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Tim Ryan
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Tim Ryan

US Congressman, Ohio

  • Ryan drops out of race on 10/24/19
  • nine-term U.S. Representative from Ohio, 2003-present
  • born July 16, 1973, in Niles, Ohio
  • graduated Bowling Green State University in 1995, Franklin Pierce Law Center in 2000

On impeachment:

“President Trump is a mobster. We must impeach.” Source:

Slogan: Our Future is Now



Tim Ryan's view on

Health care

Ryan doesn’t support granting undocumented immigrants Medicaid, but he does back “some basic care.”

The candidate is a co-sponsor on the 2019 Medicare for All Act to provide universal health care.

Ryan railed against the idea of replacing private insurance with single-payer coverage in the Democratic primary debates, even though his name is on the bill in the House.*

He also said he’d like to see the Medicare system opened up for buy-ins by small businesses and people as young as age 50 or 55.

Ryan was anti-abortion until 2015 when he flipped on the issues. Since then, Ryan has supported abortion rights.

Ryan backs letting Planned Parenthood get federal funds.

* His campaign says he’s opposed to kicking people off their employer-sponsored plans.

“We need to talk about incentivizing doctors and patients to be healthy — pay doctors to help get us healthy; reward patients with rebates and refunds to stay healthy. These are critical components of how we stay healthy,” Ryan said.

Tim Ryan's view on


Ryan previously received A-ratings from the National Rifle Association (NRA) but shifted his stance following the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

After the fatal Las Vegas shooting in 2017, he announced he would donate the $20,000 he’d received from the NRA’s PAC to organizations that support gun control.

He is co-sponsor on numerous gun-control bills, including No Guns for Abusers, Safer Neighborhoods Gun Buyback, Assault Weapons Ban, Bipartisan Background Checks.

The Ohio representative said during a CNN town hall that he does “support an assault weapons ban.”

A campaign spokesperson told POLITICO that Ryan “is in favor of voluntary buyback programs for assault weapons.”

He also supports thorough background checks for all gun buyers, getting “weapons of war” such as semi-automatic weapons off the street and expanded mental health services to fight gun violence.

“Here’s the problem I have with the NRA. I used to be a supporter,” he said, but he now rejects money from the NRA, “because they did not even want to come to the table to have a conversation. That’s what infuriated me. How do you watch this on TV and not want to do anything about it? Here’s a perfect example where they could play a constructive role in society about trying to help prevent suicides and how to store your gun properly and all the rest. They don’t even want to have that conversation. So we have to politically overcome that and dominate it.”


Tim Ryan's view on

Climate change/environment

Nine-term Ohio representative said that combating climate change should be viewed as a “jobs program.”*

His campaign is focused on rebuilding and reinventing the economy as a “green economy,” and investing in American jobs.

He supports reducing fossil-fuel consumption and shifting toward solar, wind and geothermal renewable energy sources.

He endorses a move toward renewable energy sources and away from foreign oil.

He is a proponent of transitioning to a clean-energy economy through the free enterprise system.**

Ryan beaks with the party by supporting fracking for natural gas.

* “Let’s talk about it in the context of jobs. Solar’s growing at 30% a year; wind’s growing at 20% a year. We’re going to make 30 million electric vehicles in the next 10 years. I want those made in the United States, and let’s steer the investment to the communities that have lost: communities of color, old coal, old auto, old steel, old rubber,” Ryan said.

** “I embrace a Green New Deal. I just think we have to have public-private partnerships if we’re going to get there.”

Tim Ryan's view on

Immigration/child-parent separation, detention and border wall

Candidate opposes a US-Mexico border wall.

Ryan is worried about incentivizing illegal immigration, saying migrants should come legally and “at least ring the doorbell.”

Democrat supports the DREAM Act of 2019.

Ryan says he backs comprehensive immigration reform that includes securing the border and creating a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers who are already in the country.

He is against separating immigrant children from their parents at the border.

Ryan introduced legislation to create a non-partisan nine-member commission to tackle U.S. immigration issues, including:

  • border security,
  • technology and infrastructure,
  • detention and
  • the rights of asylum seekers and refugees

Tim Ryan's view on

Economy/minimum wage/income inequality

The Ohio representative does not support cutting taxes.

His economic plan is tied to climate policy, saying the transition to clean energy will generate new employment producing electric vehicles, solar panels, and windmills.*

He calls for raising the federal minimum wage to $15 hour but hasn’t endorsed tax on wealthy.

* “We can’t just go ask people to pay more in taxes and dump them into these old systems. So, I’m a reform-minded Democrat that believes that if we’re going to ‘green’ the economy, you need the innovation and the power of the free market to do that,” he said.


Tim Ryan's view on

Education/student debt/free tuition

In 2018, the candidate expressed support for a college education that is tuition-free and debt-free.*

Ohio congressman supports free community-college tuition and free public college tuition for those under specific incomes.

Ryan supports legislation allowing students to refinance their college loans.

Tim Ryan's view on

Foreign policy

During June debate, he said US needs to remain “engaged” in Afghanistan.
He said US needs a plan on “how to work with our allies to end the Syrian civil war, remove Assad from power, and restore stability to the region.”

He said Iran nuclear deal is still the best plan to restore stability to the region.

Ryan has backed policy proposals to combat Chinese currency manipulation.

Tim Ryan's view on


Ohio congressman supports maintaining U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

He opposes support for the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen. But he missed votes in February and April calling for an end to US support for Yemen operation.

Tim Ryan's view on


Ryan says marijuana should be legal in all 50 states.

He co-sponsored Sen. Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act, a proposal to federally deschedule cannabis and punish states that enforce marijuana laws in racially or socioeconomically disproportionate ways.

He also backed a bipartisan bill that secures banking access for marijuana businesses.

“We have ignored the social and economic toll of our marijuana laws for too long. It is morally wrong, economically nonsensical, and an unnecessary strain on our already strained law enforcement officials.”

We have ignored the social and economic toll of our marijuana laws for too long. I believe no person should be sentenced…

Posted by Congressman Tim Ryan on Friday, July 20, 2018