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Dave and Dujanovic

What happens when a seasoned, award-winning investigative journalist and a well-known and very funny sports reporter get together to talk about news and politics? Dave Noriega and Debbie Dujanovic, also known as D2, join forces, mornings on KSL Newsradio.

Should students get their own laptops again this year?   (08:38)8-3-2021
Debbie wants to know why she has to pay for laptops for kids she has nothing to do with.  Ben Horsley with the Granite School District joins the conversation. See for privacy information.
Simone Biles returns to the Olympics   (08:04)8-3-2021
You might want to skip this segment if you’re still waiting to watch the competition on Tuesday night. But if you don’t want spoilers, you better avoid all of social media and talking to family and friends and co-workers! See for privacy information.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo responds to allegations   (25:08)8-3-2021
In this segment you'll hear Gov. Andrew Cuomo respond to allegations of sexual assault made by the New York Attorney General. Then, Inside Sources Host Boyd Matheson joins Dave and Debbie with his take on Cuomo's response. See for privacy information.
Dealing with Grief   (09:43)8-3-2021
Another tragedy -- a miner in Emery swept away in a flash flood. So much tragedy this summer I wanted to speak to an expert on how what do we say? Do? For families in grief. Kristin Francis, MD/Child Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist with Huntsman Mental Health shares advice. S...
New York AG finds Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed women   (08:14)8-3-2021
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women who worked for the state and elsewhere, according to a report by state Attorney General Letitia James. Greg Skordas explains what happens next See for privacy information.
NYC to require vaccinations for indoor events   (09:11)8-3-2021
New York City will soon require vaccinations for many indoor activities, including restaurants, bars, and gyms as of September 13th. See for privacy information.
Do You Need Flood Insurance?   (09:30)8-3-2021
Flash flooding has been sweeping across the state... damaging homes all along the way. Will insurance bail you out and pick up the bill? Matt Gephardt asked this question for KSL television. Joined the show See for privacy information.
Governor Cox Press Conference on Pandemic (LIVE)   (23:52)8-3-2021
Gov. Spencer J. Cox; Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson; Greg Bell, president of the Utah Hospital Association; and Dr. Michelle Hofmann, deputy director of the Utah Department of Health, provides updates on the ongoing pandemic. See for privacy information.
What will Utah do next?   (09:17)8-3-2021
Recapping the Governors Press conference  See for privacy information.
Did Lawmakers make a mistake?   (08:12)8-3-2021
Recapping the Governors Press conference  See for privacy information.
The Latest on the $1 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Bill   (09:16)8-3-2021
The $1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill is in. Senator Mitt Romney helped craft the broad strokes of the bill. If you're wondering how many pages, it takes to spend more than a trillion dollars... the answer is 2,700. Boyd Matheson joins the conversation and gives his thought...
Housing Median is Now at $550k   (30:13)8-3-2021
The median home price in SL county 550k (Board of Realtors, SL TRIBUNE) A few years ago all you did was get pre qualifications and list the things you want and don’t want in a house. Thomas Wright//Real Estate broker joined the conversation to tell us if the number is going to...
Flash Flooding in Northern Utah   (10:34)8-2-2021
The town of Stockton reported that an 80 year old woman was trapped in her home due to flood waters. Travis Romney, Stockton Chief of Police joined the show to give us an update on the town See for privacy information.
Mykayla Skinner:The Journey to Silver   (08:43)8-2-2021
The U.S women's gymnastics won medals in Tokyo. University of Utah Gymnast MyKayla Skinner won silver in vault , Suni Lee got gold and bronze, and Simone Biles is competing. Rebecca Cressman joins the show to talk about Mykayla Skinner's journey to silver See
Walmart Paying Full Tuition and Books for Employees   (19:35)8-2-2021
As the U.S economy reopens and the demand for employees increases, employers are doing everything they can to attract new hires. Last Tuesday Walmart announced it will pay for full college tuition and books.  Dave and Debbie take calls and ask the question if this is enough for...
