each episode of Helmets Off, Scott has a very personal and candid conversation with success people from all walks of life. The listeners of Helmets Off get to be a fly on the wall of a personal, insightful and unplugged conversation. They get to see their heroes and maybe their enemies from a different, entertaining and moving perspective.
February 8, 2022

Yogi Roth Joins Helmets Off

Yogi Roth, former college football player and current Pac-12 Network Analyst sits down for a conversation with Scott Mitchell.   (43:33)
December 10, 2021

Kyler Murray, Kalani Sitake & The Rose Bowl

Scott Mitchell talks the insanity that is college football coaching and he discusses whether or not he thinks Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals in the real deal.   (31:53)
November 18, 2021

Cam Newton, Kalani Sitake and the CFB Playoff

Scott Mitchell discusses the running quarterback and the rise of free agency. He also talks about Kalani Sitake, a hot commodity on the coaching market.   (23:26)
October 29, 2021

Kansas City Chiefs, Legos & The Houston Astros

In this episode, Scott Mitchell shares his newest passion, talks about the downfall of the Kansas City Chiefs and makes a case to root for the Houston Astros.   (27:42)
October 22, 2021

Nick Rolovich, NFL Trade Deadline & NBA Season

Today Scott is talking about former WSU head coach Nick Rolovich and his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine. He also talks the NFL trade deadline and the NBA season.   (30:14)
October 7, 2021

Urban Meyer, Fastest QB To 100 Wins & Tom Brady

This week Scott Mitchell takes on the biggest NFL story: Urban Meyer.  He also talks about the reunion of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and we talk about the best players who people don't always realize are the best players.   (24:50)
October 1, 2021

Remembering Aaron Lowe, Evaluating NFL Season So Far

Scott Mitchell is the color voice of the Utah Football team, he talks about the tragedy the team faces as they lost another player, Aaron Lowe. Scott also evaluates which NFL teams are going to be good and which ones have already proven that they are bad. See omnystudio.com/lis...   (23:16)
September 24, 2021

First Pitches and First Year Quarterbacks

We are talking about Charlie Brewer, Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence.  Scott throws in a fun story about a time he threw the first pitch at an MLB game.   (22:22)
September 22, 2021

Urban Meyer, USC and The Utah Utes

This week Scott is talking about Urban Meyer and why he thinks he is the perfect candidate for the USC job even though his NFL career just started.  We also discuss the floundering Utah Utes.    (24:26)
September 2, 2021

College Football Season Predictions & What Is The Alliance?

Scott Mitchell is here with an all college football episode to celebrate the beginning of the season. He discusses who he thinks will play in the College Football Playoff. He also talks about who might and who WON'T win the Heisman Trophy.  See omnystudio.com/listener for priva...   (25:10)
August 18, 2021

All NFL & College Quarterback Talk

With the college football and NFL seasons right around the corner, it wouldn't be Helmets Off if Scott wasn't analyzing quarterbacks. It's his favorite pastime. We are talking about the Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence dynamic and who will be the University of Utah's starting qua...   (22:19)
August 6, 2021

Most Important Non-QB Players In The NFL

With the NFL season almost here, Scott Mitchell discusses the most important players in the AFC and NFC who aren't quarterbacks.  He also discusses the upcoming Utah Football season.   (21:47)
July 22, 2021

Aaron Rodgers, Olympics & Zach Wilson

Today Scott Mitchell is talking NFL quarterbacks and the largest sporting event in the world: The Tokyo Olympics.   (25:13)
July 9, 2021

NFL MVP Prediction & College Football Getting Boring

Scott Mitchell is here to talk NFL quarterbacks. He discusses who he thinks is poised to be next year's MVP and whether or not Taysom Hill will start in New Orleans.  Mitchell also discusses why college football has gotten so boring for the top 5 teams.  See omnystudio.com/li...   (26:18)
July 2, 2021

All NIL, All Day

Scott Mitchell discussed the first day and future impacts of NIL in college sports.    (30:56)
June 10, 2021

