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fireworks fires Utah
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Fires started by fireworks in Utah and north Tooele counties Saturday night

July 24, 2021: A haybarn on River Road in Spanish Fork was destroyed by fire started by fireworks in an area where fireworks were banned. Photo credit: Utah County Fire Marshal

SPANISH FORK, Utah — Fireworks started damaging fires in Spanish Fork on Saturday night as well as in north Tooele County, where a homeowner saw damages to flowerbeds, a tree, and a nearby vehicle. Fireworks started both fires.

The haybarn on River Road in Spanish Fork was destroyed when someone lit a firework nearby, according to the Utah County Fire Marshal.

The barn and 100 tons of hay were destroyed. River Road, the Utah County Fire Marshal said, is in the firework-restricted area of Utah County.

“This was a criminal act,” the fire marshal said on Facebook. 

“Hay is impossible to get this year. With the water situation, it can’t be grown to replace it this year. This should be feeding cattle this winter rather than being destroyed by reckless behavior.”

An investigation continues by the Utah County Fire Marshal as well as the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

“So if you know someone that left home with a firework and came home missing said firework and smelling like burnt hay, shame and regret give @utahcountysheriff a call,” the agency said on its Facebook account.

Flower bed, tree, and vehicle set ablaze in Tooele County

The North Tooele Fire District also responded to a fire started by fireworks on Saturday. The address of this fire was 566 West 200 South. 

Tooele Fire Chief Chris Shubert said that fireworks got out of hand and started a neighbor’s flower bed and tree on fire. The fire then spread to a vehicle that burned and, by extension, caused radiant heat damage to adjacent homes.

This fire happened within the approved firework boundaries of Tooele County. The fire district said it has given the case to the Tooele County Police Department for investigation and possible neglect charges.