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Presented by SelectHealth, Utah Gives Back highlights charities and non-profit organizations serving our community. Learn about their important work by listening each morning, and bookmark this page for ongoing volunteer opportunities as we perform quarterly service projects.

  • Intermountain Homecare & Hospice

    Intermountain Homecare and Hospice is proud to present its 3rd annual Camp Forget-Me-Not event. Camp Forget-Me-Not is a free one day camp for children and teens who have experienced the death of a significant loved one. The camp's focus is sharing memories, trying new things, and learning that one is never alone in their grief.
  • Brain Injury Alliance of Utah

    The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah is a local organization bringing hope, help, and healing to people who have suffered a brain injury and their families. Each year more than 20,000 Utahns need medical treatment as the result of a traumatic brain injury. Thousands more suffer brain injury from strokes, tumors, and infectious diseases. They must live with lasting challenges resulting from the harm.
  • Common Ground Outdoor Adventures

    The mission of Common Ground Outdoor Adventures in Logan is to provide outdoor recreational opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities. They enhance lives through quality outdoor recreation by removing many of the physical, social, and financial barriers faced by those with disabilities.
  • Seager Memorial Clinic

    The Seager Memorial Clinic has been open for more than 26 years serving the homeless, indigent, and working poor of Northern Utah. Free medical and dental care is provided by 100% volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists.
  • Murray Greenhouse Foundation

    Many families who have a child with special needs often wonder how to help them once they age out of the public school system at age 22. The Murray Greenhouse Foundation is dedicated to furthering education for adults with disabilities. It is a safe place for intellectually disabled young adults to learn independence and life skills, as well as having a social outlet to enjoy themselves and mingle with others with the same challenges. The staff teaches participants skills and behaviors they need to feel they can function and contribute to society.
  • The Learning Center for Families

    For more than twenty two years The Learning Center for Families has provided family support services to pregnant women, infants, and toddlers in Washington County and surrounding areas. Families receive weekly home visits and on-site services that focus on the health and development of children while helping their families with self-sufficiency goals.
  • P.J.’s Forgotten Children

    P.J.'s Forgotten Children is dedicated to bringing joy, comfort, and dignity to those who suffer from the effects of mental illness. The program helps give hope to others, making them feel successful and gives relief to the suffering.
  • Community Action Services and Food Bank

    Since 1967 Community Action Services and Food Bank has supported people in Provo and the surrounding communities. The organization provides long-term solutions needed to help people rebuild their financial and social self-sufficiency, enabling them to break out of poverty.
  • Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services

    Aging is a part of life. Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services is committed to helping make that process an exceptional one. They provide numerous services and promote healthy living and education. The Active Aging Program provides many classes and workshops at sixteen senior center locations that educate older adults on the importance of staying healthy while maintaining overall wellness and physical activity.
  • Girl Scouts of Utah

    You may have just purchased your annual treat of Girl Scout cookies. But many may not know about the Girl Scout organization. Some think Girl Scouts are only about cookies, camp, and crafts. But it is much more. Girl Scouts has a rich history of empowering girls to help improve their communities, and gain leadership and financial literacy skills.