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Heather Kelly

Heather Kelly joined KSL in April 2012, and took quite the circuitous route to get here. She received a degree in Aviation Management from Westminster College and worked for 9 years in the airline industry. After realizing the bright spot in her day was bumping people off oversold flights, she decided to find a career that was more rewarding and less chance of being yelled at by passengers.

She was lucky enough to be hired at a veterinary clinic where she could pursue her life-long interest in animal care. After being trained on-the-job as a veterinary technician, she quickly rose up the ladder and became Hospital Director of two clinics simultaneously. Unfortunately, when the recession hit, the clinics closed.

So, Heather moved onto her third career in broadcasting… using her Minor in Theater Arts. Heather believes she has found the place she was meant to be all along. After reporting traffic for Total Traffic Network for 6-years, she finally made it to KSL News Radio and can be heard telling people ‘where to go and how to get there’ as part of Triple Team Traffic every weekday from 5-9 AM on Utah’s Morning News. Heather fills in as Associate Producer and News Reporter when needed and loves putting a news story together. She is also the host of “Money Making Sense” where she discusses all things money in an down-to-earth approach. Click here to listen now.

Twitter: @KSLHeatherKelly