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Mylar balloon fire Brigham City
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Mylar balloon causes fast-moving grass fire in Brigham City

The mylar balloon that was caught in power lines and started a grass fire in Brigham City on Saturday. Photo Credit: Brigham City Fire Department

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah — A fire burning late Saturday morning in Brigham City was caused by a Mylar balloon.

Brigham City fire said they were called to the fire at 600 East and 500 South, at the base of what they called “radio tower hill” at 11:30 a.m., and when they arrived they found a fast-moving fire that had spread to within feet of cars and a building.


The fire started when a Mylar balloon was blown into a power line which caused the line to arc. Flaming pieces of the balloon then fell into the weeds below.

Brigham City fire crews arrived on the scene quickly, they said in a statement. No vehicles were damaged and the building sustained only scorched brick.

“Most importantly,” the statement continued, “the millions of dollars of infrastructure on radio tower hill remained unaffected and operational.”

The area of the fire on Saturday included high voltage power lines and electrical substations as well as emergency communication equipment.

Annual fireworks restrictions go into effect in Brigham City on July 1. Those restrictions include open fires anywhere but in approved campgrounds, smoking except within an enclosed vehicle or building or developed recreation site, discharging fireworks, and operating equipment without spark arresters. More information is available here.

Brigham City Firework Restriction Areas 2021

Brigham City Fireworks Restriction Areas 2021, screen shot captured 06/19/2021 from