Jim Fassel's Impact On Scott

Scott Mitchell discusses his college coach, Jim Fassel, who just passed away.   (33:12)
June 4, 2021

Zach Wilson In New York & NFL Free Agents Without Teams

Today on Helmets Off Scott Mitchell discusses the star treatment Zach Wilson is getting in New York, the NBA playoffs and the Utah Jazz & NFL free agents who still don't have a team.   (21:56)
May 21, 2021

Sports Are Finally Getting Back To Normal & The NBA Playoffs

Scott Mitchell, former NFL quarterback, talks about why he is so happy the world is starting to feel normal again. He also talks about some the pandemic-related changes in sports and which ones he thinks should stick around.  Mitchell is rooting hard for the Utah Jazz.  See o...   (18:47)
May 14, 2021

Aaron Rodgers Situation & How It Impacts Jordan Love

Today Scott Mitchell, former NFL quarterback, is talking about the Aaron Rodgers drama with the Green Bay Packers and how it impacts former Utah State Aggie and current backup to Rodgers Jordan Love.   (18:20)
April 16, 2021

NFL Locals With A Chance To Go Big & The Reason Behind The 49ers Trade

The 49ers made an almost unheard of trade WAYYYYY before the NFL Draft, former NFL quarterback Scott Mitchell thinks he figured out why.  Scott also talks about last year's NFL rookies from Utah and the ones who MUST perform this year to solidify themselves as NFL talent.  Se...   (29:53)
April 2, 2021

The Hardest & Easiest Coaching Jobs In All Of Sports

Today former NFL and Utah Football quarterback Scott Mitchell is talking about the hardest and easiest coaching jobs in all of sports. It's a fun conversation you won't want to miss with special insight into the hardest working NFL coaches. Scott Mitchell also discusses the NFL'...   (30:01)
March 26, 2021

Scott's Best Teammate & Importance Of NFL Pro Day, Combine, Senior Bowl

Scott talks about the NCAA Tournament in comparison to Bowl Games and the College Football Playoff and why he thinks basketball does it right, while football needs to improve.  He also talks about what it takes to be a great teammate and who some of his favorite teammates were ...   (27:11)
March 18, 2021

Taysom Hill In New Orleans & Utah's (kind-of) Quarterback Battle

Scott Mitchell, former NFL and Utah Football quarterback, is talking about NFL and Utah Football quarterbacks today. He starts off talking about the battle for quarterback at Utah, although he is sure the job will go to Charlie Brewer. Next, he talks about whether or not Taysom...   (26:56)
March 12, 2021

Zach Wilson Over Trevor Lawrence? What Is Alex Smith's Future In Football?

Today former NFL quarterback Scott Mitchell is talking the NFL Draft and NFL Free Agency.  He answers everyone's burning question, who is the number one pick in the NFL Draft? Trevor Lawrence or Zach Wilson? Next he moves onto former Utah quarterback who was just released from...   (22:53)
February 26, 2021

Russell Wilson's Future? And What An NFL Offseason Is Really Like

What is an NFL offseason really like? A former NFL quarterback explains. Scott Mitchell also talks about where he thinks Russel Wilson may end up and some of the best fits for the Seahawks signal caller.   (31:54)
February 5, 2021

Where Would The Buccaneers Be Without Tom Brady?

Nowhere.  Scott Mitchell talks about the upcoming Super Bowl and how the Buccaneers wouldn't be where they are without Tom Brady's leadership.  Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?    (25:34)
January 29, 2021

The Tale Of The Two NFL Quarterbacks & Aaron Rodgers

Scott is thrilled about the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. He can't wait for the Jedi Master to pass the torch to the Padawan.  Mitchell also discusses what he thinks the future of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay looks like.  Next, we move onto ...   (23:55)
January 21, 2021

Packers Playoff Motivation & Urban Meyer's Bright Future As NFL Coach

In today's episode, Scott has to switch up his Super Bowl picks after the LA Rams lost. Scott talks about why the Packers have been so successful and mentions that Aaron Rodgers should thank Jordan Love for the extra kick of motivation. On the episode, Scott also talks about Urb...   (24:41)
January 15, 2021

