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jay inslee
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Jay Inslee

Governor of Washington

  • Drops out of race 8/22
  • Inslee ran as “the climate candidate,” with a progressive campaign rooted in environmental issues.
  • governor of Washington, 2012-present
  • born Feb. 9, 1951, in Seattle, Washington
  • graduated University of Washington 1973, Willamette University School of Law 1976
  • U.S. House 1993-1995 and 1999-2012

Inslee on impeachment:

“The governor absolutely supports the move [formal impeachment inquiry] given a long pattern of offenses by this president. As the governor has said, ‘The president cannot go on unabated. It’s time to act.’” Source: Gov. Jay Inslee’s office, 09/24/19

Slogan: Our Moment

Jay Inslee's view on

Health care

As governor of Washington, he approved the first “public option” in the U.S. by introducing more competition to Obamacare markets.

As governor, he expanded Medicaid in 2013 under Obamacare.

Inslee introduced a public option health care plan in a first step toward universal health care in the state.

He is pro-choice and opposed the Trump administration’s announcement that it would prohibit taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring women for abortions.

Last year, he signed legislation requiring private insurance companies who cover prenatal and maternity care in Washington state to also cover abortion procedures.

Jay Inslee's view on


Candidate opposes arming teachers, as well as using federal funds to do so.

He also supports red-flag laws, closing the Charleston loophole, and federal funding for research on preventing gun violence.

As governor, he signed a law banning 3D printed guns and a law removing all guns from homes where there is a history of domestic violence calls.

He supported a ban on assault weapons in 1994, which likely cost him his House seat.

If elected president, Inslee said he would reinstate a national assault weapons ban, as well as a ban on high-capacity magazines.

Jay Inslee's view on

Climate change/environment

As governor, he pushed unsuccessfully for the nation’s first state-level carbon tax.

While embracing his role as the first presidential candidate to center a campaign around climate change, Inslee has since unveiled two major climate change proposals:

  • Requiring “zero-emission” electricity generation across the U.S. by 2035 and
  • Calling for the federal government to invest $3 trillion over a decade to upgrade buildings, create “climate-smart infrastructure,” encourage “clean manufacturing,” and research “next-generation” energy technologies.

Inslee would make most vehicles emission-free and new buildings carbon-free — all by 2030, including the closure of coal-fired power plants within 10 years.

“There is a dark cloud over America and that is the dark cloud of climate change caused by carbon pollution that is an existential threat to the people of the United States,” Inslee said at a news conference in Los Angeles with the city’s mayor, Eric Garcetti.

“I just want to be able, on my last days, to look at my grandkids and say, ‘I did everything possible to solve the climate crisis.'”

Gov. Jay Inslee speaking to POLITICO on 07/12/19

Jay Inslee's view on

Immigration/child-parent separation, detention and border wall

Inslee would:

  • Provide a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and DREAMers.
  • Restore foreign aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to help stem family and climate migration from those countries.
  • Allow historic levels of refugee admissions, exceeding the target of 110,000 refugee resettlements set during the Obama administration.

As governor, he signed a law providing college aid for undocumented students.

Also, Inslee supports canceling President Trump’s border wall and the Muslim travel ban.

Jay Inslee's view on

Economy/minimum wage/income inequality

His plan is centered on turning a 10-year, $3 trillion investment in new clean-energy infrastructure into a driver of economic growth.

Inslee supports increasing the minimum wage, which is currently $12 in Washington state and will rise to $13.50 in 2020.

Inslee signed into law a guaranteed paid family leave plan in 2017, granting eligible parents 12 weeks paid time off for the birth or adoption of a child or for a serious medical condition.

He also signed an Equal Pay Opportunity Act that requires employees to receive equal pay and work opportunities regardless of gender.

Opposing President Trump’s trade policies, Inslee said that “any punitive tariffs to the Asian markets are felt deeply” in the state of Washington.

He says he’s closer to Warren as a “Democrat capitalist” rather than a “Democratic socialist” like Sanders.

Jay Inslee's view on

Education/student debt/free tuition

As governor, Inslee proposed Washington’s College Promise Grant in order to provide financial aid for more than 93,000 students from his state.

He is pushing for universal pre-school, free or reduced college tuition and heavy investments in physical and mental health.

The candidate had a plan to enlist the US Education Department to help fight climate change.

As a candidate, Inslee said he would end the diversion of federal funds to private charter schools.

His education plan would provide universal preschool.

Jay Inslee's view on

Foreign policy

As a congressman in 2002, he voted against the Iraq War.*

The candidate would build foreign policy around a commitment to fight climate change.

Inslee would not only rejoin the Paris climate agreement but join an international alliance that calls for phasing out coal plant pollution by 2030.

*”I had the judgment, the foresight, the understanding to stand foursquare against it early and forcefully,” he said of his decision in 2002.


Jay Inslee's view on


As a congressman, he introduced a bill to impeach then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez for approving torture by U.S. forces.

Inslee on Twitter 01/22/19


Jay Inslee's view on


Governor has become a champion of his state’s legal marijuana market and came to its defense after the federal government seemed to be considering a crackdown.

Inslee said: “It’s about time we do it nationwide.”

He has earned top marks—an “A” grade—from NORML.

As governor, he oversaw a program to expunge convictions for misdemeanor marijuana possession going back to 1998.