Celebrating 100 Years of KSL News Radio - All Submissions

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Listening to the radio during 911

Todd Adams

When I was a Cub Scout, our pack got to take a guided tour of KSL. While we were waiting in the hall, Doug Wright came out of the broadcasting booth. Upon learning what we were doing there, he grabbed ... Read More

Lyle Affleck

My Grandpa Richard Bingham was a dedicated Journalist for KSL. Then went to the sister station Kiro in Seattle Washington. He came back to Salt Lake City as a Government Specialist and also did The P ... Read More

Chris Alder

While living in Houston about 25 years ago, we were traveling to Utah to stay with family for Christmas. As we approached El Paso, Texas, we picked up KSL AM 1160 on the radio. It was such a comfort t ... Read More

Gregg Anderson

In the 1980s we were living in West Jordan. We had two small children, and I needed a few groceries. My husband agreed to take me to Smith’s to purchase them. BYU football was playing and we were lis ... Read More

Susan Anderson

I won a BYU sweatshirt when listeners voted for my rendition of the BYU fight song that I sung on the air on Doug Wright’s show during rivalry week!

Shawna Andrus

Before we had kids my husband and I would drive around in the evenings and listen to the Nightside project. One evening they were discussing reading and writing in cursive being taught in school or no ... Read More

Angelina Arnold

The day I won $1000 on the Dave and Dujanovic show. I listen to them almost every day and that day I decided to call in and was caller number 5 and answered the question correct. It was a bucket lis ... Read More

Vicki Ashby


Emily Ashmead

I actually won a Mediterranean Cruise from KSL- I remember the phone call " you better sit down because I have something great to tell you..." " you were actually the 3rd person we called, but you a ... Read More

Lyndie Barker

Hearing radio footage from my Dad’s a cappella group being on KSL back in the late 60s/early 70s and Dick Nourse introduced them.

Jeremy Beck

One of my favorite KSL NewsRadio experiences would have to be your coverage of the 2002 Winter Olympics held right here in Salt Lake City. If I had to choose just one of the best moments I would have ... Read More

Chris Best

When staying at my Granparents house every night my Grandpa would listen to the radio for the next days forecast.

Melanee Bingham

I was a mailcarrier for 33 years. I took KSL with me every step of the way! I actually listened before I became a mail carrier at my home while I was raising my kids. I always called and entered th ... Read More

Ronda Bingham

My wife and I were born 100 years ago when KSL first began. As we grew up our favorite shows were "Amos and Andy," and "Mert and Marg<" as the family gathered around the radio to listen. We loved to ... Read More

Dean A Bird

Oh my goodness! I grew up listening to KSL, at home, in the car, my parents were always listening. I still listen. That is the station I turn to for traffic and weather reports and anything else that ... Read More

Jeanie Bowen

I remember when I was a kid my mom had KSL on while she worked in the kitchen. The movie show was on and they were giving away turkeys for Thanksgiving. I don't remember how you won the turkey but I r ... Read More

Victoria Bradford

I’m 27 and don’t have a recollection of when KSL was not apart of my life. My mom would have it tuned to 1160am every school morning and my siblings and I would groggily sit at the table eating breakf ... Read More

kayla bradshaw

One of my favorite memories of KSL was listening to it all the way to a last ditch decision to go to Wendover for the New year with my fiance. We rented a brand new dodge challenger and raced out ther ... Read More

Kelly Bray

How KSL chooses to not report on the Obama administration spying on their political opponent. Something much bigger than just a watergate wire tap. Or how ksl is passes along lame dumb down nation ... Read More

Kyle Brinkerhoff

The coverage of 9/11.

Vickie C Brown

General Conference on for three days.

Maureen Bylund

I really liked years ago when a traffic reporter ended with an amen! So funny but very relatable.

Desirae Carnahan

I loved the option of listening to General Conference on KSL and the Choir. It is also difficult to separate Doug Wright from this station for me.

