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Amanda Dickson


Amanda Dickson is the co-host of Utah's Morning News and the host of A Woman's View on KSL NewsRadio. You can contact her at

Quantum computing of “great concern” to Rep. Chris Stewart, here’s why

Stewart's concern about quantum computing is linked to encryption, national security, and a potential national security breach.
12 hours ago

Provo university hopes to reduce shortage of mental health practitioners

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, in Provo, graduated its first class of counselors this year.
3 days ago

Can the average Utahn afford to go solar?

With power bills going up around the country, more people are investigating the option of going solar. When you add in federal and state incentives, is it affordable for the average Utahn?
10 days ago

Breaking the cycle of violence with Camp Hope

Camp Hope is a program for kids and teens who are impacted by the work of the Salt Lake County District Attorney.
14 days ago

John Curtis: “We must come to terms with fossil fuels being a part of our future.”

In a speech to the Sutherland Institute, Rep. John Curtis says he's one Republican that is willing to talk about climate.
14 days ago

Rep. Chris Stewart says federalism will cure what ails America

Rep. Chris Stewart spoke at the Sutherland Institute for its Congressional Series on Tuesday and spoke on the current state of the country,
15 days ago

Understanding the changing power grid, and that the power comes from us

A solar engineer questions recent public comments by public officials about the strength of the American power grid.
19 days ago

Questions and answers about monkeypox and its vaccine

An infectious disease expert spoke to KSL NewsRadio and offered answers to commonly asked questions about monkeypox.
22 days ago

Opinion: Should media reduce their coverage of mass shootings?

When the media focuses on mass shootings, is it hurting society, both on an individual level and collectively? What can be done?
28 days ago

The slow pace of Utah Senate confirmation for Rep. Joel Ferry

Gov. Cox has picked Rep. Joel Ferry to lead the Utah Dept. of Natural Resources. But a constitutional issue must be addressed.
30 days ago

Rescue on the Provo River: a hero’s story

SALT LAKE CITY — In the midst of a news day filled with reports of a mass shooting in Indianapolis, court appearances by mass shooting suspects in New York and Florida, and legislative reports of the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, there was an inspiring story of heroism that happened Saturday on the Provo River […]
1 month ago

Opinion: Meet the new highly contagious variant of COVID-19 — BA.5

Like many others, KSL NewsRadio host Amanda Dickson avoided COVID-19 until the latest, most transmissible new variant emerged.
1 month ago

A U of U professor in Israel explains President Biden’s trip

This is Mr. Biden's first visit to Israel as president. He arrives during what Dr. Guiora refers to as a problematic time.
1 month ago

Interpretation of the Utah Constitution will likely determine fate of abortion trigger law

The argument to protect abortion rights in Utah is based on the Utah state constitution, not the United States Constitution.
1 month ago

An emergency generator can thwart a power outage

One way to assure the continuation of power at your home after an emergency is by use of a backup generator.
1 month ago

New infant sleep guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Among the new infant sleep recommendations, no weighted blankets or sleepers. A recurring recommendation is put baby to sleep on its back.
2 months ago

Opinion: To honor Aaron, a father’s love for his children

This is an editorial piece. An editorial, like a news article, is based on fact but also shares opinions. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and are not associated with our newsroom.
2 months ago

Utah nursing leader lobbying in D.C. for law to address nurse safety

Nurse safety is top of mind for the executive director of the Utah Nurses Association, who has traveled to D.C. to lobby for a new safety law.
2 months ago

Senator Derek Kitchen: Utah has a “trigger ban” on marriage equality

A Utah state senator is concerned that contained in the Utah constitution is a "trigger ban" on marriage equality.
2 months ago

Salt Lake mayor, others, send gun resolution to Congress

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall said that 200 U.S. mayors agree that Congress must enact greater gun control.
2 months ago

Checking in with Springville High: “We’re doing okay.”

An air of somberness hovered over graduation preparations at Springville High, as families rallied to support all involved in a tragic shooting.
3 months ago

Inflation sending more Utahns to the Food Bank

Inflation is keeping the Utah Food Bank quite busy these days.
3 months ago

Economic impact of a 2030 Olympics in Utah? Dollars and jobs!

An economic impact study from the U of U found that the 2030 Olympics in Utah would bring $30 billion to the state.
3 months ago

Mental health services expanding for children (and parents) in Utah

Utah officials note a 300% increase in mental health crises in children over the last ten years. Immediate help can be a gamechanger.
3 months ago