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st. george thieves
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St. George thieves targeting homes under construction

ST. GEORGE, Utah — Thieves have recently targeted two homes under construction in St. George. And St. George police said they’re stealing whatever they can get their hands on.

That includes toilets, bathtubs, faucets, garbage disposals, a refrigerator, a pebble-ice maker, hand towel holders, and yes, a kitchen sink.

In other words, everything you’d expect to find in a home under construction. Just not necessarily the typical take for thieves.

“To go through and cut out appliances, or to take doorknobs, just take the time to take these things, it makes you wonder ‘are they building a house, and are they putting in their own home?'” St. George police officer Tiffany Redford told KSL TV.

The St. George thieves got away with about $10,000 in stolen appliances.  Redford recommends the purchase of a security camera to anybody building a new home in St. George or elsewhere.