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Robynn Garfield is a former associate producer for KSL NewsRadio.

The Movie Show Big Movie Review: Jungle Cruise is fairly fun

Disney's "Jungle Cruise" is out in theaters nationally and worth a watch on the big screen, according to Steve and Doug.
3 years ago

MOVIE SHOW REVIEW: Space Jam: A New Legacy not worth the wait

This week's big movie is a follow-up 25 years in the making. Was Space Jam: A New Legacy worth the wait? Doug Wright and Steve Salles offer their take.
3 years ago

MOVIE SHOW REVIEW: Black Widow a near-perfect action film

The KSL Movie Show came away with a rave review for Marvel's Black Widow -- so long as you don't judge the accents too harshly. Listen here.
3 years ago


The Courier starts off a little slow but turns into one of the finest films in this genre from the past few years.
3 years ago