NFL Playoff Predictions & The College Football Playoff Reruns

Today on Helmets Off Scott talked about the late Ty Jordan and what he meant to the Utah football program. Scott tells a story of a time he lost a player as coach. Next, Scott airs his grievances with the College Football Playoff. He mentions it is like watching reruns.  Final...   (25:54)
December 18, 2020

Best Sports Moment Of The Year, College Athletics In The Supreme Court

This will be the last episode of Helmets Off until the New Year. Scott wishes you all a Happy Holidays. We start by having a discussion about whether or not college athletes are amateurs anymore. Scott says absolutely not and things will soon change and the NCAA will no longer h...   (29:32)
December 11, 2020

A Utah V. BYU Bowl Game? The College Football Playoff? What Happened To The Steelers?

A lot questions and scenarios being evaluated in this week's episode of Helmets Off. First Scott talks about a situation proposed by KSL Sports that would have Utah and BYU play in their own rivalry bowl game. Next, Scott tries to break down the mess that is the College Football...   (18:17)
December 3, 2020

Positives For Utah Football, NFL Scheduling Nightmare & Super Bowl Predictions

Utah football hasn't won a game yet, two games have been canceled because of an outbreak of COVID-19 and they lost their starting quarterback to shoulder injury. All of that seems pretty gloomy, but Scott is here to soothe Ute fans with the positives he sees for this one. The big...   (20:00)
November 20, 2020

Will Utah Football Finally Open The Season? And NFL Players Being Their Own Agents

After having their first two games canceled due to COVID-19, will the Utah Utes finally play their first game of the season against the USC Trojans at Rice Eccles Stadium? Scott Mitchell is optimistic. Bobbly Wagner and DeAndre Hopkins decided to become their own agents, which i...   (19:32)
November 13, 2020

Utah Quarterback Watch & Tom Brady's Fall From Grace

THIS EPISODE WAS RECORDED PRIOR TO UTAH'S GAME AGAINST UCLA. How do cancellations impact the Utah quarterback battle? Scott weighs on. He also talks about Tom Brady's brutal loss to the Saints and what it means for his career. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy informatio...   (17:35)
November 6, 2020

Utah QB Watch & Good, Better, Worst Of The NFL Season

October 30, 2020

Utah Quarterback Watch, Wild World Series & Antonio Brown Gets ANOTHER Shot

Scott Mitchell, former Utah quarterback, is continuing his analysis of the Utah quarterback battle. According to the coaches, the team already has a starter but will not announce who it is until right before their first game.  Mitchell shares who he WOULD start, because the 202...   (24:52)
October 22, 2020

Utah QB Watch, Julian Blackmon's Shocking Season & Fitz-Magic Out

Every week until the Pac-12 football season starts we are leading off with a special segment where Scott Mitchell, former U of U and NFL quarterback analyzed the three-way quarterback battle happening with the University of Utah football team. The team announced they won't name a...   (28:43)
October 15, 2020

Utah Football QB Watch, The Return Of Alex Smith & NFL Injuries

This week on Helmets Off Scott is breaking down the quarterback battle happening at the University of Utah. Coach Whittingham hopes to have a decision made sometimes this week. Scott recommends they make a decision as soon as possible in order to establish the leader of the offen...   (21:33)
October 8, 2020

Utah Football Quarterback Battle, NFL Quarterbacks Making History & Drafting Quarterbacks

Today is all about the best (in Scott's opinion) position on the field. First we are talking about the first true quarterback battle the University of Utah football team has seen in a while. Scott gives an analysis on what to look for as the Utes go through fall camp. Next, Scot...   (25:50)
October 2, 2020

NFL COVID Snowball? Will It Throw Players Off? Turf Or Natural?

