Doctoral student Suzi Creveling talks about her work on the Utah Bionic Leg in the new University o...
Mark Jones

University of Utah researchers unveil Utah Bionic Leg

The Utah Bionic Leg, unveiled Wednesday, was developed by researchers at the University of Utah,
19 hours ago
The wafer with the etched Book of Mormon on it, made by BYU students...
Samantha Herrera

BYU engineering students put ‘world’s smallest Book of Mormon’ on 4 inch disc

The entirety of the Book of Mormon is now on display on a gold-plated 4-inch disc in the Clyde Building at BYU. It'll last millions of years.
7 days ago
Researchers at UNLV say rocks with volcanic ash as old as 12 million years have been discovered at ...
Adam Small

Ancient volcanic ash found at Lake Mead, researchers say

Rocks with volcanic ash that could be 12 million years old have recently been found at Lake Mead, according to researchers from UNLV.
8 days ago
An illustration shows NASA's DART spacecraft and the Italian Space Agency's LICIACube before the co...
Ashley Strickland, CNN

NASA’s DART mission successfully slams into an asteroid

Deemed as a success, a NASA spacecraft intentionally slammed into an asteroid in the first attempt of planetary defense.
9 days ago
artemis cost...
Ashley Strickland, CNN

Next launch attempt of Artemis I set for Tuesday, but could delay due to tropical depression

The Artemis I rocket will get its third launch attempt on Tuesday, September 27, but Tropical Depression Nine could change that.
13 days ago
James Webb Space Telescope...
Ashley Strickland, CNN

Webb telescope shares its first observations of bright Mars

The James Webb Space Telescope's main goal is to detect faint light from distant galaxies, but it recently observed one of the brightest objects in the night sky: Mars.
17 days ago
Canyons School District offices are pictured in Sandy. A teacher from the district has been selecte...
Mark Jones

Utah teacher picked for NASA-affiliated teacher-training program

Utah teacher Jennifer Muir, a science educator at Draper Park Middle School, left Monday for a five-day NASA-affiliated teacher-training program, the Canyons School District said.
24 days ago
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 20: The Harvest Moon sets behind the Statue of Liberty before sunrise on S...
Megan Marples and Ashley Strickland, CNN

The harvest moon will glow an eerie orange color as it rises in the sky. Here’s how to watch

If you need a sign other than pumpkin spice lattes that fall is in the air, look no further than the harvest moon. Stargazers can view the moon beginning around sunset on Friday, and it will peak at 5:59 a.m. ET Saturday, according to NASA.
26 days ago
Rocky Mountain Power says Utah's power grid is "stressed" but Utah isn't facing rolling blackouts l...
Lindsay Aerts

Utah’s power grid stressed but no rolling blackouts necessary, RMP says

Rocky Mountain Power says while Utah's power grid is stressed, the state is not the verge of experiencing rolling blackouts as is the case in California.
29 days ago
CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA - AUGUST 30:  NASA's Artemis I rocket sits on launch pad 39-B at Kennedy Sp...
Ashley Strickland and Jackie Wattles, CNN

Artemis I’s next launch attempt may not happen until later this year

Artemis I had been slated to take off Saturday afternoon, but those plans were scrubbed after team members discovered a liquid hydrogen leak.
1 month ago
NASA launch lingo...
Ashley Strickland, CNN

What the words you’ll hear during the moon mission launch really mean

What do "L minus" and "T minus" and "a hold" and " a burn" and "a go" mean? Here is how you can understand NASA launch lingo.
1 month ago
Artemis unmanned nasa mannequin in space...

Meet Cmd. Moonikin Campos, the “man” along for the Artemis I ride

Three human-like beings will be aboard NASA's unmanned Space Launch System Rocket when it hurls itself into space on Saturday.
1 month ago
NASA's next-generation moon rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS) , with its Orion crew capsule on ...
Ashley Strickland, CNN

Artemis I launch team is ready for another ‘try’ on Saturday

The Artemis I launch team is eyeing Saturday as the day to give it another try.
1 month ago
artemis cost...
Simone Seikaly

Are the Artemis moon missions worth the cost?

