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Amanda Dickson is the co-host of Utah's Morning News and the host of A Woman's View on KSL NewsRadio. You can contact her at

Dickson: A look inside the child care crisis

You've heard about the child care crisis in Utah. Parents can't afford child care. Child care workers can't afford to live on what they make.
1 day ago

Healthcare inside West High School

The West High School Clinic allows students to see nurses, pediatricians, psychiatrists and psychologists right inside their school.
4 days ago

Dickson: Who goes to summer school?

KSL NewsRadio host Amanda Dickson reflects on her first week of teaching summer classes at the University of Utah.
8 days ago

Dickson: A salute to Utah women

KSL NewsRadio's anchor and host, Amanda Dickson gives salute to all Utah women and mothers for all they do this Mother's Day.
12 days ago

Dickson: To go to college or not to go to college – that is the question

From the debt you could incur to the pay you could earn, college has its benefits and drawbacks. Read this before you decide.
15 days ago

“Cortisol belly” may be caused by stress

"Cortisol belly" is a stress-induced response. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is produced by our adrenal glands.
22 days ago

Dickson: Should we have a consumer right to privacy?

A bipartisan proposal would define privacy as a consumer right and create new rules for data collection companies to follow.
1 month ago

Dickson: Preventing pickleball injuries

A Utah doctor reports seeing an increase in overuse injuries associated with pickleball, especially in players over age 55.
1 month ago

Artificial intelligence may be able to help with your mental health

University of Utah researchers are working to understand how artificial intelligence and mental health therapists might work together.
1 month ago

Dickson: Is there a right and wrong way to load the dishwasher?

For years, I've wondered if there is a right way and a wrong way to load the dishwasher. My husband says so, and Americans agree.
1 month ago

Dickson: How do you defend Chad Daybell?

How do you defend Chad Daybell? Amanda Dickson shares insight from KSL NewsRadio's legal analyst, straight from the courtroom.
1 month ago

Dickson: What teachers say about culture wars in the classroom

'Concerns based on fear,' 'an adult problem,' 'a weed overtaking a garden,' are a few thoughts from Utah teachers on culture wars.
2 months ago

Is Utah’s soda obsession behind our levels of prediabetes?

Here in Utah, our soda drinking habits might be making us particularly at risk for prediabetes and diabetes.
2 months ago

Pain in your neck? You may have ‘tech neck’

There's another ramification for sitting all day long. It's called "tech neck" and it's from slouching in front of your devices all the time.
2 months ago

Dickson: I’m committed to not texting my kids while they’re in school

Amanda Dickson says she's totally guilty of texting her kids while they're in school. She's committed to stoping it.
2 months ago

Are Americans obsessed with getting enough protein?

An average American man gets 31% more protein than he needs every day. And 60% of men are trying to increase their intake. What's going on?
2 months ago

Dickson: The magic of peer tutors in middle school

Peer tutors are students of the same age in the same school who work one-on-one with students with special needs in their school.
3 months ago

KSL NewsRadio’s role as “first informers” in any emergency

In the worst-case scenarios and emergencies, KSL NewsRadio will be the first to provide essential information. We're doing it alongside FEMA.
3 months ago

The public would have less access to government records under proposed law

A bill that tackles public access to government comes after state AG Sean Reyes denied KSL access to his daily calendar.
3 months ago

Here’s why American adults sleep more in the winter

The human body's built-in circadian rhythm makes it so that 34% of adults in the United States sleep more in the winter.
4 months ago

Should Utah ratify the Equal Rights Amendment?

Did you know Utah never ratified the Equal Rights Amendment? But this year, there is a movement before the Utah legislature to have Utah ratify the ERA.
4 months ago

SL County Aging and Adult Services conducting community assessment survey

Salt Lake County is trying to find out how it can help its seniors with day-to-day tasks by conducting a community survey.
4 months ago

Cancer screening timelines have a big influence based on family history

It seems recommendations for cancer screenings target younger people. One doctor says involving your family can straight out the timelines.
4 months ago

Labor shortage still going strong, where are all the employees?

Many industries are struggling with a labor shortage right now, especially in healthcare, hospitality and construction.
4 months ago