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A Utah lawmaker wants to ban most abortions after 18 weeks of gestation, a change to a proposal that originally would have banned the procedure after 15 weeks.
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  • A Utah lawmaker wants to ban most abortions after 18 weeks of gestation, a change to a proposal that originally would have banned the procedure after 15 weeks. Government

    State council recommends no changes to Utah’s new .05 DUI law

    By MICHELLE L. PRICE Associated Press SALT LAKE CITY — A state council studying Utah’s new law setting the country’s strictest DUI threshold is backing away from recommending any changes, despite Gov. Gary Herbert’s wish to soften some penalties following a backlash from the state’s hospitality and ski industry. The state Substance Use and Mental Health […]
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    Twitter fued between candidates for Utah congressional seat

    UTAH — A social media battle erupted this week between two candidates hoping to take a Utah congressional seat in November’s election. Democrat candidate, Kathie Allen, tweeted two photos to the Republican candidate, Provo Mayor John Curtis. One photo depicted the white supremacist march in Charleston, complete with Tiki torches. The other was a photo of […]
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    Mary Kaye Huntsman talks: politics, international pressure and Russia

    UTAH — The wife of America’s newest ambassador to Russia and Utah’s former first lady, Mary Kaye Huntsman, sat down with the host of KSL Newsradio’s “Women’s View” to give a little peek into the decision to accept President Trump’s ambassadorship nomination. Mary Kaye Huntsman said the call came while her husband was on a […]
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    North Logan mayoral candidate signs stolen, found in dumpster

    NORTH LOGAN — Police are searching for surveillance cameras that may have caught the theft of almost all of a local mayoral candidate’s campaigns signs early this week. Nancy Porter said she and supporters were out in the city around 10:30 Monday night placing the signs. When her husband woke up the next morning for […]
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    Bannon’s Senate Republican 2018 targets include Utah senator

      Reports are that former White House adviser Steve Bannon wants to recruit a conservative republican primary challenger for Utah Senator Orrin Hatch in 2018.   Bloomberg White House correspondent Toluse Olorunnipa says Bannon has a list of around 10 or so races in his sights.   “Most establishment Republicans are not happy to hear […]
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    Utah Legislature working to pave way for driverless cars

    SALT LAKE CITY — As Congress works to clear the path for the quickly advancing realm of autonomous vehicles, Utah legislators are considering their own slate of tasks to help put driverless cars on the highways and byways of the Beehive State. And the expected regulatory changes will not be coming a moment too soon […]
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    Some tension, but mostly peace at Ben Shapiro speech at U.

    We’re learning more about the clashes that broke out outside Ben Shapiro’s speech at the University of Utah.   At least one person is behind bars. A total of five people detained were by police. Two of those resulted in arrests, but one was cited and released.   Campus police are saying overall most protesters […]
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    Free clinics helping Dreamers in Utah

    PROVO — The law school at Brigham Young University is holding a free legal clinic aimed at helping recipients of the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA. So-called “Dreamers” whose DACA status expires this year have until October 5th to finish paperwork to renew. BYU law professor Carl Hernandez says Utah’s […]
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    Utah health centers get 1.7 million dollar grant to fight opioid addiction

    Utah Health Centers are getting a leg up in the fight against opioid addiction with a recent million dollar grant from the federal government. Split between 11 health centers in Utah the money is close to about 85 thousand dollars per center. It’s isn’t a cash fall but Lori Wright, the CEO of Family Health […]
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    Huntsman confirmation hearing begins Tuesday

    WASHINGTON D.C. – After months of waiting, Jon Huntsman, Jr., will go before the Senate committee to be possibly confirmed as the new ambassador to Russia.  Political analysts expect very little resistance to his confirmation. Some analysts say, if you look at Huntsman’s track record, it’s hard to say he’s not qualified to be the […]