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marianne williamson
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Marianne Williamson

Author, spiritual teacher and self-help guru

    • suspended her campaign on Jan. 10, 2020
    • author and lecturer
    • born July 8, 1952, in Houston, Texas
    • studied theater and philosophy from 1970 to 1972 at Pomona College in Claremont, California.

Williamson on impeachment:

“When a president has no qualms withholding aid from another country unless its government agrees to help him get dirt on his political opponents, America has a serious problem. Our president has apparently no respect for the demands, the responsibilities, or the limits to his power,” she added on 09/24/19 in “The Hill.”


Slogan: Join The Evolution



Marianne Williamson's view on

Health care

In June, she told supporters that mandatory vaccinations were “draconian” and “Orwellian,” comparing them to anti-abortion laws. She has since said she supports vaccines.

Williamson has been criticized for repeatedly doubting the existence of clinical depression and for attacking antidepressants.

In her book, “A Return to Love,” she says “sickness is an illusion and does not actually exist.”

The author and spiritual teacher supports “high-quality universal coverage for every American, including a Medicare-for-all model.”

Her proposal includes creating and funding a number of programs to improve nutritional and lifestyle education.

She calls for government investment in programs to reduce the marketing and production of highly-processed and sugary foods.

Williamson said she is “one hundred percent pro-choice.”

“We have a sickness-care system in the United States. We just wait until somebody gets sick and then we talk about who’s going to pay for the treatment and how they’re gonna be treated. We need to talk about why so many Americans have unnecessary chronic illnesses, so many more compared to other countries.”

Marianne Williamson, round two of the first Democratic presidential debate 06/25

“There’s nothing anti-doctor about me, there’s nothing anti-science about me,” she said, pushing back against the assertion that she is anti-science because of a deleted tweet in which she suggested prayer could deter Hurricane Dorian, which stuck the Bahamas on Aug. 24, 2019


Marianne Williamson's view on


Williamson supports:*

  • Red-flag laws.
  • Eliminating the sale of assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons
  • Banning bump stocks and high capacity magazines
  • Strict control of and access to guns among children
  • Requiring universal background checks, including at gun shows
  • Mandatory waiting periods for all gun dealers, including gun shows and sporting retailers
  • Mandatory gun buyback programs
  • Gun licensing requirements
  • Gun registration program.

*”On guns: I support 2nd amendment rights, however we know they were talking about a well organized militia. We don’t have gun safety legislation because it cuts in to the short term profits of gun manufacturers. That is immoral. That is obscene.” Marianne live on CNN Town Hall.

— Marianne Williamson (@marwilliamson) April 14, 2019

Marianne Williamson's view on

Climate change/environment

Williamson believes action is needed to address climate change and said she supports appointing a “world-class environmentalist” to head the EPA.*

She supports halting all new fossil fuel projects and restarting the Obama-era Clean Power Plan.

Williamson would also place a temporary ban on new oil and gas fracking, and invest in electric vehicle production and high-speed trains.

The candidate made the case for one-year mandatory national service for Americans 18-26 to work on climate change.

*Williamson blamed a “virulent strain of capitalism that puts short-term shareholder profit before all else, before the safety and welfare of the workers, before the safety and welfare of the environment.”

at MSNBC’s climate forum at Georgetown University 09/19/19…


Marianne Williamson's view on

Economy/minimum wage/income inequality

By rolling back tax cuts on the wealthy and big businesses, she proposes:

  • providing cash relief through a universal basic income
  • creating jobs through Green New Deal legislation
  • boosting government funding for early education and childcare services, paid family leave, sick leave, and caregiving
  • and introducing a universal savings program, which would be available to children at birth.

Williamson’s plan would pay for a universal basic income of $1,000 a month for every American and a savings fund beginning at birth, with the government matching the family contributions as a child grows.

She favors raising the minimum wage and linking it to the inflation rate.

Marianne Williamson's view on

Education/student debt/free tuition

Often called Oprah’s spiritual adviser, she supports:

  • free college
  • student loan forgiveness programs
  • universal preschool, and
  • increasing funding to provide free or affordable lunches and breakfasts for students.*

* If ideal offsets for this expense (free college or technical school tuition for every qualified student) cannot be found, she is open to exploring ways for students to repay some of these costs with a small payroll tax once they start working.

Also, she’s interested in lowering the interest rate on student loans, potentially down to 0%.

Marianne Williamson's view on

Immigration/child-parent separation, detention and border wall

Williamson supports DREAMers.

She backs providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants with no serious criminal records.

She also supports providing affordable health care to undocumented immigrant families and reducing the number of immigrants in detention centers.

Daughter of an immigration lawyer, her plan includes:

  • Ending family separation.
  • Reducing the number of detainees under DHS and ICE control.
  • Closing private detention centers.
  • Offering a path to citizenship for “all law-abiding, productive immigrants.”
  • Reducing the cost of naturalization.
  • Eliminating the three- and 10-year re-entry bar.
  • Faster processing for asylum seekers.
  • Expanding protection for LGBTQ immigrants and asylum seekers.
  • Increasing border security through electronic surveillance and more border agents.
  • Making affordable health care available to everyone including undocumented immigrants.
Marianne Williamson's view on

Foreign policy

Candidate pledges to re-enter both Paris climate accords and Iran nuclear agreement.

She would establish a U.S. Department of Peace and peace-building would be her highest priority as president.*

Williamson supports the safe withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible.

In Israel and Palestine, she advocates for building peace “on the level of the heart” as opposed to “settlements and checkpoints.”

* Williamson supports “redesigning” the partnership between the Defense Department and the State Department that would elevate the need for peace, putting it on equal footing with the need for military preparedness.

“Expertise in peacebuilding is just as sophisticated and important as expertise in military action,” Williamson said in an interview with Des Moines Register on 08/19/19



Marianne Williamson's view on


Calling it “completely immoral,” Willliamson strongly opposes US military and economic assistance to Saudi-led coalition fighting Iranian-back Houthi rebels in Yemen.

She has supported transgender service members serving in the US military.

She vows to use a part of the defense budget to change a wartime economy into a peacetime economy in 10 to 20 years.

* She said if the US government does something she considers immoral such as selling arms to Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemeni people, “it will probably come back at you in unintended ways.”

Marianne Williamson's view on


Williamson is in support of legalizing marijuana.

She said at a campaign stop in New Hampshire in April that in her “opinion is we are so beyond worrying about marijuana. We are onto something so much bigger than marijuana”—like the problems people face with drugs like heroin and fentanyl.*

She endorses the release of non-violent offenders incarcerated for marijuana-related offenses.