Flash Flooding in Utah   (19:06)8-2-2021
Everywhere, Utah - that’s exactly where the storms hit -- Tooele County flooding Bountiful residents told to sandbag I-80 underwater, canyon roads converted to rivers.  Grant Weyman, KSL Meteorologist joined the show to talk about last nights storms  Lisa Miller, UDOT also ...
Flood Safety   (09:33)8-2-2021
In this wild weather -- pay attention to weather alerts and take them seriously. Last night: wind warning, heavy rains. Let’s find out what to do if your home is in the path of a homemade wild storm. Joe Dougherty Director of Public Affairs at Utah Department of Public Safety s...
Federally mandated vaccines   (06:43)7-29-2021
New mask guidelines and vaccine mandates are causing an uproar among many. President Biden may be issuing a vaccine mandate for federal employees. Representative Chris Stewart joined Dave and Debbie to voice his opinion about a vaccine mandate for federal workers.  See omnystu...
What should President Biden do?   (10:31)7-29-2021
The President is set to issue a vaccine mandate for federal employees this week - potentially even today. Dave and Dujanovic speak with Boyd Matheson about what the President should do.  See for privacy information.
Rules for vaccine mandates   (09:35)7-29-2021
Google says if wanna come back to the office, you gotta get your shot … mandating a COVID vaccine for folks who want to return to the workplace. Now, a major news organization is mandating vaccines for employees.  Attorney Greg Skordas joins the show to tell us about employee...
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis don't bathe their kids   (17:27)7-29-2021
This week in breaking celebrity news: Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher don’t shower themselves or their kids as often as the rest of us. Are they being gross, or is there something we don’t know? We take calls from listeners to see if this is the norm or just plain weird. See o...
Aggressive driving quiz   (07:38)7-29-2021
Dave takes Debbie’s aggressive driving quiz to find out if he has road rage when behind the wheel. Find out if you're an aggressive driver as well.  See for privacy information.
Tales of rage   (12:05)7-29-2021
We’re learning more about the road rage incident that started in a Walmart parking lot in Centerville.. and it’s worse than we thought. Lt. Allen Ackerson with Centerville Police joined the show to give us an update.  See for privacy information.
Is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis the next GOP presidential candidate?   (18:18)7-29-2021
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was in Salt Lake City to deliver speeches for the American Legislative Exchange Council. Does he have what it takes to run for the White House? Would you vote for him? Boyd Matheson joins the program to give his insight. We take listeners' phone call...
Flash flooding contamination   (30:10)7-29-2021
Can floodwaters actually make us sick? What sorts of germs and debris could be floating around in these unknown waters that are harmful to our health? Dr. Brian Moench, President of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment fills us in on the subject. Michele Fogg flash flood vol...
How Simone Biles is changing the game of mental health   (20:48)7-29-2021
Olympic Gymnast, the greatest of all time, Simone Biles has dropped out of her second event in the Olympics. The All-Around competition. To say she was the favorite to win gold is a huge understatement.  She’s got a case of the “twisties." It’s a cute-sounding name. It’...
Should schools have universal mask requirements?   (07:32)7-29-2021
Senator Dan Mckay calls into the show to discuss his stance on the CDC guidance of masks in schools and what Utahns should expect.  See for privacy information.
Sen. Romney on the Olympics   (09:10)7-29-2021
From the Beijing Boycott to Utah may be seeing another Bid, Senator Mitt Romney shares his input on the Olympic Games.  See for privacy information.
What drowning really looks like   (10:00)7-29-2021
Apparently, drowning doesn’t look like drowning… It's a silent tragedy that we all may not know how to identify. Lifeguard and Aquatics Section Supervisor with Salt Lake County, Amber Milne, shares what to look for.  See for privacy information.
Pineview fees up but satisfaction down   (08:49)7-29-2021
The feds run a very popular reservoir in Utah -- so the KSL TV investigative team asked them why there are dangerous chunks of concrete in the water, the sidewalks are collapsing and the main boat ramp is a mess. KSL TV Investigator Mike Headrick calls in to the show to reveal wh...
