Jonia Broderick, United Utah Party for 4th District

Candidate for Utah governor

Jonia Broderick has a bachelor’s degree in history from Columbia College, but included stints at Ricks College, Fullerton College, BYU, and Cal Poly, Pomona, according to her campaign website.

The candidate says her first priority will be paying down the federal debt:

“We are in a severe fiscal crisis. Our national debt has topped $22 trillion and is barreling towards $23 trillion. This is completely unsustainable. Our future security as a nation depends upon our getting this under control.”

She also pledges to promote health care reforms:

“. . . allowing patients to see prices up front in order to make informed decisions; and working with insurance companies, health care providers, and others to help to make preventative medical care affordable.”

“I believe the two-party system has failed regular Americans. Special interest groups, not people, are at the heart of too much legislation. Personal and political party power, not the balance of power, governs the actions of political leaders. Extreme partisan politics, not rational solutions, dictate our course. We are not promoting the general welfare,” she said, according to Ballotpedia.

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