The cost of the Artemis project, so far, is more than $30 billion, and there are at least two more scheduled launches.
1 month ago
M74 shines at its brightest in this combined optical/mid-infrared image, featuring data from both t...
Zoe Sottile, CNN

NASA releases stunning new image of the Phantom Galaxy

The Phantom Galaxy, formally known as M74, is a kind of spiral galaxy known as a "grand design spiral." This means that it has well-defined spiral arms, visibly winding out from the center in the newly released images.
1 month ago
Rocks and vegetation cover Highway 70 following a landslide in the Dixie Fire zone on Sunday, Oct. ...
Adam Smalls

Scorpions thrive after southern Utah’s recent rainstorms

SAINT GEORGE, Utah — Residents in Saint George are seeing more scorpions during monsoon season.  The arthropods appear to be popping up more and more down South. Southern Utah University Biology Professor Bill Heyborne tells St. George News scorpions tend to burrow underground to hide from the daytime sun, but, during monsoon season, they tend […]
1 month ago
NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket with the Orion spacecraft aboard is seen at sunrise atop ...
Ashley Strickland, CNN

How to watch the Artemis I mission lift off to the moon

For the first time in 50 years, a spacecraft is preparing to launch on a journey to the moon. The uncrewed Artemis I mission, including the Space Launch System Rocket and Orion spacecraft, is targeting liftoff on August 29 between 8:33 a.m. ET and 10:33 a.m. ET from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
1 month ago
In this Feb. 7, 1984 photo made available by NASA, astronaut Bruce McCandless II, performs a spacew...
Alexandra Mae Jones, CTV Network

NASA is heading back to the Moon — and Canada’s coming, too

A rocket will be blasting off to orbit around the Moon as the first step in humanity’s grand return to the lunar surface. But it’s not just an exciting moment for NASA. This time, the journey back to the Moon is an international collaboration, one that will see Canadian technology and Canadian astronauts making a clear mark on lunar history.
1 month ago
(Credit: Petr Košárek, © Archives of the Czech Institute of Egyptology)...
Zoe Sottile, CNN

A 3,000-year-old Egyptian artifact was seized by customs officials in Tennessee

A millennia-old Egyptian artifact was found in a shipment to the port at Memphis, Tennessee, officials say. US Customs and Border Protection officers discovered the artifact on August 17, according to a news release published Thursday. 
1 month ago
cedar city two men pumping water...
Alejandro Lucero

Historic floods across country prompt concern for local expert

SALT LAKE CITY — Floods across the U.S. are occurring this year in historic quantities. There have been five 1 in 1,000-year floods all within the months of July and Aug.  KSL TV meteorologist Mathew Johnson said that in these areas “there is usually a .1 percent chance of seeing this magnitude of flood on […]
1 month ago
life expectancy decrease...
Mark Jones

Utah saw a decline in life expectancy during first year of COVID-19

According to a healthcare expert, Utah experienced a decline in life expectancy during the first year of the pandemic. In Utah, the life expectancy of a male declined more than a female.
1 month ago
Great Salt Lake bill...
Lindsay Aerts

Cloud seeding: a potential save for the Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake has seen record low levels due to severe drought. Cloudseeding could help.
1 month ago
A thylacine in captivity in the early 20th century. Credit: Popperfoto via Getty Images...
Ashley Strickland, CNN

Scientists want to resurrect the extinct Tasmanian tiger

It may be time for the Tasmanian tiger to walk the Earth once again. A new complex project will combine gene editing, ancient DNA retrieval, artificial wombs and other technological advances
2 months ago
poll utah County utah lake algal bloom...
Kate Davis and Elizabeth Weiler

Utah Lake restoration called “unconstitutional” by state agency

The Utah Attorney General's assessment of the development plan for Utah Lake prompted the decision by the Utah Department of Natural Resources.
2 months ago

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