CDC eviction moratorium ends this week   (19:40)7-29-2021
The CDC’s eviction moratorium is set to end on July 31st. Is there potential for another extension? Tara Rollins with Utah Housing Coalition calls in to discuss what renters should know and Paul Smith with the Utah Apartment Association calls in to discuss how landlords are aff...
What does Utah law say about mask mandates?   (08:54)7-29-2021
CDC recommends kids wear masks in schools -- but Utah law may be in conflict with that. Dave and Dujanovic get to the bottom of what schools are legally allowed to do with Utah Sen. Todd Weiler.  See for privacy information.
A doctor weighs in on the CDC's new guidance for vaccinated people   (08:13)7-29-2021
It feels like we’re going backward. COVID cases creeping up, and now the CDC's guidance is to mask up in public places, even if we’re vaccinated. Dr. Brandon Webb, an infectious disease physician with Intermountain Healthcare, helps us understand the science behind the new gu...
Should we mandate vaccines for federal employees?   (21:16)7-29-2021
First, mask up… Next step: mandatory vaccines. The President asked if he’ll mandate COVID shots for federal employees -- he foreshadowed saying we’ll know by Thursday. And Dave and Debbie share exclusive insight from Senator Mitt Romney on the new CDC guidance.  See omnys...
Is the Mask Back?   (09:08)7-27-2021
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to update its guidelines on Tuesday to urge vaccinated people in certain areas of the country to resume wearing masks because of Covid-19. Dave and Debbie take listener calls on how they feel about bringing back the ma...
Cedar City Flooding   (07:48)7-27-2021
Streets morphed into rivers in Cedar City two inches of rain in 2 hour. Basements flood, yards a mess. Dave and Debbie hear from someone who was on the road when it happened and discuss drivers who kept driving through rivers.  See for privacy informatio...
Insurrection Committee Hearings   (20:48)7-27-2021
The House select committee formed to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. The Capitol is meeting for the first time today. They are hosting a panel of four police officers who defended the building against a mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol. Dave and Debbie share new testi...
Parking Lot Road Rage   (19:10)7-27-2021
Parking lots are prime for road rage. Case in point: it began last night between 2 men in Walmart lot in Centerville. 44 year old in tan Ford F150. 20 year old in a white Mitsubishi Lancer. Mismatch written all over it. Police: “Altercation in Walmart parking lot. They get angr...
The Mental Health of Athletes   (09:58)7-27-2021
This morning, Simone Biles had withdrawn from the Tokyo Olympics team final. her coach, according to NBC, said that she withdrew due to a mental issue. Tom Golightly, Assistant Director-Athletics for BYU Counseling and Psychological Services joins the conversation to explain wha...
BBQ Grill Safety   (09:09)7-27-2021
When backyard bbq’s go bad -- a house in Roy caught FIRE over the pioneer day weekend. the prime suspect: the prime rib on the barbecue grill One thing we do wrong. National Fire Protection Association' 8,900 home fires caused by them annually. One thing we do wrong: where’s ...
CDC Expected to Update Guidelines for Vaccinated People   (09:39)7-27-2021
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to update its guidelines on Tuesday to urge vaccinated people in certain areas of the country to resume wearing masks because of Covid-19. Dave and Debbie break down the details.  See for priv...
Water Bottle Shortage   (09:22)7-27-2021
Is there a plastic shortage or panic buying due to the 20 year long drought? Some smaller communities may have to rely on bottled water. Well stocked at the Smiths. Walmart T-Ville -- empty… Target in Centerville, Dans on Ft. Union half empty rationing 2 cases per shopper. Lin...
Utah Highway Patrol Updates on the Deadly Sandstorm Crash   (09:01)7-27-2021
We are now hearing from the families of those lost in the crash.. 4 adults and 4 children under the age of 15 were those who lost their lives. 5 of them being from one family. SGT. Cameron Roden, UHP joins the show to explain the cause of this crash on I-15. See
Simone Biles Removes Herself From Group Competition   (11:08)7-27-2021
Simone Biles, the greatest gymnast of our generation, shockingly removed herself from the women’s teams competition at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, leading Team USA to win Silver next to Russia’s gold. Is she still in for individual events? What were the possible causes, p...
