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Nicole Solorio Romero Kearns woman murder kidnap
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Remains of missing, murdered Kearns woman found

KEARNS, Utah — The remains of Conzuelo “Nicole” Solorio-Romero, 25, who went missing in February because “she knew too much” have been found.

The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office filed charges against four people Friday in relation to the kidnap and murder of Solorio-Romero, bringing the total number of suspected in custody to six


DA Gill speaks on criminal charges 

When asked about the new developments, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill confirmed on KSL Newsradio that four more people are being charged.

“What I can say is that it is being totally worked,” Gill said. “Today [Friday], we identified four additional individuals to the two that we had already filed on… Ivan Acosta, Fernando Marquez, Christian Morales, and Carolina Marquez.”

Unified Police officials arrested Carolina Marquez, 38, and her son, Fernando, 22, who has been booked for murder, kidnapping and obstruction of justice. 

According to charging documents, Carolina Marquez ordered others to kidnap Nicole because she allegedly owed her money.


The additional criminal charges were filed against Ivan Acosta, 27, and Cristian Morales, 26, for obstructing justice, abuse or desecration of a human body. 

“This was a murder that occurred originally with a kidnapping, which was witnessed by multiple people who were alerted,” Gill said. “There was good investigation that ultimately led to other witnesses where Nicole was taken to a house and allegedly shot and killed there. Subsequently, her body was removed and we were able to piece together the individuals who engaged in the removal of the body and also the other participants who were there.”

When asked if more arrests or charges could be coming, Gill said a lot remains to be seen.

“Like any complex homicide, like this, it is an active and open investigation,” he said. “We will do what is necessary by the evidence and where it leads us.”

The disappearance of Solorio-Romero

Solorio-Romero disappeared from her home near 5400 South and 4800 West in Kearns in the middle of the day on Feb. 6.

Video camera footage shows Solorio-Romero was forcibly removed from the house and placed in a car by two men identified as Orlando Tobar, 29, and Jorge Medina, 21.

Tobar and Medina were the first arrests made in the case on Feb. 16, ten days after Solorio-Romero was reported missing. 

Solorio-Romero was then taken to a studio apartment in West Valley where she was interrorgated and reportedly shot twice in the head, according to authorites. The apartment is the home of Carolina Marquez, who is one of the four people charged by Gill Friday. 

Fernando Marquez, is accused of helping kidnap Solorio-Romero, along with threatening her with a knife.

Two witnesses told police they heard gunshots shortly after Solorio-Romero was taken inside. Another witness told police they saw Solorio-Romero’s body wrapped in a plastic bag and loaded onto a truck. Gill confirmed Friday that Solorio-Romero’s body was found in “black garbage bags.” 

Charging documents state Acosta and Morales are expected of assisting dispose of Solorio-Romero’s body.