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Emily Ashmead

  • June Station Highlights

    Morning News with Tim and Amanda During the week of June 15th, Utah’s Morning News with Tim and Amanda had the opportunity to interview all four Republican Gubernatorial candidates.  Instead of waiting until right before the election, we did our traditional candidate interviews two weeks before Primary Day, so voters could learn more before mailing […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Waste Less Solutions

    In Utah, about 600,000 tons of food are wasted every year. Food is thrown away and heads to the landfill which then releases methane gas as the food decomposes. Food waste is responsible for about 8% of global emissions and is the number one item filling our landfills. Dana Williamson took matters into her own […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Utah Gives Back Day

    Today, June 25, SelectHealth will be highlighting organizations throughout Utah that make a difference in our community as part of Utah Gives Back day. While quarantine makes gathering in person difficult, there are still many ways to give back and serve in our local community.  Hope Squad School-based peer to peer suicide prevention program, based […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Primary Children’s-Water Safety

    For 30 years, Primary Children’s Hospital has worked to keep kids safe in our communities. Tragedies can happen in a blink of an eye. With summer and warmer temperatures here, it’s important to be especially careful around water. Drowning is the second leading cause of death among Utah children under the age of 14. Water […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Centro Hispano

    Imagine you live in the world where people rarely speak or write your language. You’re trying to get information about taxes, healthcare, and other community resources, but understand…very little. Almost 14% of Utahns are Hispanic, that’s 1 out of 7 people. Centro Hispano empowers Hispanics to have equal access to the information and resources they […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Granite Education Fund

    Across Utah, 1 in 7 children suffers from hunger, but in the Granite School District, the number is more than 3 in 5 children! Hunger emerges over periods beyond the school day like the weekends, holidays, and summer. The Granite Education Foundation established a school pantry program and has been delivering food to address hunger. […]
  • Teacher Feature Nomination

  • Utah Gives Back

    Special Enrollment Period (SEP)

    Studies show that with layoffs due to COVID-19, 160,000 Utahns are likely to lose their employer-provided health insurance. If you’ve lost your health coverage due to job loss, you may be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period, which allows you to enroll in an Individual or Family plan without having to wait for the fall […]
  • Utah Gives Back

    Farmers Market

    It’s time to support the great farmers markets across Utah. The Downtown Farmers Market in Salt Lake City is nationally recognized and was created in 1992 by the Downtown Alliance and has become a summer tradition for residents and visitors. Located in historic Pioneer Park, the Saturday Farmers Market has infused vitality into the middle […]
  • pediatricians Utah Gives Back

    Immunizations/Well-Child Check-ups During COVID-19

    As families commit to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, pediatricians want to remind parents to continue critical medical care including newborn care and well-child check-ups involving childhood immunizations. Immunizations protect children and our communities from dangerous and deadly diseases. That’s why it’s important that we maintain these visits to keep our kids […]