Teresa Carr

I remember driving from Salt Lake to Logan and being glued to my radio listening to KSL on the morning of September 11 2001 listening to Grant and Amanda as they described the events happening in New ... Read More

Michael Carson

I remember looking forward to listening to the CBS Mystery Theater on Saturday nights.

Cody Carter

Listening to the Night Side Project on my way home from rehearsals/work at night was always so fun. I had a good half hour commute in the evening and always looked forward to listening in on that fun ... Read More

Carson Center

I have so many fond memories of KSL-- KSL Blue Chip Card Days when I was younger, BYU tailgates as a teen, the 2002 Olympics as a young adult, and my wife and I dropping by for the 90th birthday celeb ... Read More

Sheldon Cheshire

My most memorable KSL moment when we were at witches festival at Gardner Village with my special friends. We had a good moment when KSL took our picture at such a fun n special time. I love looking at ... Read More

Theresa Christensen

Sports games

Steve Clark

Here are some old records played on KSL radio around 1942. The Second Mrs Burton and Studebaker Program.

Jack Clarke

As a teenager growing up in Louisiana, I would listen late at night to clear-channel 1160AM KSL from the Crossroads of the West. The AM skip would come and go, but I remember to this day the late-nig ... Read More


Your coverage of the Aaron Lowe shooting was very in-depth and detailed thank you for covering that

James Cook

The movie show with Doug Wright when they announce the winners in his funny voices.

Susan Coons

KSL Memories Growing up in Southern California, I spent many happy summer vacations with cousins in Utah, as both of my parents were from Salt Lake City. Therefore, whenever I could pick up KSL on ... Read More

Richard Cowan

Driving to class at the U on the morning of September 11, 2001. My memory is Amanda’s voice, and how heartbroken she sounded. Notwithstanding her pain over what was going on, she continued to provide ... Read More

Amanda Cox

Being able to connect with Rebecca, Rusty and Brian on air and at events.

Alyssa Craven

My favorite memory is hearing my name called as a winner of a $500 Maverik gas card. It was so fun and so unexpected!

Jennifer Crosby

Listening to Paul James and BYU football.

Kaylyn Crum

Danny Kramer and the first years of the Primary Childrens Hospital Radiothon

Aaron W Cummings

Tanner Mangum to Mitch Matthews hail mary throw on September 5th, 2015 when BYU beat Nebraska in the last second. It was so fun to hear Greg Wrubell make that call. He had so much genuine enthusiasm ... Read More

Grant Daniels

Oh there all great but I do liked it when Doug write looked back on his own career, It's beyond my wildest dreams:' On his last day, KSL's Doug Wright reflects on a storied career

Robert J Davidson

Doug wright show

Kenneth Davidson

You used to have music before you became only a talk station. I miss the music. In fact, way back before I was born when my mother was a teenager and maybe even a student at the U of U in the late 19 ... Read More

Pamela Davies

I think just wayside the 24th of July parades are some of my favorite moments.


During my teens in early ‘70’s, NIGHTCAPS became a M-F Godsend for me. Ear aches from osteomyelitis in both ears kept me awake most nights. Unfortunately, such led to total deafness in 1982, which b ... Read More

Sandy Drake

It must have been 60 years ago when I was a pretty young child, that KSL radio had a contest which I think was called the Sugar Bowl. There was a certain amount of money in the contest sugar bowl, and ... Read More

Marsha Dunn

When I was young I would get the opportunity to tag along with my Dad at his work. He was an owner with Earl and Sons, a plastering company. We would travel around downtown going from job site to job ... Read More

Greg Earl

I don’t have one particular memory but I do really like the positive sign off Boyd Matheson says at the end of his broadcast “see something that inspires, say something that uplifts, and do something ... Read More

Amanda Ellis

I listened to KSL throughout my childhood and youth. It was always what station the radio was tuned to at home. I continue to listen as an adult and felt as though many of the personalities are my fr ... Read More

Peggy Elwood

In January 1977 my dog and I drove to Utah from the suburbs of Washington, D.C. to set up residence in Utah so the family could follow. On the way down Parley's Canyon, I tuned in the radio and since ... Read More

Terry Emmons

I love the Teacher Feature! Committed educators are so important and should be recognized I have nominated several ... and am thrilled when I see they've been recognized!

