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utah state university football player faces charges
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Utah State University football player faces 8 charges, including rape

Ariel view of Utah State University campus. KSL Photo.

LOGAN, Utah — The Utah State University football player arrested on allegations of sexual assault is facing eight different charges, including rape, a first-degree felony. 

Authorities also filed one count of burglary, three counts of forcible sex abuse, two counts of criminal trespassing and entering, and one count of intoxication against Ismael (Izzy) Kalani Vaifo’ou. Of those charges, five are felonies and three are misdemeanors. 

Vaifo’ou is currently being held at the Cache County Jail. No bail has been set for the former USU football player. 

What reportedly happened that night

According to a probable cause report, Vaifo’ou is suspected of breaking into multiple dorm rooms on campus. And in one reported instance, laid down in a female student’s bed without her consent, wearing nothing but his underwear. The student said she pushed Vaifo’ou and told him to get out of the room.  

Campus police said a witness who spoke with the woman after reporting the incident, told them Vaifo’ou sexually assaulted her. Additionally, the witness claimed Vaifo’ou entered his room, along with other rooms, that night. The witness also told police Vaifo’ou seemed intoxicated at the time of the reported assault. 

When law enforcement came in contact with Vaifo’ou, they said he showed signs of alcohol impairment as well. 

Vaifo’ou suspended from team, can’t visit campus unaccompanied

Police said Vaifo’ou confirmed the incident and said he didn’t know the students he interacted with. 

Vaifo’ou has been suspended from the Utah State University football team as well as all team activities according to a spokeswoman for Utah State University. 

Amanda DeRito also said Vaifo’ou has been trespassed from the campus, meaning he cannot be on campus grounds without an escort from USU police.

Resources for USU students

To report a crime happening on the USU campus, call 435-797-1939 or visit this web page.

Learn more about USU’s advocacy resources on this web page.