Is Fake Rain the Drought Solution   (08:54)7-26-2021
They’re making fake rain in Dubai -- so is this the answer to Utah's drought? The Gov’s calling for prayers. Garret Cammans President of North American Weather Consultations calls in to explain how cloud seeding works in Utah See for privacy informa...
Bear Safety in Campgrounds   (07:17)7-26-2021
A woman is fined $5800 for a messy campsite. And the bear that ate her food may pay the ultimate price. Irresponsible behavior. Faith Jolly with the Division of Wildlife Resources. Joins Debbie and Ethan to talk about avoiding a bear and a hefty fine. See
Smoky Air Due to Fires   (09:33)7-26-2021
Smoke from the California and Oregon fires are invading Utah and the question we are asking is, Are we getting any rain or clearance anytime soon? Patrick Costins/UFA (PIO with 2 of the Utah Task Forces in Oregon) joins the show and tells us how bad the smoke is. See omnystudio...
Economy   (18:35)7-26-2021
A new poll says more Americans feel iffy about the future of the economy. We check the pulse of our listeners to see how they feel.  Debbie and Ethan take calls to see how listeners feel about the economy. Boyd Matheson joins the conversation to talk about the economy under Pr...
Utah Gas Prices are 5th Highest in the Nation   (20:34)7-26-2021
Debbie filled up last week - on payday -- feeling rich -- $4.17/gallon for mid grade. When will it stop and what if it doesn’t? Utah’s among the top in the nation for gas prices. Debbie and Ethan take calls to see if listeners will give up some of their memberships. See om...
Would You Give Up Your Car to Save Gas?   (09:56)7-26-2021
Can our producer nix her car in favor of the frontrunner? She took the train to work today. CJ shares what worked and what didn’t See for privacy information.
Wost Car Accidents on the Open Road   (10:04)7-26-2021
Debbie and Ethan take listeners phone calls and read Facebook comments on people's experience with bad weather while driving. They also give tips on how to navigate a storm or what to do if you're caught in one.   See for privacy information.
Sandstorm   (19:51)7-26-2021
A dust storm on I-15…the road was littered with car parts …  cars swerving off the road, and flipped. Sergeant Roden tells KSL-TV there may have been more vehicles involved in the crashes than they know about and they're asking that anyone involved contact the Nephi Highway ...
The Contagious Delta Variant   (10:05)7-26-2021
It’s been called the pandemic for the unvaccinated. According to ABC News: Sixty-nine percent of confirmed cases among Massachusetts residents have occurred in individuals who were fully vaccinated, and they’re symptomatic. Dr. Tamara Sheffield/Intermountain Healthcare joins...
The Jingle Dress Project   (16:55)7-23-2021
COVID-19 greatly impacted the Navajo Nation. As of May 7th, 100,101 individuals are fully vaccinated, but ⅓ of those living on the Navajo Nation land have no access to running water or electricity, making sheltering in place nearly impossible. Eugene Tapahe and the Jingle Dres...
What to know about the Days of '47 Parade   (08:51)7-23-2021
Days of '47 parade kicks off tomorrow morning at 9 am in downtown Salt Lake City. KSL 5-TV will air it live and Debbie will be the P.A for the event tomorrow. Greg James, VP and Public Relations Chair for the Days of '47, Inc. joins the show to talk about the parade and what we ...
What is the FIRESHEDS Act?   (09:12)7-23-2021
Debbie and Senator Todd Weiler talk about the bootleg fire, and the fires burning in the rest of the west coast. These fires are devastating. We speak with Representative Blake Moore on new legislation set to help reduce the threats these fires bring. See
The most dangerous gender reveal   (08:21)7-23-2021
The southern California couple whose gender reveal party allegedly sparked the deadly Eldorado wildfire last year has now been charged with 30 crimes. See for privacy information.
