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Cottonwood Trail Fire
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Evacuations lifted after Cottonwood Trail Fire races close to cars on I-15


WASHINGTON COUNTY– Authorities fighting the Cottonwood Trail Fire lifted the evacuations Monday morning. But the danger still remains along I-15 where cars came frighteningly close to flames.

It was frightening for drivers trying to leave on Sunday. Homes to the west of I-15 in Leeds were evacuated. And the fire was right alongside the cars.

“People were starting to climb out of their cars,” said Aly Winder. “You could see people with their children running up the freeway.”


One family had to abandon their vehicle and then the car burned to the ground.

“We did see a car in the center divider that was smoldering. It was burnt completely,” said Gerry Reposa.

The wind became a problem for fire crews and for those people on the freeway.

“The winds kind of changed and it started coming our way so fast,” said Erica England. “You could feel — Never have we experienced — like, our car got hot.”

Some said they thought they might die as the fire roared past.

“It was completely unexpected and just absolutely terrifying,” said Winder.

Fire authorities say the burn started north of St George after a tire blew. The last update on the Cottonwood Trail Fire was that it has burned 3,000 acres and is 10% contained.

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