We are all NFL this week on Helmets Off.  First, Scott talks about the biggest story in the NFL, which is the first game postponement of the season due to players testing positive for COVID-19. He talks about this could snowball and impact the rest of the season, because the NF...   (18:56)
September 17, 2020

NFL Week 1 & The Big Ten Leaving The Pac-12 In Chaos

NFL Football is finally back. Scott Mitchell, former NFL quarterback gives his week 1 takeaways. From Tom Brady being lackluster for former Utah Football RB Zack Moss' touchdown. All in all, we are just happy football is back. Next, Scott discusses the disaster that is Pac-12 fo...   (28:06)
August 27, 2020

Pac-12 Image Problem Will Keep Getting Worse And Utes To Watch In The NFL

The Pac-12 already had an image problem before they decided to cancel fall football along with the Big Ten, now, the problem will grow. Not playing a season when other conferences are will hurt their image and their name, according to Scott, especially since the College Football ...   (22:57)
August 14, 2020

Cancelled Fall Sports, Spring Football & How That Benefits Some Teams

The Pac-12 and the Big Ten pulled the plug on fall sports, including football, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both conferences said there is a possibility of spring football. Scott explains why is initial reaction to that was that it will never work but he then explains how he...   (29:20)
August 7, 2020

Pac-12 Player Demands, Larry Scott's Response & NFL Rookies

Today we are taking two segments to break down the Pac-12 players behind the We Are United campaign and their wants/demands from the conference. We start with the players and finish with Larry Scott's response. Scott says what he would do if he were in Scott's shoes. Finally, on...   (33:45)
July 23, 2020

Zero Positive NBA Tests, The NFL & COVID-19 & College Football Changes

Today's episode of Helmets Off with Scott Mitchell is all about what sports leagues will look like during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.  First - The NBA.  In the Orlando Bubble, the league had zero positive coronavirus tests and starts games this week. They are a true mo...   (24:02)
July 15, 2020

Washington NFL Team Name Change & The Silver Lining Of Conference Only Schedules

The Washington NFL announced they would be changing their name due to it being a racial slur. Scott offers his thoughts.  The Big Ten and the Pac-12 announced they would only be playing conference football schedules in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Other conferences may fo...   (20:21)
July 10, 2020

Morgan Scalley, Patrick Mahomes and The End Of Pro Baseball

In this episode of Helmets Off, Scott Mitchell, former Utah QB and Utes radio analyst discusses the reinstatement of Morgan Scalley after he was suspending pending an investigation into a 2013 incident when he used a racial slur. Scott also discusses Patrick Mahomes and the gian...   (37:06)
June 26, 2020

Detroit Lions Ownership, Favre/Tillman/Kaepernick & NASCAR and Bubba Harris

Martha Ford, longtime owner of the Detroit Lions is stepping down. Scott Mitchell offers an insightful perspective into his time under the Detroit Lions ownership. He explains how franchise ownership determines the long term success or failure of a team. Brett Favre compared Col...   (30:00)
June 17, 2020

Scott Is Joined By The People Who Know Him Best... His Sisters

Two of Scott's three sisters joined him on the podcast to talk about what is was like growing up with Scott and being the sister of an NFL quarterback.  They also talk about a run-in with fans that featured Scott's mom yelling at fans who were bad-mouthing Scott.  Stay tuned ...   (39:26)
June 11, 2020

Thoughts On Morgan Scalley, Jerry Sloan & The NBA Finals

Scott Mitchell, former NFL and Utah quarterback, shares his thoughts on the situation surrounding Utah defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley who was suspended pending an investigation into an incident in 2013 when he used a racial slur in a text message.  Next, Scott shares his ...   (29:46)
June 2, 2020

Sports And The Life Of Scott In The Coronavirus Pandemic

We have been offline for a while. This episode of Helmets Off is all about catching you up on what Scott and the world of sports as he sees it has been up to.   We start with Scott's life, as he shares the life lessons he has learned during the coronavirus pandemic, including ...   (36:36)
May 20, 2020

Best Of: How Social Media Is Hurting Sports

Tennessee tried to hire Greg Schiano (Rutgers, Penn State, Tampa Bay, Ohio State) as head coach.  The students freaked out and accused him of covering up Jerry Sandusky's crimes.   Helmets Off host Scott Mitchell talks about how Tennesse should not have bowed to student deman...   (20:19)
May 20, 2020

