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LISTEN: Utah high school sports group investigating ‘scholarships’ for international students

One student's struggles highlight lack of scrutiny, oversight and accountability on the part of private schools and prep academies.
30 days ago

“The Letter:” Meeting the monster that killed Zachary Snarr

One letter lead to other letters, and then a meeting between the man that killed 18-year-old Zachary Snarr, and Zachary's mother.
2 years ago

“The Letter:” A delivery that ‘changed everything’ for Zachary Snarr’s family

It was a friend who told Sy Snarr that the man in jail for killing her son Zachary, had written her a letter.
2 years ago

“The Letter” – Survivor guilt after the death of Zachary Snarr

Surviving the shooting that claimed the life of Zachary Snarr stole the small things and gave Yvette Rodier a type of guilt she didn't expect.
2 years ago

“The Letter” – After the murder of Zachary Snarr, a family tries to rebuild

A family realizes that returning to a sense of normalcy after the death of Zachary Snarr is a complicated and lonely road.
2 years ago

“The Letter” – A Utah family weighs the death penalty

How the definition of justice changed for the family and friends who lost 18-year-old Zachary Snarr to a murderer.
2 years ago

“The Letter” – What suspected killer Jorge Benvenuto said about the girl who survived

Detectives said 19-year-old Jorge Benvenuto was trying to build the courage to kill himself before he came upon two kids at Little Dell Reservoir.
2 years ago

“The Letter” details journey from Utah murder through grief to redemption

The Snarrs and Rodier revisit the agony of the Utah murder in a new podcast from KSL called “The Letter” - to shed light on the lasting impacts of grief and the realities of finding forgiveness.
2 years ago

Former Utah state prison Warden talks about death row and change

Former Utah state prison Warden Ken Shulsen talks about his experience in the states prison system
3 years ago

In Utah, the death penalty can be a life sentence for victims’ families

The Utah death penalty turned Matt Hunsaker's life into a trip through the maze of American justice. And he has had enough.
3 years ago

Talking Cold: Can police lie to suspects? Who can offer immunity? And how to inmates earn an early release from prison?

When Doug Lovell's ex-wife was relucent to come forward with information about the murder of Joyce Yost, she was offered immunity. Here's what that means.
3 years ago

Elizabeth Smart offers advice for survivors and those who love them

Elizabeth Smart was 14 when she was kidnapped, and she said all she wanted to do was 'blend in.' Instead, she gives a voice and support to other victims.
3 years ago

Advocates: Criminal justice system can be traumatic for sexual assault survivors

The criminal justice system isn't just difficult for survivors of sexual assault to navigate, it can be another type of trauma.
3 years ago

Man threatens to shoot up The Stockist store over a mask request

Employees closed the Stockist store after an employee refused to comply with mask requirements and threatening to shoot up the establishment.
3 years ago

“Talking Cold” explores issues raised in COLD Podcast

"The only recording that we have one of the worst moments of her life," Dave Cawley said in a new KSL podcast, Talking Cold.
3 years ago

Candidate Conversation: Jenny Wilson for Senate

Jenny Wilson believes not having Democrats in the Utah delegation hurts Utah on critical issues, especially public lands.
6 years ago