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  • Faith

    Reasons to Hope: Part three, recovery

      Family members of someone who dies by suicide are suddenly thrown into a new world of grief and shock. But recovery is possible for them, and for attempt survivors as well. KSL Newsradio’s Mary Richards has part three of our special series, “Reasons to Hope.” If you or a loved one is having thoughts […]
  • Utah

    SLC council frustrated with ‘threats’ from state over prison development

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The Salt Lake City Council says they are not getting as sweet of a deal as they were led to believe about the prison development. In Tuesday night’s meeting, they said the state is threatening to insert themselves in the process if the city drags its feet. The city also […]
  • Politics

    Utah family’s plea: give us a path to citizenship

    UTAH – At a glance the Sanchezs look like many other Utah families: a father who waves goodbye when he heads off to work, two children who dance around the living room and shout about their favorite “pretty” rocks, and a mother who wipes little tears and helps to keep the rest of the bunch […]
  • Health

    New interest at Capitol in eliminating sales tax on food

    SALT LAKE CITY — There was a surprising amount of interest Wednesday in eliminating sales taxes entirely from food purchases among members of the Legislature’s Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee. “People have to eat. So I have a real concern about being cavalier about this,” Sen. Deidre Henderson, R-Spanish Fork, said. “I think we need […]
  • Utah

    Operation Rio Grande to cost $67 million over 2 years

    SALT LAKE CITY — As Operation Rio Grande heads into its third week, state leaders on Monday released the total projected cost of the massive, multi-jurisdictional effort to clean up Salt Lake City’s most infamous neighborhood and get Utah’s most needy the help they need. It’s not cheap. The operation is expected to cost $67 […]
  • Politics

    White nationalist posters torn down on Weber State University campus for breaking rules

    OGDEN — Students woke up this morning to find black and white flyers covering other advertisements for movie showings, club events, and other posters. The flyers asked students if they were tired of “anti-white propaganda” and encouraged readers to look into the alt-right movement. Today, they were torn down. “They were taken down not in […]
  • All News

    Utah 3rd Congressional District candidate makes donation pledge

      PROVO — Democrat Kathie Allen vowed Thursday to not accept donations from corporations or corporate political action committees in her 3rd Congressional District campaign. “I want the people of this district to know without a doubt that if they elect me to represent them in Congress this November, I will not owe a thing […]
  • Politics

    Other candidates in 3rd District race promise more positive campaigns

    SALT LAKE CITY — Some candidates in the special third district congressional race say they’re going to stick to positive messages while the Republicans tear each other apart. With all the ads in the third district GOP primary race, you may forget there’s also a vote in November between the Republican who emerges from the […]
  • Politics

    Utah congressman says North Korea talk on Guam is just rhetoric

      WASHINGTON, D.C. — Representative Rob Bishop, R-Utah, says the talk from North Korea right now about Guam is mainly just rhetoric. “The comments by North Korea, I don’t think you should take as anything out of the ordinary from what has been going on,” he told Jeff Caplan’s Afternoon News on KSL Newsradio. Bishop […]
  • Politics

    Hatch: It’s time to move on from Healthcare Gridlock

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, says Democrats just have no real desire to work together on the healthcare issue, and some Republicans are at fault, too. Hatch told Reuters that there’s just too much animosity, and senators are just too divided for now to keep working on it. Hatch said the Senate needs […]