Martha Harris


Martha Harris is a former reporter for KSL NewsRadio's Utah's Morning News.

“Live to Breathe” campaign encourages steps for clean air

Utah Clean Air Partnership's "Live to Breathe" campaign encourages Utahns to take meaningful steps toward cleaner air.
2 months ago

School Board, Mayor Erin Mendenhall comment on superintendent leave of absence

A Salt Lake School District spokesperson confirmed Tuesday that Superintendent Timothy Gadson was on paid leave, but did not disclose why.
3 months ago

National Weather Service warns of flash flood risk for southern Utah

Because the high flash flood risk in southern Utah is high, the National Weather Services advises visitors to national parks in the area to keep an eye out.
3 months ago

Lawyers representing Utah argue abortion is not a constitutional right

Lawyers representing Utah say that the right to an abortion is not protected by the state constitution.
3 months ago

As the school year approaches, Utah schools are suffering a staff shortage

With the 2022-2023 school year on the horizon, some school districts in Utah are struggling with a staff shortage.
3 months ago

Gov. Cox responds to national attention on Utah drought

Following national attention, Gov. Spencer Cox wants people to know about the positive steps the state has taken to manage the drought.
3 months ago

Those who practice intermittent fasting less likely to have severe COVID complications, according to Intermountain study

The principal investigator of the study said the findings about intermittent fasting should not cause people to begin extreme fasts.
3 months ago

New poll gives insight on what Utahns think causes mass shootings

Even before the mass shootings in Uvalde and Highland Park, the question of what causes these attacks has had a spotlight.
3 months ago

Salt Lake County says it has decreased water-use on its golf courses

Salt Lake County says it has back water usage on its golf courses. The county says it has done by changing how they water.
3 months ago

Utah’s trigger law will ban most abortions

Some health and legal experts in Utah are struggling to determine what exceptions to an abortion ban in the state actually mean.
3 months ago

Boulger Reservoir to be drained for upcoming mining project

The Division of Water Rights says they will drain the Boulger reservoir out of precaution to prevent a dam failure.
4 months ago

Free period product dispensers placed at Hillcrest Junior High

Utah lawmakers unanimously voted to pass a bill providing schools with free period product dispensers. The dispensers are starting as a pilot program in the Murray School District.
4 months ago

Police investigate Ogden High attack of a student by another student

Police expect to file assault charges in the Ogden High attack this week. The victim's mother wants parents to talk to their kids.
4 months ago

New environmental planner will help Eagle Mountain grow responsibly

The Eagle Mountain environmental planner will help the city consider its impact on local wildlife as it expands.
5 months ago

Provo and Orem may combine their 911 dispatch centers

Provo Fire Chief James Miguel told the Provo City Council that having separate dispatch centers for the two cities delays response times.
5 months ago

BYU study says ‘going cashless was useless’ during height of pandemic

Many businesses went to a cash-only model at the start of the pandemic. A recent BYU study found the effort made little impact.
5 months ago

Sandy police investigating reports of shots fired near Lone Peak Park

Callers to police said they heard shots in the area of Mount View Drive, near Lone Peak Park. There were no injuries.
5 months ago

SB 174, the Utah trigger law that bans most abortions

The Utah trigger law, SB 174, makes it a second-degree felony to perform an abortion in Utah outside of a list of exceptions.
5 months ago

A second Utah Starbucks announces plans to attempt to unionize

Starbucks employees at 400 E. and 400 S. in Salt Lake City, Utah, told the Starbucks CEO they'd like to unionize for better wages and healthcare.
5 months ago

UTA, Salt Lake International Airport drop mask requirement

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Transit Authority says the agency has dropped its mask mandate for bus and train travelers. The decision comes after a federal judge ruled Monday that the mask mandate was unlawful. The Biden Administration is currently reviewing that ruling. In a statement to KSL NewsRadio, UTA spokeswoman Andrea Packer said […]
6 months ago

Orem school district creation hits a bump in the road

OREM, Utah — Orem City is looking into creating an Orem school district. The city hired a company to figure out if it’s feasible but some residents want the company to be replaced. Orem City hired Discovery Education Consultants to do a feasibility study. The study will determine if creating an Orem School District is […]
6 months ago

U.S. Department of Labor is suing the Chinatown Supermarket in Salt Lake

Chinatown Supermarket, located in South Salt Lake, is accused of obstructing an investigation. The U.S. Department of Labor filed charges on Monday.
6 months ago

Navajo Nation President asks for tribes to be “full participants” in managing Colorado River Basin

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez was one of 20 tribal leaders who wrote to U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland to ask to be included in managing the Colorado River Basin.
6 months ago

Noose found at Meta construction site in Eagle Mountain

The discovery of a noose at a Meta construction site in Eagle Mountain follows the November 2021 discovery of racist graffiti at the same site.
7 months ago