Michele Ericksen

My favorite memory with KSL News Radio is listening to my authors and artists I scheduled all the years that Doug Wright and I spent developing, planning, and maintaining “Everyday Lives, Everyday Va ... Read More

Bronwyn Evans

Loved listening to Doug Wright in the mornings and The Movie Show on Fridays. Always listening in the mornings on the way to work and afternoons after work.

Scott Fail

When Doug had then Governor Huntsman on, and I called in and got to comment and ask a question/ bring up a concern to the Governor. It's great to be able to connect with our leaders through a medi ... Read More

Sara Fail

When KSL had the "blue chip" number --- I had three little boys --- I taught all three our blue chip number (hoping to win a trip to Disneyland) --- I told them to listen carefully and run and tell me ... Read More

Kathy Fidler

I was listening to the radio and heard my best friend's name on the radio and they said she won a $250 Maverick gas card and only has so many min to call back. When I called her to tell, her she didn' ... Read More

Erin Finkbiner

Many nights I went to work cery late. On early Sunday morning's live, but rexorded radio shows broadcasts in the 1920's. This entertainment and mystery at time could get me through the night! Thank ... Read More

Ramiro Flores

KSL Radio started a grand experiment by pulling back the curtain and streaming on camera the studio. Along with that they put up a Chat board that listeners could post comments and questions to the h ... Read More

Desiree Frederick

When I was a young homemaker in the 70's I would listen to recipes shared by Maggie Smith. My favorite recipe is for homemade white bread. I have made this recipe for several years and have found it ... Read More

Gloria Funk

Back in the last month of 2019 Ksl was doing a 1000 dollar saving giveaway thing. You listen in at 10:40 and then they have you be caller number 5 and asked a question. If answered right you would win ... Read More

Nathan Galt

Listening to the report covering the tornado in downtown SLC.

Rebecca Garrett

I enjoy the traffic and weather reports for the morning and afternoon daily commute. Thank you for keeping it quick and to the point. Thank you for the news reels. I really enjoy listening to Amand ... Read More

Delynn Garrett

Every morning I hear the grant Amanda morning g show and Amanda was talking about family trips and she was just laughing and grant was just listening. Amanda was just so excited to talk about here f ... Read More

Brad Gentry


Rick Gilbert

My dad taught at BYU for over 40 years. During my years as a BYU student I would carpool to BYU from Orem with him and my sister. I have so many memories of the three of us sitting across the seat of ... Read More

Julie Good


Craig Greenberg

Most memorable and listened to was, Covid coverage and keeping up with all the changes.

mike gualazzi

Doug Wright last week. That was super sad, I loved his show. I actually really liked Jay mac as well. Whether or not you agreed, you knew he was a straight shooter.

vicki haltom

Loving the podcasts!!

Savanna Hancey

Dick Nourse! I remember his voice when I was little.

Jamie Hansen

When news casters retire.

Stefanie Haws

I'm mostly a morning listener. Been listening to KSL on a daily basis since I moved to Utah in February of 1987. Most of my memories include Grant & Amanda, and Doug Wright. I remember Amanda talki ... Read More

Bonnie Hill

Greg Wrubell

Alec Holt

My relationship with KSL radio started back with Rex Campbell and the news. My parents were educators and every morning we got up and started the day with his broadcast. I think my all time memory of ... Read More

Scott Howell

The year was 1975. I was newly married, pregnant and very sick. We had no TV or telephone. My companionship during several long months was KSL Radio with Danny Kramar and Bob Lee. Thank goodness f ... Read More

Julie Humes

On February 4, 1976, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Guatemala. My sister was serving health services mission at the time. With all of the infrastructure in shambles, there was no way for her to g ... Read More

Matt Hyer

Mine is cumulative. When I was 8 years old, in 1964, we moved into a new house my parents had designed. It had an intercom system, which was quite state-of-the-art in those days. The main station of t ... Read More

Donna Jaco

I liked listening to the different high school choirs perform Christmas carolls

Jerri Jacobs

In 2016 I emailed KSL Radio explaining how my 15 year old son, Dallin Jenson, had been a fan of the Doug Wright movie show. Years before when the final Harry Potter movie came out he called in to voi ... Read More

Vickie Jenson

Listening to conference

Laura Jenson

Relying on the trusty traffic updates to get me home safely and quickly.