Oakley City stops building new homes amid drought   (18:18)7-23-2021
Due to the ongoing drought, the Utah town of Oakley, just east of Park City, has halted building houses. Dallas Hanse, with Oakley City Public Works Water Director, joins the show to talk more about the pause. We also hear from listeners: do you think Capitol hill should control...
Olympic update   (10:19)7-23-2021
The Olympic opening ceremonies air live tomorrow morning on KSL-TV 5 -- and again tomorrow night. Debbie spoke to KSL 5 TV’s Shara Park, who is in Tokyo to cover the games. As of today, there are 90 covid cases. Does Shara feel confident the Olympics will go forth?  See omnys...
Did ending the federal unemployment benefits help the labor shortage?   (07:22)7-23-2021
States ending federal unemployment benefits saw no clear job gains. And neither did Utah when the governor ended the extra $300 a week to unemployed a month ago. In the 26 states stopping benefits early an additional,174,000 people joined the labor force in June. Mark Knold DES C...
Opioid settlements sparks national conversation over drug use   (28:21)7-23-2021
Utah stands to get tens of millions of dollars from a $26 billion dollar settlement. It begs the question: who is more likely to be impacted by opioids? Turns out, opioids are hitting women hard -- and Debbie wants to know why. UDOH looked at overdose deaths over the last 2 years...
Summer vs Winter Olympics   (08:51)7-21-2021
Greg and Debbie discuss what they prefer most...summer or winter Olympic games.  See for privacy information.
A New Drivers License Scam   (06:58)7-21-2021
A new phishing scam involving your driver's license could be an access point for your personal information - Sloan Shrage with KSL 5 TV calls in to explain what we need to know.  See for privacy information.
The White House vs Facebook   (18:57)7-21-2021
It began last week when the surgeon general called disinformation about Covid on social media a public health crisis and President Biden doubled down on FB. Who is in the wrong here? The President or Social Media Giants. Boyd Matheson shares his thoughts.  See
When Is the Best Time of Day to Water Your Lawn?   (08:56)7-21-2021
The Yellowest Lawn Award winner is announced who says she is mostly watering her lawn at night! Taun Beddes with USU Extension calls in to explain if this is the best option. See for privacy information.
Low Boat Levels at State Parks   (09:15)7-21-2021
Boat ramp at Wahweap closed, boat ramp at echo closed, a live interview next: what other boat ramps are closed for the Pioneer day weekend. Devan Chavez with Utah State Parks calls in to discuss how this is affecting recreation. See for privacy informatio...
Too Skimpy?   (17:02)7-21-2021
Too skimpy? A Norwegian beach handball team didn't wear bikini bottoms during a tournament game -- what happened next has female athletes fired up. SLCC Women's Volleyball coach, Shay Goulding Meurer calls in to explain just how close to home this problem is. See
The 2020 Olympics: What’s Happening in Tokyo?   (09:39)7-21-2021
Worried COVID could doom the Olympic games -- KSL 5 TV’s Alex Cabrero in Tokyo tells us what one top Olympic official said today about cancelling the summer games. See for privacy information.
Do We Still Want the Olympic Winter Games in Utah?   (08:03)7-21-2021
Former COO of the SL winter Olympic, Fraser Bullock, calls the show to discuss if we still want the winter games in Utah?  See for privacy information.
Racism As a Public Health Crisis   (08:45)7-21-2021
Salt Lake Mayor Erin Mendenhall and the city council declared Racism as a public health crisis in the city. Amy Fowler SLC Council Chair calls in live to explain what they mean and which neighborhood racism is the worst.  See for privacy information.
Dr. Fauci vs. Senator Rand Paul   (10:01)7-21-2021
“You do not know what you are talking about,” Dr. Fauci stated as he retracted Senator Rand Paul’s comments. Debbie and Greg talk about what sparked a contentious shouting match in a DC committee hearing. Hint: a lab Wuhan, China,  See for privacy ...
The Awe-inspiring Jeff Bezos Space Launch   (08:04)7-20-2021
Jeff Bezos successfully completed his flight on Blue Origin. The oldest and youngest people to fly to space were on Board. Debbie and Greg chat with Jeff Caplan to talk about how this event inspired his minute of news with a special premiere. See for priv...
