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Colby Walker

(Colby Walker)

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Colby Walker has had a love for talk radio and the news for as long as he can remember. Growing up in Idaho his friends would make fun of him when they’d jump in the car to go grab lunch during high school and he’d be listening to the news.

Colby joined the KSL NewsRadio team as an intern in 2018 while studying Social Media Marketing at the LDS Business College (now Ensign College). From there he moved to an on-call producer, a part-time producer, and now a full-time Digital Content Producer.

When asked what his most memorable story that he’s covered so far, Colby is quick to respond the Area 51 raid. “I can’t believe they let me borrow a station car and drive all the way to the middle of the desert to witness the “raid” on a government base,” Walker says.

In addition to his work outside secret government bases, Colby helps produce KSL NewsRadio’s Heart of Utah feature that airs online and on the radio every Friday spotlighting the good news that’s happening in and around the state as well as making sure the daily news is out and published online.

He grew up in Idaho and claims he can taste the difference between Idaho potatoes and potatoes from everywhere else. When he’s not waking up early to help get the news on the internet he’s probably out flying a drone somewhere or spending too much time laughing at memes or scrolling through Twitter or Tik Tok.