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Presented by SelectHealth, Utah Gives Back highlights charities and non-profit organizations serving our community. Learn about their important work by listening each morning, and bookmark this page for ongoing volunteer opportunities as we perform quarterly service projects.

  • Davis Education Foundation

    Did you know that almost 17,000 students do not know where their next meal will come from and that more than 1,200 children are experiencing homelessness in the Davis School District? Children cannot learn when they are hungry or do not have a safe place to shower, do laundry, study, or access resources. The Davis […]
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    Friends for Sight

    Since the pandemic began, kids and adults alike are spending more time looking at screens, especially as virtual school and meetings have been on the rise. A recent survey found that 44 percent of children are using electronic devises for over four hours per day, more than double the rate before the pandemic. Unfortunately, this […]
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    Friends of the Children

    Children who’ve experienced a lot of adversity can benefit from a long-term, nurturing relationship with a consistent and caring adult. This is why Friends of the Children redefined youth mentoring by creating the first and only long-term professional mentoring program in the country. They select children who could benefit most from a relationship with a […]
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    Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation

    In 2002, Utah hosted the world for the Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games. World-class venues were built and provided an incredible place for athletes to perform at their best. But how do great Olympic memories transform into lasting benefits for the community? The Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation was created to carry on the positive impacts […]
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    Neighborhood House

    Neighborhood House is a 127-year-old nonprofit in Salt Lake City that provides daycare for children 15 months to 12 years old, and supervised activities for adults 18 and older that need constant care during the day. They provide a wide range of programs including youth summer activities, preschool, adult day care, and support services – […]
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    Bike share systems have a positive impact on cities and those who utilize the service. They provide an active transportation option to get to work, the coffee shop, or spin around the city with your friends, without needing to own a bike. GREENbike, the local non-profit bike share system located in the greater Salt Lake […]
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    Curly Me

    Representation matters because we all bring different perspectives to the table. Those perspectives are informed by our experiences which can include where we’re from, education, family structure, sexual orientation, race, and more. Curly Me! is a nonprofit in the Salt Lake area that knows the importance of representation, especially for young children. They provide resources […]
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    Farmer’s Market

    It’s time to support the great farmers markets across Utah. The Downtown Farmers Market in Salt Lake City is nationally recognized and was created in 1992 by the Downtown Alliance and it’s become a summer tradition for residents and visitors. Located in historic Pioneer Park, the Downtown Farmers Market has infused vitality and fresh produce […]
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    Bike Helmets

    It’s important to stay safe on a bike by always wearing your helmet. This can reduce your risk of head injury as much as 85 percent. There are a few things to note when properly fitting a helmet. First, make sure you get a helmet that has an ANSI or SNELL label to certify its […]
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    Bike Utah

    Cycling is a low impact exercise that offers plenty of health benefits. It can increase your metabolism, builds muscles, eases feelings of stress, and improves your balance, posture, and coordination. Cycling is often considered a great opportunity to travel – but in many people’s lives, cycling is not safe. Bike Utah wants to change that. […]