Amber Gentry

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How to make your Thanksgiving celebrations more inclusive

For Indigenous cultures, this holiday is a celebration of thankfulness and is a time to express gratitude toward all.
11 days ago

How to handle difficult conversations with loved ones about masks and vaccines this holiday season 

With the holidays right around the corner, and loved ones are finally getting the opportunity to spend time together. But how do we brooch the topic of controversial opinions on masks and vaccines? Psychologist and licensed therapist Dr. Catherine Athans says it’s best to be patient and listen to differing views.  Talk About it: “It’s […]
12 days ago

Retired individuals are returning to the workforce in droves

Tired of retirement? Research reveals that retired individuals are returning to the workforce in the multitudes. DMBA Certified Financial planner Shane Stewart joined Utah’s Morning News on Monday to explain the reasoning’s why we are seeing this trend.  “There are some who retired for what we call ‘bad reasons,’ meaning they were fearful of the pandemic or were forced […]
12 days ago

Volunteers of America has resources for homeless youth

SALT LAKE CITY — Thousands of Utah’s homeless youth are not only facing hunger, but are experiencing homelessness. Volunteers of America is a program that aims to promote and spread awareness for the more vulnerable people in our community.   As a part of Utah Gives Back presented by Select Health, The Director of Youth […]
15 days ago
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Salt Lake City Mission needs hundreds of turkeys for those in need

The Salt Lake City Mission will start to distribute turkeys and all the fixings for a Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 19th.
17 days ago

Bridging the divides: Tim Shriver on the benefit of doubt

The importance of giving someone the benefit of the doubt, said Inside Sources guest Tim Shriver, can help bridge the American divides.
18 days ago

COVID 19 testing in Utah now easier with more hours and locations

Those who need COVID testing in Utah now have more hours, locations, and testing options all across the state. No appointment is needed. 
18 days ago

Utah veteran uses virtual reality to help others combat PTSD 

Veterans can use virtual reality to connect with doctors and fellow veterans, as well as play games to help ease stress they may be feeling.
22 days ago

Mayor Wilson: Gondola system up Little Cottonwood Canyon not the answer

Instead of a gondola system, Mayor Jenny Wilson suggests a mobility hub and then an enhanced bus system for Little Cottonwood Canyon.
24 days ago

Plan trips to Utah national parks in advance, say tourism officials

Utah national parks are crowded and finding a spot takes strategy. Vicky Varella from the Utah Office of Tourism joins the conversation.
26 days ago

Wendover Fire Department warns against dogs and circular bones

The warning comes after Wendover firefighters remove a bone stuck on a dog's lower jaw. The dog needed sedation for the procedure.
29 days ago

October sets new record for snowfall in Utah, officials hoping for more

Ski Utah officials reported a much higher snowfall this October than normal, in fact this was the snowiest October since 2004.
1 month ago

A Crash Course on Dia de los Muertos 

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated to honor those who passed on before us. It is also referred to as the Day of the Dead. While sharing some common identifiers, Dia de los Muerto should not be mistaken for the Mexican verison of Halloween. Both holidays do share some overlapping traditions, such […]
1 month ago

One in five Utahns support a cash payment for addicts to stay sober

At least half of those participating in the study said that addicts should receive an outright cash payment to stay sober.
1 month ago

Last chance to experience Red Rocks Film Festival in Cedar City, Utah

This year the Red Rocks Film Festival screened 80 films from 26 countries, with more than 20 films receiving red carpet premieres.
1 month ago

The Ice Castles attraction in Midway is moving to a cool new location

Ice Castles isn't moving far, the attraction is staying in Midway but headed to the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center.
1 month ago

Broadway Centre Cinemas to reopen Friday after 19 months of closure

SALT LAKE CITY — A very long 589 days have passed, but the wait is finally over. The beloved Broadway Centre Cinemas will reopen on Friday October 22, and Tori Baker is ready. “We are so excited. Really tired, but so excited,” said Baker, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Film Society. One of […]
1 month ago

Granite district says n95 masks given to them by the state are being used

A district spokesman told KSL NewsRadio that children in their district can request a new n95 mask every week.
2 months ago

Deaths on Utah roads hold steady from 2020 to 2021

The state's rate of deaths remained roughly the same on Utah roads from the year before, despite a campaign urging drivers to "Summer Safely."
3 months ago