Blake Moore, Republican for 1st District

Republican nominee, U.S. Representative, Utah

Blake Moore is a Republican seeking to replace the retiring Rep. Rob Bishop in Utah’s 1st Congressional District.

Born and raised in Ogden, Utah, Moore is an executive with the Cicero Group. He previously served as a foreign service officer for the U.S. Department of State. 

Moore holds a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and health from the University of Utah as well as a master’s degree from Northwestern University in public policy and administration. 

Republicans nominated Moore to represent them in the 1st congressional district on the ballot during the state primary election on June 30, 2020. 

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Moore believes rural and small businesses are “the engine of our economy,” and need to be a priority when considering economic policies. 

On his website, Moore states the U.S. was facing economic prosperity before the COVID-19 pandemic, adding the necessary foundation is in place for a strong recovery.

While Moore supports the CARES Act and the Payment Protection Program, he doesn’t think congress strategically distributed the pandemic relief. 

“For example, there are industries largely unaffected by the need to work remotely, and other industries were forced to shut their doors entirely,” said Moore.

“By employing smarter, more proactive policies, we could have created a more tailored approach to better support those people and companies that needed it most.”

He believes the federal government cannot tackle big economic policies alone, and says local governments should have more of a voice. 

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According to Moore, America’s response to China in wake of the pandemic is one of the biggest issues to tackle within the coming years. 

“We are already seeing this unfold with reports of deception from the Chinese government and misinformation from the World Health Organization,” said Moore on his website

He says once the U.S. has an approach to China, it will be an all hands on deck to execute the plan. His experience in foreign diplomacy, Moore says, has exposed him to foreign actors taking advantage of American support. 

“On day one, I will work to bring China to task and help ensure America leads a global response to rebuild what we’ve lost these past few months,” said Moore. 

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Defense/Military/Hill Air Force Base

When it comes to the military, “we must protect those who protect us,” says Moore.

In order to protect military service people, Moore says on his website we need to prioritize veterans and the future of Hill Air Force Base.

“The importance of Hill Air Force Base cannot be understated – it makes our country safer, provides jobs to tens of thousands of Utahns, and needs someone with enough runway to commit to securing its future,” said Moore. 

Additionally, Moore says he’s proud to be a part of the growing private and non-profit sector that uplifts military veterans. 

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Abortion and Adoption

Moore says supporting families doesn’t mean just being pro-life, it also being pro-adoption. 

For the last 5 years, Moore has served on the board of the Utah Adoption Exchange and fundraised for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

“We need to continue to promote abstinence, provide education to help people avoid unplanned pregnancies, and identify sensible options so life is everyone’s choice,” explained Moore on his website. 


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Moore believes the federal government’s role in education must be limited. He says education is the strongest when determined at a local level. 

Additionally, Moore says higher education institutions in Utah need to continue aligning with “workforce needs by providing relevant and affordable education.”

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Moore says he will work to replace the Affordable Healthcare Act with something better.

He states on his website that he will  “improve choices and lower costs while protecting vulnerable Americans, give flexibility and resources to states to achieve those goals,” and “ensure people can opt into the private coverage of their choice.” 

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Public lands and Agriculture

Moore says he will work on creating and negotiating policies that benefit everyone. He believes the current issue with public lands is the federal government’s lack of balance and access. 

“As your Congressman, tourism, recreation, energy diversity, agricultural opportunity, and conservation will always remain a driving force for decision making,” said Moore. 

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Second amendment

Moore fully supports the right to bear arms and says he will defend the second amendment. 

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Moore believes that there needs to be a secure border before any immigration reform can happen. He supports legal immigration. 

“Streamlining legal immigration will benefit both the immigrants and the American economy, and those who go through the process legally will not be punished by those who do not,” said Moore.