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amy klobuchar
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Amy Klobuchar

US Senator, Minnesota

  • U.S. senator from Minnesota, 2007-present
  • first woman elected to the United States Senate from the state of Minnesota
  • born May 25, 1960, in Plymouth, Minnesota
  •  graduated Yale University 1982, University of Chicago Law School 1985

Klobuchar on impeachment:

“I have been very clear, I think this is impeachable, that the case should be heard by the House, and it should come over to the Senate. I don’t know what counts they’re going to have, or how they’re going to do this, but my focus is on the fact that you’ve got a president that’s acting like a global gangster.”

Slogan: Amy for America



Amy Klobuchar's view on

Health care

Minnesota senator is not backing Medicare for All (calls it “aspirational”).

She wants to pursue a public option and lower costs by expanding Medicare and Medicaid, not overhauling private insurance.

She would put a non-profit public option in place that allows people to buy into affordable health insurance coverage through Medicare or Medicaid.

The senator would expand Medicare to all 55 years and older and allow it to negotiate lower drug prices.*

She co-sponsored a bill with Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, to speed up generic versions of high-priced drugs.

She endorses single-payer, universal government-funded health care.

She says abortion is a decision between a woman and her doctor.

Amy Klobuchar's view on


Senator supports instituting universal background checks by closing the gun-show loophole and banning bump stocks, high capacity ammunition feeding devices and assault weapons.

Candidate backs providing grants to state to enforce “red-flag” laws, which allows family or police to petition state court to temporarily remove firearms from a person who may be a threat to themselves or others.*

* Klobuchar represents a hunting state where 74 percent of Minnesota gun owners support criminal background checks on all gun sales.

Amy Klobuchar's view on

Climate change/environment

Klobuchar co-sponsored the Green New Deal resolution, but calls it aspirational rather than prescriptive.

She doesn’t want to ban fracking but would regulate it better.

She has said that “safe nuclear power” along with “cleaner coal technologies” should continue to be developed.

She lent early support for a cap-and-trade program.

Klobuchar is in favor of rejoining the Paris Accord.

Klobuchar said she would not take contributions over $200 from the fossil fuel industry, joining 12 other Democratic presidential candidates.

Amy Klobuchar's view on

Immigration/child-parent separation, detention and border wall

Senator would give most undocumented immigrants legal status and a path to citizenship, including the 2013 immigration bill passed by the Senate.

She would reform but not abolish ICE.

She would increase the number of temporary work visas.

Her immigration reform plan would include border security and a path to citizenship for DREAMers.

In an interview with ABC News, Klobuchar said President Trump “should have been working with these Central American countries a long time ago to try to get to a point where we didn’t see this extraordinary amount of people coming through.”


Amy Klobuchar's view on

Economy/minimum wage/income inequality

Senator favors raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

She would raise the corporate tax rate to 25%, something she says would provide $100 billion to pay for “people’s roads and bridges.”

She would return the household tax rate to 39.6% for top earners.

“When unions do well, other workers do well that aren’t even in unions…My mom moved to Minnesota from Wisconsin because they had a stronger teacher’s union.”

“We should close those tax loopholes designed by and for the wealthy and bring down our debt and make it easier for workers to afford childcare, housing, and education.”


Amy Klobuchar's view on

Education/student debt/free tuition

She told the NEA in July that she would increase pay for teachers that would be financed through changes to the estate tax.

She is against widespread student loan forgiveness, such as canceling nearly all debt for nearly everyone, which Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposes.

She does support refinancing existing loans at lower rates of around 3%.

Citing national debt, Minnesota senator rejects calls from progressives to provide free four-year college but would make two-year community colleges free.

Amy Klobuchar's view on

Foreign policy

She voted with Republicans to rebuke President Trump for withdrawing US troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

The senator noted she would renegotiate the United States back into the Iran nuclear agreement, rejoin the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Paris climate agreement.

She ripped President Trump’s decision (Oct. 2019) to withdraw U.S. troops from the northern Syrian border, leaving leaves Kurdish rebels (U.S. ally) unprotected from military strikes by Turkey.*

Amy Klobuchar's view on


Senator favors boosting defense spending and keeping US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.*

She says the US military should not be allowed to use enhanced interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding on terror suspects, but they should not be given constitutional rights because they are not U.S. citizens.**

*Klobuchar stressed the U.S. government needs to secure a lasting agreement with the Taliban that ensures recent social and political reforms in Afghanistan continue.



Amy Klobuchar's view on


Klobuchar supports legalizing marijuana.

Klobuchar did not sign on to Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act, which would legalize marijuana if passed.

She signed on to a bill that would exempt states that have legalized marijuana from federal intervention.

Minnesota senator cosponsored a proposal that would remove CBD and “CBD-rich plants” from the definition of marijuana under federal law.*

“I support the legalization of marijuana and believe that states should have the right to determine the best approach to marijuana within their borders,” Klobuchar told the Washington Post in a statement.

During her career as County Attorney in Minnesota, Klobuchar won a “tough on crime” reputation, imprisoning many individuals on drug convictions.

“I am opposed to the legalization of marijuana. I believe when you look across the world what’s been happening people have realized that legalizing drugs is not the answer,” she said in a 1998 debate.