Best Of: The Most Underrated Position On The Field Has Two Jobs

The most under rated position in NFL football came up in conversation today. Scott starts with the definition of under rated and explains which position he chose and why. Don't agree? Tell us on social media. Hint: It's someone who touches the ball every play.  Facebook: Helme...   (24:22)
May 18, 2020

Best Of: Scott's NFL Dream

Scott is asking for your help on this one. He has a dream haunting his sleep about his time in the NFL but the dream has recently changed. This time he went back in time to play for the New England Patriots but Bill Parcels was coach...someone help him. See omnystudio.com/listen...   (08:21)
May 15, 2020

Best Of: NFL Quarterbacks Who Are Actually Worth $40 Mil...Not Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott thinks he is worth $40 million. Scott recalls the first year of NFL Free Agency when the salary cap per team was $32 million. That means the team had to spread $32 million across the ENTIRE TEAM. Scott doesn’t think Dak Prescott is worth $40 million. He isn’t eve...   (16:34)
May 15, 2020

Best Of: Boston Celtics Are Clear Evidence Of Karma In Sports

Helmets Off host Scott Mitchell talks about a number of subjects He cheered for the LA Dodgers, but is glad the Houston Astros won the World Series. He wishes the University of Utah would play with a chip on their shoulder all the time, not just when they've lost 4. The Celtic...   (20:04)
May 15, 2020

Best Of: Athletes and Mental Health Scott Opens Up About Personal Struggles

Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers recently opened up about mental health and his personal struggles. Scott talks about the intense requirements put on professional athletes to be perfect. It has been reported, but not confirmed, that NBA owners now want access to player's men...   (21:52)
May 6, 2020

Best Of: The True Lesson Of Sports Playing To Win... Every Time

Helmets Off host Scott Mitchell talks about his University of Utah Utes.  Sometimes it feels like they're not playing to win. In sports at that level you have to always be playing to win.  Sometimes it feels like the Utes are playing to not lose.  There's a difference. This ...   (18:26)
May 6, 2020

Best Of: Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle Haloti Ngata Discusses his trials and Winning a Super Bowl

Former Highland High School, Oregon Duck and current Detroit Lions Defensive Tackle Haloti Ngata talked about why he decided to play College Football for Oregon rather than playing for Utah or BYU. He reflects on his experience when he was drafted as the 12th pick in the draft. ...   (24:06)
May 6, 2020

Best Of: The NFL Is Not Fair And They Are Finally Getting Help

Believe it or not there are some really smart Buffalo Bills fans. The NFL has granted some money to a group of mathematicians in order to help them figure out the unfair scheduling in the NFL. The mathematicians were tired of the Bills playing teams after a bye week or Thursday g...   (17:01)
May 1, 2020

Best Of: Did Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott get Tired of Winning Super Bowls

Hall of famer Ronnie Lott joined Scott Mitchell on Helmets Off podcast.   (37:07)
May 1, 2020

Best Of: Evolution of The NFL The Very First Super Bowl

How can the very first Super Bowl not be a ground breaking moment in NFL history? The NFL can chalk most of its success up to television. But leading up to this game the New York Giants did something that was considered shady. The AFL and the NFL eventually merged and the rest is...   (13:38)
May 1, 2020

Best Of: How Would a Millennial Fix The Super Bowl

We have Millennial Josh on the show today to talk about how a millennial would fix the Super Bowl. The ratings were down and Josh is here to fix it. He says millennials want a high flying offense. We want Patrick Mahomes. Scott asks Millennial Josh whether or not they care about ...   (16:12)
April 21, 2020

Best Of: NFL Draft Predictions & Misinformation - Draft By Need Or Quality

The NFL Draft is upon us. It's a day fans love because it brings faith that their teams might actually improve. Scott talks about all of the misinformation that is flying around because coaches know how to play games by falsifying who they want in the NFL Draft. Kyler Murray is s...   (15:54)
April 21, 2020