Emily Johnson

As a young boy, my father and I would get close to our radio and listen to BYU basketball games. Our radio had a wire running from it under a window and out to a tree. We could only hear KSL at nigh ... Read More

Bryson Jones

The best moment was when I won $3200 on your Flashback for Cash contest. That paid for my caterer for my wedding reception.

Denise Knighton

When I used to drive from Eagle Mountain to Ogden, I listened to KSL for traffic and weather updates as well as entertainment.

Kimberly Kraft

2nd World War reports on news

Phillip Kunz

During the early 1930s - Nephi, Utah I don’t know how old I was when Daddy brought home a new piece of furniture; it looked like a brown wooden box with some pieces of yellow fabric covered by a fe ... Read More

Lois Larsen

KSL Grant & Amanda, Tim & Amanda are my favorites!

Laura Lauber

One Saturday I was home alone and I had called in to talk to Larry Sagers in the KSL Greenhouse show. I mentioned to him that my "overly-enthusiastic" husband had been trimming the grass around our pe ... Read More

Nancy J Lege

Paul Jame having a heart attack during the BYU Utah football game and staying till the game was over then went too the hospital

Leo Lines

I have a lot of great memories thanks to KSL. I have won numerous tickets to events thanks to the contests KSL provides and me and my family and friends have attended events like RSL games, Grizzly ga ... Read More

gabriel loredo

Doug Wrights last day. It was an awesome farewell show with many great guests to say good bye.

Rachel Madsen

All my favorite memories are from the Jay Mac show... I really miss his objective and trusted views. I learned a lot from him.

Jane Marlo

My favorite memory is tuning into KSL just before sunrise when I was a young boy growing up in Wichita, Kansas (yes the signal reaches that far during the night-time. It was fun to dream of Utah-- and ... Read More


The live up to date traffic and weather reports

Jonathan Marriott

My dad loved BYU sports and we always enjoyed the games together. Since he preferred listening to Paul James (and others on KSL) he would often turn the sound down on the TV and listen to the same gam ... Read More

David Marshall

While a teenager in Modesto, California in the late 1960s and early 1970s, I was really taken with radio. I worked on my high school's 10-watt station (KDHS), loved listening to shortwave broadcasts, ... Read More

Monroe McBride

Forty-five years ago, when I was a new mom with a preemie, I listened to KSL pretty much all day for the company and adult conversation. KSL had the BEST slate of announcers and played music, so it w ... Read More

Marian McCann

My most memorable Ksl moment is watching the Days of 47 parade all through the years it aired.


When I was a pre-teen boy in the 1950s I lived in a small town in Oregon. My parents let me have a hand-me-down radio receiver on my bedside table. There was only one local radio station in our town ... Read More

Gary Miller

I was setting in a foxhole in Vietnam in 1967 , we had the PRC-77 radio, turned on, KSL radio came in clear as a bell , just didn't understand how it was KSL, not some other radio station, but I was n ... Read More

John Mizell

You guys selected a hand full of ppl to come in and do like a customer survey and I was picked it was awesome I won Bon Jovi tickets that day plus I loved meeting everyone you guys need to do more of ... Read More

Cherie Moore

Was when lee lonsberry was talking about how he was in Washington DC and his role out there during the governor race. He was just starting and he was just so excited to be talking about how he was a ... Read More

Daniel Morgan

I miss KSL’s DJ lineup from the 1980s of Mark Van Wagoner, Tom Bock, Morrie Carlson, Danny Kramer, and Bob Lee.

