Howie Hawkins, candidate for president

Green Party Presidential Nominee

  • co-founder of the Green Party
  • former Green Party candidate for New York governor in 2010, 2014 and 2018
  • first to propose Green New Deal in 2010
  • environmentalist and trade unionist

Nominated through the party’s national convention after receiving 205 delegates in the national primaries.

Hawkins on impeachment: 

The Green Party candidate strongly supported the impeachment of President Donald Trump, calling him the “most unpopular president in history.” 

“Only a rich white man like Trump could expect to still be walking free. The Republicans would have impeached Obama instantly for any of Trump’s transgressions. What are the Democrats waiting for?”

We don’t have to wait to 2020 to get rid of Trump. Impeach Trump now!” — Hawkins’ campaign website

Slogan: For An EcoSocialist Green New Deal

Howie Hawkins, candidate for president's view on

Health care

As part of his campaign, the nominee unveiled the Hawkins Healthcare Plan which would treat health care as a human right, as well as a public good. Under this plan, Hawkins would implement a “National Health Insurance” which closely mirrors the mainstream “MediCare For All.”

Under his plan, Hawkins would provide a universal and comprehensive health care coverage — eliminating profits from the system. 

Hawkins’ plan would incorporate two phases: the first focusing on the national insurance and the second implementing a National Health Service. This service would ensure health care facilities are publicly owned, workers are salaried and the system is governed by a community board elected by the public. 

Under his plan, Hawkins would pinpoint the unmet health needs in the U.S. and convert to a “fully public and democratically-run healthcare service.”


Howie Hawkins, candidate for president's view on


Hawkins’ platform focuses around defending the right for individuals to own guns for self defense, hunting and sport shooting — while implementing stricter regulation on gun ownership. Under his plan, Hawkins would focus on eliminating gun violence and white nationalist terrorism. 

Under his plan, he would ban military assault weapons with a government buy-back — while requiring universal background checks for gun and ammunition purchases. This policy would eliminate the gun show loophole. 

Hawkins would enact a policy that would require buyers to pass a gun safety test, similar to drivers’ license requirements. This would also require a 28-day waiting period after completing a license application to obtain a firearm.

His plan would center around eliminating profit from gun purchases, nationalizing gun manufacturers. Hawkins would also enact a red flag law that would permit the police or family members to petition for a state order removing firearms from a person deemed to be a danger to themselves or others. 

Howie Hawkins, candidate for president's view on

Climate change/Environment

Hawkins’ platform centers around climate change issues, as he dubs himself an environmentalist. As the first to propose the Green New Deal, Hawkins’ plan would implement an “EcoSocialist Green New Deal.”

His plan would accomplish zero-to-negative carbon emissions by 2030 through 100% clean energy throughout the country. As part of this, Hawkins would ban fracking and and new fossil fuel infrastructure. 

Hawkins believes in public ownership and public planning in energy, manufacturing and transportation. Under his administration, Hawkins would implement a zero-waste manufacturing and recycling policy. 

In August 2019, Hawkins called for a “climate emergency” — calling Democratic plans insufficient. He would declare this national emergency his first day in office. 

“We will be damned if we wait on the Democrats while the planet burns,” Hawkins said.

Howie Hawkins, candidate for president's view on

Immigration/child-parent separation, detention and border wall

Hawkins’ platform centers around immigration reform, repealing several executive orders issued by President Donald Trump — which he says was built on bipartisan immigration policies he calls “ineffective.”

If elected, Hawkins would “immediately” reform Trump’s immigration executive orders, minimize criminal prosecutions and decriminalize border crossings — opting for open borders. 

Under his plan, people crossing borders must present identification — but only those wanted for criminal charges or terrorist organization would be detained. Others can pass through the open border system. 

After a Democratic presidential debate in August 2019, Hawkins criticized candidates for “fail[ing] to recognize that more people coming to the United States is GOOD for the economy.”

Howie Hawkins, candidate for president's view on

Economy/minimum wage/income inequality

Hawkins supports a socialist economy that incorporates public ownership of big banks and industries.

His plan would guarantee an economic bill of rights, which includes:

  • Job guarantee
  • Minimum salary above poverty
  • $20 minimum wage
  • Affordable housing through universal rent control
  • MediCare for All
  • Free public edcation (K-12 through college)
  • Doubled social security benefits. 
Howie Hawkins, candidate for president's view on

Education/student debt/free tuition

Hawkins supports free public education provided from K-12 through college. 

In 2018, Hawkins unveiled plans for “Quality Education for All” as New York gubernatorial candidate. Under this plan, Hawkins sought to fully fund public schools and desegregate public schools by race and class. 

Under his gubernatorial plan, Hawkins vowed to end standardized “high-stakes” testing for students as well as the privatization of schools. 

Howie Hawkins, candidate for president's view on

Foreign policy

Hawkins said he would focus his socialist platform toward ending capitalistic tendencies to ignite international “endless” wars. Instead, he would replace capitalism with ecosocialism. 

Under his plan, Hawkins would cut military spending and converting to a defense military system rather than offensive. This would require a transformation from imperialist tendencies to humanitarian. 

“We will call for a recommitment to the recently abandoned arms treaties and to vigorous new negotiations for further reductions toward complete nuclear disarmament and for scaling back the world’s militaries to strictly defensive forces. We will oppose US military intervention for regime change and speak up for human rights wherever they are violated.” — Hawkins’ campaign website

Howie Hawkins, candidate for president's view on


Hawkins would convert the U.S. military to a defensive strategy, implementing deep cuts to military spending. 

“An enduring peace requires replacing capitalism with ecosocialism—capitalism’s nationalistic competitive militarism with ecosocialism’s international cooperative security. We will call for deep US military spending cuts and converting to a defensive military posture from today’s global military empire of over 800 foreign military bases.” — Hawkins’ campaign website

Howie Hawkins, candidate for president's view on


Under his plan, Hawkins would legalize marijuana in an ongoing effort to end the war on drugs. 

Hawkins’ policies would focus on decriminalizing laws on marijuana offenses, while releasing all nonviolent offenders who are in jail for marijuana possession. He supports both the medical and recreational use of marijuana. 

“There has been tremendous damage done to individuals, families and communities by abusive marijuana enforcement that has been racially unfair. A truth and reconciliation commission should be created to gather information on the damage that has been done and report on the impact of mass arrests and incarceration for marijuana offenses.” — Hawkins’ campaign website