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Caitlyn Johnston is a producer for KSL NewsRadio and Dave & Dujanovic. You can reach her at

Johnston: Real human connection feels unnatural. I want to change that

"Dating at Her Age" co-host Caitlyn Johnston says, "My first attempts at human connection in the wild were not an immediate success."
16 days ago

LISTEN: In the line of duty

On Thursday, Provo Police Officer Trenton Halladay was given a place on Utah's memorial for fallen officers.
2 months ago

Social Security sending collection notices to recipients for overpayments

The federal government is sending collection notices to hundreds of thousands of recipients who were overpaid.
10 months ago

Tomato trouble: Why tomato plants failed this year

Have you been having tomato trouble? Taun and Maria paid a visit to the USU Botanical gardens to talk about tomato troubles.
2 years ago

Here are the 3 things you need to know about keeping cyclists safe on the road

Executive Director of Bike UT, Jenn Oxborrow, is live with Dave & Dujanvoic to explain the top three things drivers need to keep in mind when it comes to cyclists and their safety on the road. 
2 years ago

Two sisters used genealogy, genetics to find their risk of breast cancer

There's a 13% chance for any woman to develop breast cancer in the course of their lifetime.
2 years ago

The good and bad of garden catalogs

The Good and The Bad of Garden Catalogs One of my favorite things is getting plant catalogs in the dead of winter. I enjoy seeing all of the wonderful plants. I have noticed that other gardeners also love these catalogs but are sometimes disappointed when the plants they ordered fail. As with most things research […]
3 years ago

How to create a succulent garden

SALT LAKE CITY — Do you want to know how to create a succulent garden in your own backyard? Tune into the video below as KSL Greenhouse Show host, Maria Shilaos, takes you through the process of how to create a succulent garden!   How to create a succulent garden The KSL Greenhouse is on […]
3 years ago

How to plant an alternative lawn, and when not to

Liz Braithwaite, a horticulturist from Brigham City shares how to plant an alternative lawn.
3 years ago

Drought hardy perennials and annuals

The drought has gardeners thinking twice about what to plant in their garden. Learn more about drought hardy perennials and annuals.
3 years ago

How to care for Geraniums with J&J Garden Center

It’s all about Geraniums at J&J Garden Center! Andy Stevenson explained to Taun and Maria the many varieties they have in stock and how to care for Geraniums.  They can be a perfect gift for your loved one!  How to care for Geraniums     Listen to more of the conversation with J&J Garden Center! […]
3 years ago

Spring Garden Containers with Olson’s Greenhouse

Spring garden containers are the perfect project as we get back into warm weather. Olson's Greenhouse's Brian Lloyd demonstrates how
3 years ago

How to create succulent baskets for Spring

Spring is here! As we await warmer temperatures Maria Shilaos from the KSL Greenhouse Show shares her creativity with succulents once again! Watch the video below and learn how to create succulent baskets for spring!  Did you try this project? Leave us a comment about how it went on our Facebook our YouTube video!  Listen […]
3 years ago

How to care for Carole Mackie Daphne

Daphne’s can be a finicky plant to grow, so the KSL Greenhouse Show discussed how to care for Carole Mackie Daphne as the plant of the week.  Carole Mackie Daphne is a variegated variety that grows 3-4 feet tall and wide with leaves that grow in a whorled pattern. These fragrant flowers appear mid-spring in […]
3 years ago

Starting succulents from cuttings

Starting succulents from cuttings can be a fun activity for experimental gardeners.
3 years ago

Here are some beginner gardening tips you don’t want to miss

There are many new gardeners as a result of the pandemic. The KSL Greenhouse show shared beginner gardening tips for a successful garden!
3 years ago

Best plants for Valentine’s Day

Plants and flowers are one of the most common gifts to give on Valentine's day and the options can be overwhelming.
3 years ago

Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson explains how to make a vaccine appointment in Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson answered questions regarding confusion of how to make a vaccine appointment in Salt Lake County.
3 years ago

Vaccine watch: Utah County

If you're experiencing long lines and wait times, Utah County Health officials have some advice to help get the vaccine in a more timely manner.
3 years ago

WATCH: How to produce quality fruit in orchards

Planning and maintenance are the key ingredients for a fruitful fruit harvest. KSL Newsradio's Taun Beddes explains.
4 years ago

Goal setting vs resolutions: Focus on the process

If you feel defeated before you even begin setting new personal goals, adjusting your focus might help.
4 years ago

When to start seeds indoors | The KSL Greenhouse Show

Although gardeners may be eager to start planting, guests on The Greenhouse show suggest you start planning instead.
4 years ago

Taun Beddes explains how to care for Pothos on KSL Greenhouse

In this part of The KSL Greenhouse Show’s Houseplant series, Taun Beddes discusses how to care for Pothos.  What is Pothos?  Pothos is a very common houseplant that is related to philodendron. This houseplant is among those plants that with thrive without much attention. Pothos plants go by a variety of names including Devil’s Ivy […]
4 years ago

These last-minute gifts could be perfect for your weekend gardener

It's easy to give a smile to the gardeners in your life! Just include one of these last-minute gifts under the tree or in a stocking!
4 years ago