KSL NewsRadio Text Alerts

Want breaking news, traffic, weather, shows or sports news and scores sent straight to you? KSL NewsRadio has you covered with text messages that come straight to your phone.

Sign up for KSL NewsRadio text alerts by texting the keyword below to 57500.

KSL NewsRadio lists Keyword
Breaking news NEWS
KSL NewsRadio Contests & Promotions CONTEST, WIN
KSL NewsRadio newsletter INBOX
KSL NewsRadio App APP
Dave & Dujanvoic show alerts D2
Inside Sources show alerts BOYD
Utah Jazz news JAZZ
BYU Sports BYU

KSL NewsRadio text alerts are a free service offered to customers who opt-in to receive them. Users can opt into any of the above categories. No purchase is necessary, automated messages will be delivered to the phone number you provide at opt-in.

This is an FCC CAN-SPAM Compliant application. Your information will be kept private.

Text HELP to your shortcode for help. To stop receiving texts text STOP to your shortcode.

Message & data rates may apply. Check with your cell provider for text messaging rates and fees that may apply.

The KSL NewsRadio shortcode is 57500.

For additional help please e-mail KSL NewsRadio or call 801.575.7604. Click here to view out privacy policy

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