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How You Can Save Money at the Grocery Store: 4 Easy Tips For the Next Time You Go Shopping

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This article about how to save money at the grocery store is sponsored by Maceys. Happy shopping!

It’s 2020 and maybe one of your resolutions this year is to save a little more money. A grocery store is a great place to start due to how much you are going to be shopping there. So… How can you save money at the grocery store? Here are 4 easy tips the next time you go shopping.

1. Coupons Can Save Money at the Grocery Store

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Before going to the store, take some time and go through the grocery coupons you have. That means both printed coupons or on your smartphone. Pro tip: most grocery stores have an app. Be sure to download it and check it out before going shopping!

Get all the coupons for the items you use or want to try, and stay away from the ones you don’t use. It doesn’t matter how good the deal is.

2. Raid The Fridge And Pantry

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If you are doing meal planning for the week, first take a look in the fridge and in the pantry for items you already have. You can coordinate a meal plan based on what you have. Then trash the stuff that’s expired. Just knowing what you have and don’t have can save you cash instantly.

3. Buy Bulk, But Be Smart

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For food that you and your family eat a lot, buying in bulk can save you money in the long run. However, like couponing, this is something you should be cautious of. Stay away from good deals on bulk items you haven’t tried and tested. Your saved money buying bulk deals may lead to money down the drain if you and your family don’t like the product.

4. Stick To The List

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Put just the stuff in your basket that you’ve planned for. You can definitely plan for snacks be don’t buy too much. Produce can help in the snacking area too. Most produce can actually save you money and can satisfy your healthy side. And, as a side note, don’t head to the store when you’re hungry. Your cart will fill up faster when your empty stomach is calling the shots.

How Can You Save Money at the Grocery Store?

As always, be sure to head down to your local neighborhood Macey’s store—or—for more coupons, deals, and ideas for family mealtime.