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kaysville arson investigation
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Woman arrested, accused in string of Kaysville arson fires

(Credit Kaysville Police | Facebook)

KAYSVILLE, Utah — Authorities arrested a woman suspected of starting a series of five different arson fires in Kaysville July 4. 

In a probable cause statement, Kaysville police said they responded to the scene of one arson fire, near 778 Old Mill Lane,  where witnesses reported seeing a woman start the fire on the side of the road.

Officer Joshua Delos Santos wrote in the document that the city fire chief approached him to say they were looking for other fires in the same area. Around the same time, he said he found witnesses on scene with video of the crime. 

Next, Delos Santos said more witnesses approached to report seeing her start another fire at 817 Lodder Drive. 

After Kaysville police located the woman witnesses said started the arson fires, they identified her as Tawny Hutchings, 35. The Kaysville Fire Department provided police with addresses for at least five fires on July 4. They include 817 Lodder Drive, 402 S. Kays Drive, 810 W. Brandon Drive, 787 S. Kays Drive, and 778 Old Mill Lane. All five fires took place within about a two mile radius. 

The Davis County Sheriff’s Office booked Hutchings into jail for investigation of three counts of reckless burning and two counts of arson. 

Hutchings currently faces two unrelated misdemeanor charges. Those include a shoplifting accusation from February in Sandy, for which she awaits trial, and allegations of driving under the influence in April in Utah County, for which she also awaits trial. 

The Kaysville arson fires caused no damage to structures, only to yards. Nobody reported any injuries. 


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