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TIm Hughes is the Utah's Morning News co-host

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Tim Hughes is a co-host of Utah's Morning News and the KSL Outdoors Show. You can reach him at thughes@ksl.com.

Chasing waterfalls close to home in Utah

Spring in Utah brings powerful exhibits of water, and, if careful, it's the perfect time to hike and witness the power of water for yourself.
20 days ago

It’s not too late to hunt turkeys in Utah

Twice a year, Utah allows you to participate in wild turkey hunting. The spring hunting season continues through May 31. 
2 months ago

Bucket biologists threaten fish in Millsite Reservoir, don’t make the same mistake

Bucket biologists transport a species of fish from one lake to another, but be warned that this is dangerous and illegal.
2 months ago

Take a hike, it’s good for your health

As the weather warms up, consider hiking for your health. Research shows it provides not just physical benefits, but mental ones too.
2 months ago

Discover a grand off-road experience on the way to Grand Canyon

Getting off road is a grand way to experience the wonders of southern Utah, and many companies will help you do just that.
3 months ago

Why you should care about the health of Great Salt Lake brine shrimp

Brine shrimp are a major food source for the more than 10 million migratory birds that make a rest stop in the waters of the Great Salt Lake. 
4 months ago

Antler shed season is open in Utah for 2024

We're one week into the annual shed antler and gathering season in Utah, and it's estimated 20,000 people will participate through mid-April.
5 months ago

Hughes: Despite fire, other setbacks, Nordic Valley Resort carries on a rich history

Fire and equipment trouble can't tarnish Nordic Valley Ski Resort's history or its contributions to the sport of skiing.
5 months ago

Bighorn sheep nursery moves to new Utah home

The Division of Wildlife Resources needed a disease-free space for the bighorn sheep population to have a healthy "feeder herd."
6 months ago

Hughes: Volunteering in the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics created lifelong memories

Whether it was being a friendly face to provide directions or assisting with more involved assignments, all have memories decades later.
7 months ago

Are Utah ski passes the most cost-effective way to recreate this winter?

With rising costs for snow sports in Utah, ski passes can help recreators get more bang for you
7 months ago

Kokanee salmon struggling in Utah as biologists look for solutions

Biologists have been concerned with the trend that has led to a 50% reduction in the number of fish and eggs taken this fall at the usual locations.
8 months ago

Fat Bear Week is here, learn how to participate and get some other wildlife viewing in too

Fat Bear Week kicked off on Monday and gives people the chance to view wildlife from the comfort of their own home.
9 months ago

DWR to offer free entry to 2 shooting ranges for National Hunting and Fishing Day

Utahns with a valid state hunting, fishing or combination license will get free entry to two ranges for National Hunting and Fishing Day.
9 months ago

A chance to witness nature in Utah

Get a chance to witness Utah's nature as the highly sought after Kokanee Salmon are heading up rivers and streams in Utah to spawn.
10 months ago

The dangers of being a “bucket biologist”

"Bucket biology" is taking one fish from its home pond or lake and transplanting it into another. Don't be a "bucket biologist."
10 months ago

The beauty of seeing the Mighty 5 through someone else’s eyes

Exploring Utah's Mighty 5 national parks with friends from another country brought me a whole new experience.
10 months ago

Stay healthy when you exercise or play outdoors in the Utah heat

It may be cooler at altitude, but playing or exercising outdoors in the heat (especially in the mountains) requires special precautions
11 months ago

Should you intervene when wild animals are sick or in danger? Experts say no

Experts say to let nature takes its course with wild animals after a bison calf was put down in Yellowstone over the weekend.
1 year ago

Avoiding bear conflicts in Utah’s backcountry

SALT LAKE CITY — If you’re like me you no doubt had at least one morning during our snowy winter where you woke up, looked at the window to find 6-12 inches of new snow in the driveway and decided to simply go back to bed! Turns out we humans are not alone. Utah’s bear […]
1 year ago

Quagga mussels: Utah boaters asked to help fight against invasive species

Quagga mussels are looked for on boats that come out of Lake Powell. Wildlife experts are trying to prevent the aggressive species from spreading.
1 year ago

Hughes: For safety’s sake, broaden your horizons for spring camping

Spring camping is great in Utah. There are places all over the state that works for every type of camper and adventurer out there.
1 year ago

Kyle Petty Charity Ride brings race car royalty to Utah

This year the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America marks its 27th year and will journey through Utah's many natural landscapes.
1 year ago