Did President Biden Make a Mistake with the BLM Nominee?   (19:15)7-20-2021
Sen. Lee's Tweet: if lying to the U.S. Senate were not enough to disqualify Tracy Stone-Manning from running the BLM, supporting criminal eco-terrorism definitely should be. She's from Montana and rose up into politics there -- but a letter she wrote back in 1989 to the Forest Se...
Can Flaming Gorge Save Lake Powell   (09:23)7-20-2021
No Houseboats may be launched from Lake Powell's main ramp due to too low lake levels -- go get your house boats. Workers at Flaming Gorge Reservoir are doing "emergency" water releases to send more water downstream to lake Powell.   See for privacy info...
Why More People are Eating at Home After the Pandemic   (18:46)7-20-2021
58 percent of shoppers have reported eating more at home after the pandemic.. 49% of those reported cooking more at home. During the pandemic we were forced to eat at home.. once things opened up - maybe we realized we save more money and feel more healthy? See
What Caused the Severe Floods in Germany?   (09:58)7-20-2021
A severe storm caused floods in West Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Kevin Eubank joins the conversation to go in depth with the wild weather in Europe. See for privacy information.
Jeff Bezos Live Press Conference   (07:19)7-20-2021
Jeff Bezos and company took a 10 minute space flight and had a press conference after to talk about his experience. Wally funk, Mark Bezos and Oliver Daemen had a chance to share their space experience.  See for privacy information.
Wally Funk: The Legacy of Women in Space Travel   (12:08)7-20-2021
Wally has 19,600 flying hours over her career and has taught over 3,000 people to fly. But 60 years ago NASA said you're good enough to test our machines, but you ain't good enough to be an astronaut. Women are making history.  See for privacy informatio...
Jeff Bezos Space Launch   (09:13)7-20-2021
Amazon Founder Jeff Bezo's side hustle, blue origin went to the edge of space - 62 miles up. Jeff Bezos took off to space. It happened in a little over 10 minutes total... up and back... it seemed flawless. See for privacy information.
"A Radical in Policy and Practice."   (10:05)7-20-2021
Sen. Mike Lee says Pres. Biden's pick to oversee the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. lands in the Western states should be disqualified for "supporting criminal eco-terrorism." He joined the show to discuss his concerns and more.  See for privacy inf...
The Moon Wobble: What You Need to Know   (09:10)7-19-2021
The moon has a wobble it can cause the tides along the coast to rise by the mid-2030's. Patrick Wiggins joins the show to tell us more about the wobble. See for privacy information.
How to Prevent Your Teens From Sneaking Out   (09:21)7-19-2021
13-year-old dead, shot to death police say by his 15-year-old buddy in Church parking lot in the wee hours of the morning this weekend. Police described it like this. Debbie and Greg ask the question why kids have the need to sneak out. There're ways to keep an eye on your kids....
Will Covid-19 Kill the Olympics?   (20:02)7-19-2021
The IOC said there was a zero risk of athletes passing along COVID at the summer games, that statement not aging well. The Olympics are bringing people back together Boyd Matheson joins the show to talk more about the unity the games bring. See for priva...
Parents and Brain Fog   (10:01)7-19-2021
The average parent wastes nearly 4,000 hours of life in brain fog - Greg and Debbie discuss brain fog they have experienced as parents.  See for privacy information.
First Felony Sentence for January 6th Riot   (10:01)7-19-2021
A man from Florida who was carrying a Trump flag as a part of the January 6th riots is scheduled to become the first Jan. 6th rioter sentenced for a felony after he breached the U.S. Senate chamber. Greg and Debbie break down the issue. See for privacy in...
The Sunscreen RECALL and Can I Sue the Company Responsible?   (18:47)7-19-2021
Debbie checked store shelves this weekend for sunscreen, and they were wiped clean of several bottles. That’s because Johnson & Johnson has recalled 5 kinds. Supposed to block cancer instead they can cause cancer. Doug Grossman, MD, co-leader of the Huntsman Cancer Institute m...
