KellieAnn Halvorsen

KellieAnn Halvorsen


KellieAnn Halvorsen is a producer at KSL NewsRadio. She is a fangirl at heart, loving everything pop culture from DC Comics to Disney Parks. She spends her free time writing, singing, and napping with her beloved dog, Zealand. Her motto is "Be Creative. Be Bold. Be Inspiring." Contact KellieAnn at Learn more about Halvorsen at

Annual Cosplay Games Scavenger Hunt this weekend a preview for FanX 2021

The annual Cosplay Games scavenger hunt precedes the long-awaited FanX 2021 Convention, September 16-18, 2021.
3 months ago

After the 2020 cancelation, families and fans are finally ready for fun at this weekend’s Utah Renaissance Faire

The Utah Renaissance Faire is set for this weekend at Thanksgiving Point.
3 months ago

FAN EFFECT PODCAST: Fans of the ride will love “Jungle Cruise,” fans of family features will enjoy the ride of the film

The Jungle Cruise ride has earned its iconic place as one of the most beloved attractions in all the Disney parks. But will fans love the movie?
4 months ago

Relentlessly Resilient: Brent and Jennie Taylor’s story of faithful resilience

OGDEN, Utah — It has been nearly three years since former North Ogden Mayor Major Brent Taylor was killed in Afghanistan amid his fourth deployment in the National Guard. Since then, to understand what kind of man he was, his wife Jennie Taylor has taken up his mantle of service while at the same time […]
5 months ago

KSL’s Fan Effect is joined by Bobby Gibson to discuss ‘In the Heights’

"In the Heights," Lin-Manuel Miranda's pre- "Hamilton" award-winning Broadway has finally been adapted into a stunning film .
6 months ago

New Trends in Pretty Perennial Plants 

SALT LAKE CITY — Horticulturist Liz Hamilton joined the KSL Greenhouse show on Saturday to talk about new trends and new varieties of the ever-popular and pretty perennial.   Perennials are primarily flowering plants that live for over two years, blooming in Spring and Summer. They come in many varieties that add color, texture, and character to your yard. Scientists and nurseries consistently cultivate […]
2 years ago

Points on Poinsettia Care

SALT LAKE CITY — Poinsettias are a popular holiday plant, but how do you help them last the entire season?  KSL Greenhouse hosts Taun Beddess and Maria Shilaos provides points for selection and care of this flowering shrub in this Facebook video. From carefully unwrapping the plastic protective film, to prime watering and lighting conditions there are plenty of tips […]
2 years ago

Cran you believe it?: The sweet and tart cranberry is a favorite fruit for recipes and crafts

SALT LAKE CITY — Even though cranberries do not grow in our Utah soil, we can still enjoy them as prominent features on our dinner table, both on the plates and our table runners. Utah State University’s Cathy Merrill joined KSL Greenhouse’s hosts Tuan Beddes and Maria Shilaos on this Facebook video to share some wonderful cranberry […]
2 years ago

OPINION: These dangers should be common sense, but apparently they’re not.

Jaymac believes there should be some dangers that are just common sense, but we still read stories of people getting hurt in preventable situations.
3 years ago

OPINION: It should be illegal to use your phone driving

JayMac: If we were really responsible, we would all agree phones are a distraction and would put them down while driving. But too many people won't make that choice.
3 years ago

OPINION:The biggest GoFundMe scam is worse than you thought

It turns out the good-feel story of raising money for a homeless man may have been a Gofundme scam and it has Jaymac furious.
3 years ago