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  • Centro de la Familia de Utah

    Centro de la Familia de Utah helps low-income families in many rural areas of Utah access high-quality preschool education, healthcare, parenting classes, and other family services.
  • Salt Lake Donated Dental Services

    February is dental health month. A healthy smile shouldn't be limited to those with financial means. For twenty five years, Salt Lake Donated Dental Services has helped to relieve pain and suffering while preserving the oral health of patients who have no other access to dental care.
  • Panguitch Prevention Coalition

    What can communities do to fight youth substance abuse? A volunteer-based coalition was formed in Panguitch to provide the educational support and resources necessary to avoid substance abuse by youth.
  • YCC Family Crisis Center

    For more than sixty five years, Your Community Connection (or YCC) Family Crisis Center in Ogden has been dedicated to doing more than just helping. They are about saving and changing lives.
  • Polizzi Clinic

    Utah has one of the highest uninsured healthcare rates in the country. Thousands of uninsured in Salt Lake County are in need of psychiatric services. Uninsured children are particularly vulnerable because mental health problems result in long-term skill deficits, school drop-outs, and an increased risk of suicide.
  • Lowell Bennion Community Service Center

    Enhancing fitness and providing positive role models is beneficial to student success. Running Forward is a program at six Title I elementary schools in the Salt Lake City School District offered by student volunteers from the Lowell Bennion Community Service Center.
  • Needs Beyond Medicine

    Cancer takes an enormous financial, emotional, and physical toll on individuals and their families. Needs Beyond Medicine is an organization in Salt Lake City working to decrease the burden that a cancer diagnosis brings, and to increase support for cancer survivors.

    Citizens Against Physical and Sexual Abuse (or CAPSA) is a nonprofit organization in Logan, Utah dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Safe Kids Iron County

    Every parent wants to keep their child safe from injury but often are unsure of where to find current prevention guidelines. Safe Kids Iron County is an injury prevention coalition in Southern Utah that provides resources and helps educate the local community about safety matters.
  • Child and Family Support Center

    Strengthening families and protecting children is the driving force behind the Child and Family Support Center in Logan. Their efforts provide parents and children with supportive resources aimed at developing and nurturing families. Their services offer abuse and neglect prevention and intervention for children and families.