Best Of: A Look Back At Last Year's NFL Draft

The NFL Draft just happened. Scott is ranking what he thinks were the best moves in the NFL Draft. Some teams seem to always get it right while others seem to always get it wrong. The Pittsburgh Steelers really got it right in the NFL Draft this year, but not as good as the Washi...   (17:40)
April 21, 2020

Best Of: Creating the Perfect NFL Quarterback

We are creating the perfect NFL Quarterback with parts from all of the legendary NFL Quarterbacks. There are four categories: Feet, arm, head and heart. Scott Mitchell, former NFL quarterback, offers great insight into what makes the perfect quarterback. See omnystudio.com/liste...   (18:40)
April 14, 2020

Best Of: Dave Kreig- Nearly 2 Decades As NFL Quarterback

In 1980, Dave Kreig tried out for the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent out of Milton College.  Seattle picked him up as their third string quarterback.  Dave immediately started working his way up.  In 1982, he started for Seattle. After Seattle, Dave Kreig played ...   (20:47)
April 8, 2020

Best of: The Only Thing Better Than Playing In The NFL

“Zachary Mitchell with the touchdown!” Scott Mitchell’s son scored a big touchdown during his high school football game this past weekend. Scott was and is elated. This was Zach’s first varsity football game. He is a junior in high school. Scott has a hard time finding w...   (07:53)
April 1, 2020

Best of: Travis Pastrana Talks Best, Dumbest Stunts and Red Bull Air Forc

Travis Pastrana and Luke Aikins, both extreme athletes, came on Helmets Off to talk latest projects, biggest jumps and dumbest stunts. Last night Aikins flew into Salt Lake City over the capitol building to usher in this year's Nitro World Games. Scott asks the duo why they do wh...   (20:14)
April 1, 2020

Extreme Athlete Travis Pastrana Talks Best, Dumbest Stunts and Red Bull Air Forc

Travis Pastrana and Luke Aikins, both extreme athletes, came on Helmets Off to talk latest projects, biggest jumps and dumbest stunts. Last night Aikins flew into Salt Lake City over the capitol building to usher in this year's Nitro World Games. Scott asks the duo why they do wh...   (20:14)
March 26, 2020

Mark Eaton- "You Can't Teach Height"

"You can't teach height".  That's what Utah Jazz coach Frank Layden said when signed an unproven 7ft4inch center named Mark Eaton. Mark went on to become an NBA All Star in 1989, and was twice NBA Defensive Player of the Year.   His defense paired with Karl Malone and John S...   (45:35)
March 10, 2020

Favorite Female Athlete, Coronavirus & Sports, Tom Brady Drama

In honor of International Women’s Day Scott is talking about his favorite women. He starts with his mom and daughters, but then we talk about Scott’s favorite women in sports. His favorite female athlete is a professional golfer because of her quiet confidence.  As the thre...   (30:28)
February 27, 2020

NFL Draft, Combine, NCAA Transfer Rule

Scott Mitchell hated/hates the NFL Combine. He tells his personal story of the NFL Combine. Scott’s problem with the NFL combine is that it is dehumanizing. He also talks about how often scouts just get it wrong. Look at Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson. There are lots of great...   (26:51)
February 19, 2020

NBA All-Star Game Is Finally Watchable, Tom Brady Needs To Retire

How does playing in the All-Star game impact the careers of Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell? Scott shares the experience of going to a quarterback's club that changed his career after being around legendary players.  Drew Brees announced he is returning to play football and it...   (23:19)
February 11, 2020

XFL, Tyler Huntley, NFL Free Agent QBs

Scott Mitchell brings a special guest to talk about their takeaways of the XFL. Alex Kirry, host of KSL Unrivaled, enjoyed the XFL. Scott and Alex compare the XFL to the failed AAF league. They talk about whether or not they think the league will last and the different rules. Mi...   (26:17)
February 6, 2020