Craig Moyer

April 1st, 1994 was the day. There was a contest on the morning show which Grant and Amanda hosted at the time. You had to be the 11th caller to win; I happened to be the lucky caller!! First, I cou ... Read More

Louise Munk

Always relevant

Mark Myers

When KSL did a special on President Hinckley.

Rachael Neff

I’ve been listening to you folks for 30 years. There are so many memories I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Love and appreciate the great memories. Thank you

Susan Nixon

I live listening to the morning show. I did nominate a well deserved teacher for an award and she won!

Jamie Nuttall

In the 80s... 1160am was one of the few stations that my clock radio could pick out with any measure of clarity. News and talk radio are not terribly engaging for an 8 to 10 year old, but one even ... Read More

Scott Nybo

The tribute to Duck Nourse

Tawna O'Reilly

In 2005 when I barely moved to Utah, I was 14 but looked forward to watching the 5pm and 10 pm new to distract me from missing California.

Ana Ojeda

I’m sitting on the floor in my flannel nightgown by the warm heater vent, KSL is blaring, my mother is making the eight(!) sack lunches for our big family of children, but I get to stay home as I’m on ... Read More

Martha Okerlund

My favorite memory is Arch L. Madsen and his fateful companion his briefcase that was always with him on his many travels all around the world ...

craig olsen

This was a really long time ago…when I was young, I remember my mom playing, and taking very seriously, the blue chip cards game (early to mid 1980’s) on ksl radio. She kept her card on the night stan ... Read More

Jennifer Ormsby

By far listening to Paul James call BYU football and basketball games. I spent many exciting moments and hours enjoying Paul and his undying enthusiasm, detail the play by play.

Ed Pattillo

So many! Perhaps after 9/11, the discussions.

Tim Powell

Definitely gephardt

Alissa Priebe


Ginger Priebe

While traveling to California many years ago, it was pretty late and while checking out the radio, we found KSL! This was like a hug from home! It helped my friend and I check out our road map (this ... Read More

Nettie Priet

Jeff Caplain's one minute of news!


I have a number of favorite memories. The first was listening to Mystery Theater on the way home from visiting Grandma's house. If we got home before the show was over, we would sit in the car and lis ... Read More

Becky Ray

Maybe not a happy one but a useful memory. Every afternoon listening for traffic updates to get home Ricki would just say northbound Davis count "The usual delays" meaning it was a crawl from the 89 m ... Read More

Steven Reay

My favorite memory of listening to KSL was riding with my dad from Utah County to Salt Lake and back. He always had his radio programmed to KSL radio and we would listen during our commute. He was a p ... Read More

Cindy Reinhold

Listening to Paul James doing the play by play broadcasts of the BYU football and basketball games; on my transistor radio when attending the games live. Of course there was always the post game show ... Read More


As a little girl, I can remember going on Sunday drives with my parents, and listening to Sterling W Sill on the radio. We would pile in the the car and head up to the Palos Verdes Coast and drive aro ... Read More

Karen Rowe

I like listening to Christmas music every year. My birthday is right before Christmas and the music gets me in the Christmas mood all month :)


Winning a computer from the Doug Wright show 15 years ago.

Heather Saez

I was a teenager back in the 90’s. I remember so many times riding in the car while my dad was driving, feeling so annoyed, because he was listening to KSL News Radio. I could not even fathom why an ... Read More

Melissa Sandberg

In college my wife and I were super poor. So we would start businesses that traditionally a teenager would do. I mowed lawns and she cleaned houses. I loved mowing days, Because I would listen to ... Read More

Eric Schenk

In my teenage years growing up in Oregon in the 1970s, I enjoyed driving out to remote spots and finding the KSL signal coming in loud in clear. Years later as a college student at BYU, I found it i ... Read More

Jeff Schrade

When my Marine husband returned from Vietnam in 1970, we were sent to 29 Palms in the California desert. We had no TV, and when he was gone in the evening and I was lonely, I discovered that KSL radio ... Read More

Janet Seegmiller

I love hearing the teacher nominations!

