Scott Mitchell


Sports have always been a passion in my life.  Literally from the time I was born and came home from the hospital, with a football in my hand, until the day I became and NFL QB, and even today, sports are in my DNA. 

I love what sports teaches us about ourselves.  We find our character and our weaknesses through sports.  Sports gives us a heart as communities, it helps bring us together and pull for a common cause.  It also creates rivalries, a chance to have bragging rights over our neighbors and friends.  

Being able to talk everyday about sports is the dream of all dream jobs.  And to do with Alex Kirry who shares my passion and who also brings such a fun and entertaining personality takes it over the top.  We are committed each day to give our listeners a show like no other show, it is unrivaled, we bring an insight to sports that you can’t get any other place,  entertainment to keep you laughing and content that keeps you coming back show after show.

Scott Mitchell is the co-host of Unrivaled weekdays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. To contact Scott, email

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