13-Year-Old Killed by 15 Year Old   (07:37)7-19-2021
13-year-old and 15-year-old sneak out of their parent's homes. Police say they met up in a church parking lot in West Jordan. A 15-year-old accidentally shot the 13 year old to death. See for privacy information.
Covid-19 at the Tokyo Olympics   (11:42)7-19-2021
In a flash COVID is becoming the headline of the Games before they begin this week. University of Utah gymnast testing positive for COVID. Alex Kirry, KSL Newsradio sports director joins the show to talk about Covid and the games See for privacy informat...
Is Bridal Veil Falls a Dangerous Hike?   (10:20)7-19-2021
There may be a false sense of confidence at a popular hike that’s killing people. Another person fell to their death this weekend at Bridal Veil Falls SGT. Spencer Cannon joins the conversation to talk to Debbie and guest co-host Greg Skordas See for p...
Utah Gymnast and US Team Alternate Tests Positive for Covid-19   (09:31)7-19-2021
The IOC said there was a zero risk of athletes passing along COVID at the summer games- that statement is not aging well.  See for privacy information.
A Misstep When Selling Your Car   (06:11)7-15-2021
A Utah woman got a bill for her boat being impounded...The only problem was she had sold it months ago. Debbie had something similar happen when she got a ticket for a car she had sold. She worked it out with the new owner but this woman may be facing a lawsuit. Sloan Schrage KS...
What Needs to Be Done About High Rent and Low Wage?   (09:04)7-15-2021
A kick in the gut to minimum wagers. The new housing report reveals pathetic news about how many hours a week you gotta work to afford rent. Tara Rollins, Utah Housing Coalition joins the conversation to talk about the cost of rent See for privacy inform...
Garth Brooks Concert This Saturday   (17:31)7-15-2021
Garth Brooks is hitting the stage on Saturday -- tickets are supposedly sold out -- or are they? Debbie scored some earlier this week for only $70! A couple of months ago, Dave and Debbie were doing the show and secretly in line for Garth Brooks tickets. Matt Gephardt KSL 5’s ...
President Biden on the Child Tax Credit   (08:09)7-15-2021
President Biden and Vice President Harris held a press conference to highlight the benefits of the new child tax credits going out today. Debbie and Ethan go over the highlights.  See for privacy information.
Boosting Vaccine Messaging   (11:23)7-15-2021
The UDOH stats after that weekend showed 65.2% of Utahn's 18 and older had received at least one dose of the vaccine and the number of people getting vaccinated has slowed dramatically. What is the message that will turn that around?  See for privacy inf...
Child Tax Credits Hit Bank Accounts Today   (08:47)7-15-2021
Most parents just got a windfall of money - Child Tax Credits are set to hit bank accounts today. Should it be set aside for the kids? If you've got kids, you could be waking up to more money in your bank account this morning... thanks to a new child tax credit.  See omnystudio...
Do We Need COVID-19 Boosters?   (09:58)7-15-2021
Booster shots for the COVID-19 Vaccines have been causing plenty of confusion on whether or not we need the third shot. Vaccine Equity - should the US be focusing on booster shots when other countries still can’t even get a single dose? Dr. Tamara Sheffield, Intermountain Heal...
Burger King Employees Say, “We all quit”   (16:48)7-15-2021
Burger King workers in Nebraska plastered on the store sign as their notice to management. They got fed up. Employees stated that they experienced months of issues involving short staffing, managerial turnover, and hectic work conditions. Maura Carabello, President of Exoro Grou...
Dealing with Low Pay and High Rent   (19:08)7-15-2021
9:05 A kick in the gut to minimum wagers. The new housing report reveals pathetic news about how many hours a week you gotta work to afford rent. 9:20CALLSDebbie and guest co-host Ethan Millard take listeners calls. See for privacy information.
Dry Riverbed   (07:50)7-14-2021
Dave Cawley takes us through his experience on a dry riverbed on the Utah-Wyoming boarder (Instagram vid)  See for privacy information.