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Bill Weld

Former Massachusetts governor

  • governor of Massachusetts, 1991-1997
  • born July 31, 1945, Smithtown, N.Y.
  • Harvard College, 1966
  • Oxford University, 1967
  • Harvard Law School, 1970
  • Libertarian candidate for vice president of the United States in 2016.

Weld on impeachment:

“I think that’s a yes. I think it’s time for the House to go ahead with their inquiry. I think he’s in a tough spot on the law.” Source:

He also accused Trump of treason for asking the Ukrainian president to investigate former Vice President and his son.

“That’s not just undermining democratic institutions. That is treason. It’s treason, pure and simple,” Weld said. “And the penalty for treason under the US Code is death. That’s the only penalty.”

Slogan: America Has A Choice



Bill Weld's view on

Health care

Before it was available to states, Weld expanded Medicaid access while governor of Massachusetts.

He also asked the federal government to boost Medicaid funding to his state and relax requirements for Medicaid.

His campaign doesn’t have a statement on Medicaid for All.*

Weld is pro-choice and supports legal access to abortion.

Weld supported an amicus brief that petitioned to overturn California’s former law that outlawed same-sex marriage and allowing transgender individuals access to the restroom of their choice.

*”As to health care, instead of arguing endlessly and fruitlessly about whether the Affordable Care Act should be repealed – because let’s face it, we do not have a consensus in Congress – there are various commonsense health care issues that could be addressed immediately, across party lines. Consumers should be permitted to establish personal health care savings accounts, and to choose their health care provider. They should be free to purchase pharmaceutical drugs across state lines and also in other countries. Their choice, not the government’s.”


Bill Weld's view on


Weld broke with Republicans to back assault weapons bans in the 1990s.

He has also supported waiting periods for gun purchases and bans on handgun sales to people under 21.

He supports red-flag laws.

According to, Weld opposed gun control as a libertarian for vice president in 2016, but that was a shift from his time serving as Massachusetts governor in the 1990s.

He believes legal rifles can be a bulwark against government oppression.

“My stance is not to have a supercharged background check on everybody every time they buy a gun because I do not think that is where you reach the shooters. I think the red flag laws … would be a giant step toward preventing the mass shootings that we are talking about.”

Bill Weld's view on

Climate change/environment

Weld believes in climate change and the need to act on countering its effects.

He supports the US rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement.

At Business Insider’s Republican debate in September, Weld backed the idea of pricing carbon emissions to alleviate the threat of climate change.*


“Our borders are safe in New Hampshire, but it is not a stretch to say that if climate change is not addressed, our coastlines and those of all other countries will over time be obliterated by storm surge and the melting of the polar ice cap. Yet climate skeptics claim that they are conservative!”

Bill Weld's view on

Immigration/child-parent separation, detention and border wall

In 2016, Weld was critical of President Trump’s rhetoric around immigration and twice compared then-candidate Donald Trump’s proposals to deport Mexican and Central American immigrants to the Nazi-era in Germany.

Weld has also called for the US to issue more H1B work visas, calling it an economic imperative for the U.S. workforce to stay globally competitive.*

Bill Weld's view on

Economy/minimum wage/income inequality

Weld is a traditional conservative when it comes to economic issues and supports cutting spending and taxes.

As governor, Weld limited spending, cut taxes, vetoed minimum wage increases.

As a Libertarian candidate in 2016, he pledged to cut the federal government by 20 percent to reduce waste.*

Weld has been regarded as the most fiscally conservative governor of his time by think tanks and editorial boards.*

Unlike President Trump, Weld wants to cut federal spending and balance the budget.

Bill Weld's view on

Education/student debt/free tuition

Weld favors cutting the US Department of Education to reduce size of the federal government.

The former governor supports homeschooling, school choice and charter schools.

He says the federal provision that prevents renegotiating student debt needs to be repealed immediately, allowing students to refinance their loans.

The candidate says more attention needs to be given to online education.

He wants to make community college free for people who lose their jobs to automation.

Bill Weld's view on

Foreign policy

Weld supported the Iran nuclear deal.

He opposed the war in Iraq and also deploying US troops for regime change.*

President Clinton appointed him to be ambassador to Mexico but withdrew his nomination.

He has been highly critical of President Trump’s “mock bromance with a cold-blooded murderer in North Korea [Kim Jong Un].” **

*”In fairness to young adults in the military, they should not be asked to risk their lives in order to engineer regime changes in foreign countries at the whim of the US government, in the absence of any substantial threat to the United States.”


Bill Weld's view on


Weld says nuclear proliferation is “the number one threat to the security of the world” during 2016 campaign.*

He said US troops must be withdrawn from Afghanistan.**

**U.S. troops deployed to Afghanistan “are sitting duck nation-builders. We cannot trust the Taliban to honor a deal, and inviting them to see the inside of Camp David days before 9/11 was repellent. We must set our own timetable and withdraw from Afghanistan while looking after those Afghans who have helped us there.”

Bill Weld's view on


Former US attorney during the Reagan administration, Weld supported a ballot initiative in 2016 legalizing recreational marijuana in Massachusetts.

In 2018, Weld joined the board of cannabis company Acreage Holdings with ex-House Speaker John Boehner, who had once said in that he was “unalterably opposed” to decriminalizing the drug.

Weld has supported the legalization of medical marijuana since 1992.*