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Bountiful High School announces ‘Redhawks’ as new mascot

Screenshot Bountiful High School

BOUNTIFUL, Utah — The Davis School District unveiled the newest mascot at Bountiful High School on Friday. The school is officially moving away from the ‘Braves’ moniker after this year and will be known as the ‘Redhawks.’

A new mascot next year at Bountiful High School

A public survey sent out by the school in February also listed the Lightning/Bolts, Trailblazers and Bears as options.

“As you may be keenly aware there’s been a movement across the country for years now to remove the Native American as a mascot for professional sports teams. That movement has also spread to universities, colleges and high schools,” explained Chris Williams, Director of Communications and Operations with the Davis School District, in a video premiere on Friday.

Principal Aaron Hogge announced last year that the school would get rid of the ‘Braves’ mascot, while keeping the red and grey school colors. That decision came after the school and district examined the mascot, held public listening sessions and organized a consultation committee.

“That name [the Braves] was something that was established back in 1950,” explains Williams. “The suggestion that came in more than any other was ‘Brave.'” The decision was made very consciously not to use ‘Brave’ because it was too close to the existing mascot.”

No longer the Braves, moving forward as the Redhawks

Principal Hogge later took time to address the ‘Redhawk’ name and elaborate on how the decision was reached.

“A red-tailed hawk is the most common hawk species in North America,” he explains. “It is one of the biggest birds of prey found in the mountains above Bountiful. We are still finalizing the logo and are grateful to the graphic designers who have assisted us. Identifying characteristics include a beautiful, majestic profile of a redhawk. The font in the word ‘redhawks’ reflects the talon.”



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