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Church settles case with SEC over financial reporting

Ensign Peak Advisors, Church of Jesus Christ agree to pay SEC penalty to settle investigation.
3 months ago

A Utah lawmaker and her sister at odds: Should rape victims need to contact police before getting an abortion?

Rep. Kera Birkeland says her bill focuses on rape victim services and holding rapists accountable. But her sister, a rape survivor, says it strips away choices.
4 months ago

This violinist played her instrument as surgeons removed a brain tumor

Surgeons asked the 53-year-old to play her instrument during surgery to ensure the violinist's musical abilities were not damaged during a tumor removal.
3 years ago

Andrew Yang joins CNN as a political commentator

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is joining CNN as a political commentator, the network announced Wednesday.
3 years ago

Burger King ad thinks moldy Whoppers will get you to buy more burgers

Burger King is re-"molding" the image of its signature Whopper in a nauseating new ad campaign to eliminate artificial preservatives from menu.
3 years ago

Utah mom calls 911 for help with baby formula

It was a 911 call that officers had never received before: a Utah mother in desperate need of baby formula for her newborn in the middle of the night.
3 years ago

Beijing orders mandatory coronavirus quarantine as US moves to evacuate passengers from cruise ship

Beijing has ordered a mandatory coronavirus quarantine for travelers returning to the city, with cases continuing to rise in China.
3 years ago

Kobe Bryant memorial service will be held February 24 at Staples Center

A memorial service for Kobe Bryant and his daughter will be held Feb. 24, nearly a month after they and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash.
3 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg says he’ll face backlash for Facebook’s new approach

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will stand up for principles like free expression and encryption, even if it means facing a backlash.
3 years ago

Senate vote to have trial witnesses fails, with timing of vote to acquit unclear

The Senate on Friday voted to block any witnesses from being called in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial.
3 years ago

John Delaney drops out of Democratic presidential race

Former Rep. John Delaney announced Friday that he's dropping out of the 2020 Democratic presidential race, ending a long-shot bid.
3 years ago

Nike has completely sold out of Kobe Bryant gear

Nike is sold out of Kobe Bryant gear as the world mourns the death of one of the greatest NBA stars of all time.
3 years ago

Trump says administration’s Middle East plan to be unveiled Tuesday

President Donald Trump plans to announce the administration's Middle East plan Tuesday at the White House alongside the Israeli Prime Minister.
3 years ago

Romney wants Bolton to testify, says other GOP senators may join him

Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah said he wants John Bolton to testify in the impeachment trial, noting other GOP senators may join him on that decision.
3 years ago

Michelle Obama wins Grammy, a third for the household

Former first lady Michelle Obama wins her first Grammy win for the audiobook version of her best-selling memoir "Becoming."
3 years ago

Reporter says Mike Pompeo cursed, demanded she find Ukraine on map

A reporter for NPR said Friday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo screamed obscenities and demanded she prove she could find Ukraine on an unmarked map.
3 years ago

Khashoggi documentary ‘The Dissident’ lands at Sundance

A searing documentary about the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi made its anticipated debut at the Sundance Film Festival.
3 years ago

Here’s what a $40,000 Super Bowl ticket will get you

Millions of football fans will descend on Miami for Super Bowl LIV next Sunday, but only 65,000 of them will attend the big game.
3 years ago

NFL wades back into controversy with new Super Bowl police shooting ad

The NFL is wading back into controversial territory with a new police shooting ad set to air during the Super Bowl.
3 years ago

CDC confirms second US Wuhan coronavirus case

A second US Wuhan coronavirus case has been identified in Chicago, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday in a press briefing.
3 years ago

Tulsi Gabbard files lawsuit against Hillary Clinton for defamation

Tulsi Gabbard filed a defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, alleging Clinton "lied" about the Hawaii congresswoman's ties to Russia.
3 years ago

A terminally ill rescue dog became a police K-9 for a day

Police in Pasco, Washington, turned a rescue dog with an inoperable tumor into a dashing police K-9, helping to cross items of his bucket list.
3 years ago

Climate refugees cannot be sent back home, U.N. rules

Refugees fleeing the effects of the climate crisis cannot be forced to return home by their adoptive countries, a United Nations panel has ruled.
3 years ago

MLK’s daughter weighs in on her father’s dream in a polarized America

MLK's daughter Bernice King believes there is no better time than this holiday to build community.
3 years ago