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Amanda Dickson is the co-host of Utah's Morning News and the host of A Woman's View on KSL NewsRadio. You can contact her at

Dickson: Remembering Deedee Corradini after the Olympics news today

Former Salt Lake City Mayor Deedee Corradini was instrumental in getting the Olympics. She would be ecstatic to see them again.
2 days ago

Meet Utah teacher Leslie Edwards and hear why she left journalism for education

Leslie Edwards left the news industry to teach. From Saudi Arabia to Salt Lake City, learn more about why she ended up teaching third grade.
3 days ago

Tired of swiping left? Meet a modern Utah matchmaker

You might think matchmaking is a thing of the past. But this Utah matchmaker is on a mission to show you just how modern it is,
10 days ago

Why Utah’s inmates get charged for phone calls

Some of the inmates say the bills from the phone calls simply cost too much a month. The state says it's working on alternatives.
21 days ago

Is genetic mapping for babies something that everyone should do?

A new project will screen the genomes of 100,000 babies for rare disorders, a Utah neonatologist says genome mapping has come a long way.
25 days ago

Meet a male caregiver in Utah who is caring for his third parent

Utah resident Greg Mills is a male caregiver, one of the millions of similar men in America. He represents a growing demographic.
28 days ago

Will artificial intelligence be good for Utah? One business expert says yes

A Utah business expert and economist says artificial intelligence will enhance Utah and its employees, hopefully eliminating redundant tasks.
1 month ago

Dickson: A master class on media and business at the U

Media business expert David Chipman encourages students to be curious about their own generation, Gen Z, and other generations.
1 month ago

Early intervention programs in Utah not experiencing chronic staffing shortages

The early intervention program in Utah is expanding, despite many programs around the nation suffering from chronic staffing shortages.
1 month ago

Haunted houses are safe, but can aggravate health conditions

And though haunted houses are regularly inspected, fire officials can't regulate how fear might affect someone's health.
1 month ago

Here’s how women are affected by microaggressions at work

A new report on women in the workplace found 78% of women have said they experience "microaggressions" at work.
2 months ago

Utah’s prison and its moms: “We love our children as much as the next”

There are 400 total women in Utah's state prison on any given day, and 70% of them are parents to minor children. Two women currently incarcerated are talking about their experience as moms in Utah prisons.
2 months ago

Dickson: FaceTime sleepovers are a thing

More and more teens and adults alike are sleeping together on FaceTime. Here's why, right from the people who are doing it most often.
2 months ago

Why our brains are getting smaller

Over the last 3,000 years, our brains have gotten smaller. They've shrunk about the size of a lime since then.
2 months ago

Dickson: Where faith and journalism meet

Executive Editor of Church News Sarah Jane Weaver and Church News reporter Mary Richards talk about where faith and journalism intersect.
2 months ago

Dickson: It’s not how well you slept, but how well you think you slept

When it comes to getting good sleep, it's more about your attitude on how you slept versus the actual sleep you got.
2 months ago

How parents in prison keep parenting, and how Utah helps

Nearly three-quarters of the women in Utah's prisons are parents to children under the age of 18. The number is smaller for fathers in prison, the number of parents in prison still affects one out of every 14 children.
2 months ago

Dickson: Star Trek fan goes to FanX

Amanda Dickson shares her experience "meeting her heroes" at FanX Salt Lake this weekend.
2 months ago

Dickson: Give your children the playlist of your life

My son, Ethan, asked me to create a Spotify playlist of "my music" for him. Here's my journey through time and how I made a gift for my kids.
2 months ago

Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute takes students ideas to real life

The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah brings together 6,000 students from freshmen to Ph.D. candidates each year.
2 months ago

STEMFest at Mountain America Expo Center

When you walk into the Mountain America Expo Center today, you’ll see STEMFest 2023.
2 months ago

ABC’s Matt Gutman on panic attacks as a war correspondent

ABC's Matt Gutman has struggled with panic attacks for years. Now, he's sharing his story in a new book being released.
3 months ago

Rep. John Curtis on the conservative approach to climate change

OREM, Utah — Climate change is not a Democrat issue or a liberal issue. Not if you ask Rep.John Curtis, R-Utah. He is hosting a conservative climate summit on Friday at Utah Valley University. “This is an opportunity for us to get together and find common ground and demonstrate that conservatives really have a voice […]
3 months ago

Are you suffering from compassion fatigue?

Compassion fatigue is common among those in health care and care giving professions, sometimes they don't realize what the feeling is.
3 months ago