Super Bowl LIV, Pete Rose and Tom Brady

We have a good lineup today. Scott reflects on how happy he is for Andy Reid. He talks about the qualities that make Andy Reid so amazing.   Pete Rose wants to be reinstated into baseball after the Houston Astros cheating scandal. Scot agrees.    Tom brady is an unrestrict...   (29:07)
January 31, 2020

Kobe Bryant, Super Bowl LIV & Taysom Hill

The tragic passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant rocked not only the sports world but the entire world. Scott reflects on the lessons he has learned in evaluating and mourning this tragedy. Also, believe it or not, the Super Bowl is this weekend. It seems with all of the tragedy, no...   (34:48)
January 22, 2020

Patrick Mahomes Begins A Dynasty, 49ers Quarterbacks & Aaron Hernandez Doc

Helmets Off is going to be looking a little different now, but it will allow us to dive deeper and better analyze topics. Scott will now be doing one episode per week, focusing and analyzing three different topics in a longer-form episode.  This week we are staring with the NFL...   (21:30)
January 15, 2020

Winning In The NFL Is A Losing Proposition

Scott Mitchell, former NFL quarterback, is explaining why it doesn’t pay to win in the NFL.  It takes an extreme toll on your body and mind to prepare for each game in the NFL. When you really stop and think about it...only one team each year actually wins it all. ALL of the...   (14:45)
December 17, 2019

Being An NFL Fan Is A Heart-Breaking Experience

Scott was recently on vacation and had the realization that being a fan of the NFL can be really hard. If your team doesn’t break your heart this season, they will in the next five seasons. When you stop and think about it there is only one fan base per year that doesn’t get ...   (21:01)
December 3, 2019

Don’t Bench A Super Bowl Winner With A Limited Skill Quarterback

The Jacksonville Jaguars benched Nick Foles. Nick Foles who won a Super Bowl is on the bench being replaced by Gardner Minshew. Scott doesn’t fully buy the Minshew Mania. Scott Mitchell is a former NFL quarterback, he gets it. He doesn’t agree with benching your Super Bowl-wi...   (14:52)
November 21, 2019

Stevenson Sylvester: Former Ute/Steeler Linebacker Makes Career Out Of Being Good Person

Stevenson Sylvester was a linebacker at the University of Utah and was drafted by and played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Buffalo Bills. After his NFL career he moved back to Salt Lake City and began giving back to the community. Philanthropy is his passion. Scott and Sly ...   (22:28)
November 20, 2019

"Kaepernick Should Play Football While He Still Can"

Scott Mitchell knows the pain of no longer being able to play in the NFL. He also knows what it means to have to take a risk in order to stand up for yourself. As a young NFL quarterback, he chose to put his name on a lawsuit that had the potential to get him blackballed from the...   (15:02)
November 15, 2019

Myles Garrett Should Be Arrested

On helmets off we are talking about a helmet literally coming off and hitting someone on the head. In last night’s Steelers v. Browns game Myles Garrett hit Mason Rudolph in the head with a helmet. Scott Mitchell said that without a doubt, Garrett should be arrested for assault...   (13:33)
November 13, 2019

Scott's NFL Dream

Scott is asking for your help on this one. He has a dream haunting his sleep about his time in the NFL but the dream has recently changed. This time he went back in time to play for the New England Patriots but Bill Parcels was coach...someone help him. See omnystudio.com/listen...   (08:21)
November 11, 2019

Good, Better, Worst: The Yin and Yang Of Football

We are about halfway through the NFL season and this past weekend saw some defining moments for this year’s NFL. Scott tells some personal stories about his defining moments in the NFL before getting into the defining moments that happened during this weekend’s games. We are ...   (19:24)
November 4, 2019

Is Lamar Jackson Better Than Patrick Mahomes?