Trina Sharp

I really love the discussions about the Cold podcast!

Brian Shriver

I commute into SLC from the far side of summit county, so I listen for traffic as I’ve had to change course many times. Hundreds of memories and interactions with KSL, but I’ll never forget 9/11 and h ... Read More

Scott Simkins

hearing the radio dj bantering with each other they are soo much fun

laura simmons

I really enjoyed the program about saving money - not being a binge shopper! At the time I was trying to find ways to cut back and save money!!

Jodie Simons

Finding my car on the classifieds, and seeing all the good news.

Jayme Slaughter

Listening to Paul James and Greg Wrubell call games for our BYU teams. We grew up listening and will always tune in now.

David Smith

I had an opportunity to see behind to scenes of a KSL evening news broadcast. Everyone we met was so friendly, and it gave me an insight into how much work goes into each news broadcast.

Elaine Snipe

As a child my mom would prepare our nightly family dinner meal listening to KSL ( you played music back then) as I grew older and could drive, I would rather listen to KSL than other stations. As a s ... Read More

Ann Sorenson

In the 2010s when scads of "Old Time Radio" programs started appearing in archives on The Web, I became interested in a CBS radio drama series that I had never heard of -- "Yours Truly Johnny Dollar. ... Read More

Rick Soulier

I've had several fun adventures with Mr Tim Hughes. The Greenhouse was sponsored for several years by the company I work at for 30 years.

Les Spencer

Before I was retired, I remember listening to Doug Wright in the mornings! I took him with me everywhere I went--to my cabin, to my work place and at home. He always generated good "talk" and had g ... Read More

Shelley Stevens

My mother was always proud of these two pictures of her and her father listening to KSL on their first radio. Photos are of Martin Strom and Jeanne Strom in 1922. They lived in the Snow Apts. in Sa ... Read More

Nancy Summers

My favorite memory is listening on my commute from Utah County to Salt Lake County each morning to the Grant and Amanda show. I loved their genuine concern for one another and how they just clicked a ... Read More

Kenneth Tom

I just love how focused KSL is on the community. I always feel connected when I listen to KSL!

Christina Tsaturyan

When Byu won on Saturday September 11, 2021 26-17.

Michelle Wagstaff

Back in the 1950s when I was a teenager in Ogden, Utah, I listened to a late evening program on KSL radio featuring a local Salt Lake City man with a rare and witty sense of humor. He was introduced ... Read More

Vanja Watkins

While I was on my mission in 1965 -1967, for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Later Day Saint, in The Cook Islands in the South Pacific. I remember my Mission Pres. listening to the sport events on KSL. ... Read More

Karl Wesson

I work for a school district and had the opportunity to deliver gift cards to Quarter's for Christmas recipients.

Randy White

Grant Weyman came and spoke to my 6th grade class in 2007! He spoke to us about his career and accomplishments! It was so cool to meet a person I’ve always seen on TV in real life- especially as a kid ... Read More

Sara Williams

When Greg Wrubel shouted that Johnny Harline had caught the pass on his knees in the end zone to beat the Utes!

Matt Williams

I have been listening since I was a little girl

Becca Winegar

On a personal note, my mom worked at KSL Radio for more than 25 years. She finished her career in the advertising department. I remember meeting people like Tom Bock, Ken Macey, Karl Malone, and Doug ... Read More

Kristopher Woodbury

I remember a many conversations with various hosts on various shows. Whether Doug Wright, Taun of the greenhouse show, Dave and Debbie, or any of the other hosts over the years- all of them have shap ... Read More

Nathan Woodbury

As i was growing up my parents always listened to KSL. Many good memories. Dr Rex Campbell on Sunday mornings, i still remember the sound of the meadow lark at the beginning of the program. Oh, all t ... Read More

kenneth young

I would have to say that the most memorable moment on KSL and KSL NewsRadio would have to be on August 08, 2018. My family and I were involved in an Apartment Fire, that destroyed our apartment and KS ... Read More

Jeremy David Young