We are talking the good, better and worst of the NFL this week. We are halfway through the NFL season and the best thing about that is that more than half of the teams are still in the hunt for the playoffs meaning there are lots of really good teams. There is one reason Scott th...   (15:28)
October 30, 2019

College Football Polls Are All About Money

Just when Scott thought he could begin to respect college football polls...this week’s came out and he is scratching his head.Utah is ranked #9. Clemson is a joke, the ACC is the worst Power-5 conference. Scott thinks each conference has two or three good teams. How can you hav...   (07:57)
October 28, 2019

Two Reasons Drew Brees Came Back This Week

Drew Brees returned as the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints this weekend after he had surgery on his hand. Some people were wondering why he came back so soon especially when his backup was playing well and the Saints are coming up on a bye week. Brees said he’s ...   (12:29)
October 23, 2019

Herm Edwards Restores Scott’s Faith In Humanity

Herm Edwards, aka Reverend Herm, restored Scott’s faith in humanity this weekend when he apologized to head coach of Utah Football Kyle Whittingham for the way his players played during Saturday’s game. There were a lot of cheap shots and unessicarly rough plays made by the S...   (05:10)
October 22, 2019

Sam Darnold Wasn’t Ready To Come Back

New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was mic’d up during the team’s loss to the New England Patriots. He was caught saying, “I’m seeing ghosts.” His game was awful. The Jet’s offense scored zero points. Darnold has been out with mono over the first games of the seaso...   (07:45)
October 21, 2019

Urban Meyer Wouldn’t Fit In The NFL

Urban Meyer publicly said he would want to be an NFL head coach...for the Dallas Cowboys. Scott thinks this a perfect example of Meyer manipulating the media. He hopes the fact that he wants to coach in Dallas goes viral enough for Cowboys management to hear it. Scott is of the o...   (14:03)
October 18, 2019


Patrick Mahomes went down last night and it looks like he will miss three games after a knee cap dislocation. People and calling it the Madden curse and Scott is one of those people.    (06:39)
October 14, 2019

Observations From The Pocket: The NFL Is America’s Best Reality TV Show

The Dallas Cowboys spurred today’s discussion about the NFL drama. It seemed they were Super Bowl contenders at the beginning of the season but it appears that the wheels have fallen off. Now, everyone is calling for Jason Garrett to be fired...even though they are in first pla...   (14:20)
October 4, 2019

ESPN Sees BYU As Mid-Major or Group Of 5 Team

An article by ESPN gave a percentage to non-power 5 schools to make a College Football Playoff. A few schools featured were Boise State, UCF and BYU. What makes this article confusing is that they grouped BYU as a group of 5 which is inaccurate. This is a silly, fantasy land arti...   (05:21)
October 2, 2019

Observations From The Pocket: Interceptions Are Declining. Why?

Do you know who Paul Krause is? It’s ok if you don’t. Scott will tell you. We are talking about quarterbacks today in our weekly observations from the pocket. An article caught Scott’s eye about the declining interception rate in the NFL, which is surprising because pass at...   (07:35)
September 30, 2019

Jamal Williams' Injury Stirs Up Scary Memories

Jamal Williams, a former BYU and current Green Bay Packers running back was carted off the field after a pretty serious head injury. There were two instances in that single game where players were carted off the field. Scott talks about how hard it is for a team to move on during...   (16:50)
September 25, 2019

NFL Or College Football: Am I Crazy?

Scott and his producer had an interesting conversation about why some years he can’t stop watching the NFL with absolutely no interest in college football. And other years it is the exact opposite. His producer agreed. It just depends on the year for both of them. They can’t ...   (08:18)
September 23, 2019

Observations From The Pocket: Baker Mayfield Is Overrated & Bye Bye Harbaugh (Maybe)

Jacob Easson of Washington looks good and will look even better as his season, coached by Chris Petersen, comes to a close. Speaking of college quarterbacks...How does USC’s third guy, Matt Fink, beat #10 Utah and their high caliber defense. Moving onto the NFL. Baker Mayfield ...   (14:09)
September 18, 2019

Does Your Team Really Suck? Or Are They Just Working Things Out

Scott Mitchell, former NFL quarterback, is giving a list of the NFL teams he thinks will work out their growing pains. He is also telling you which teams you should just give up on and wait until next year, or the year after that. Some fans who shouldn’t give up? The Bills, the...   (12:08)

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