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More smoke from California wildfires on its way to Utah

Smoke from California and Oregon resulted in smoky air across northern Utah Friday, Aug. 6, 2021. Smoke is expected back into Utah by Sunday, Aug, 22, 2021. Photo: Heather Kelly, KSL

SALT LAKE CITY — While the recent rain storms have helped drought conditions, there is bad news.

Additional smoke from the wildfires in California is on its way to Utah. According to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the smoke should arrive in the early hours of Sunday morning. It is expected to increase air pollution levels in the state through at least Monday.

The DEQ says that if you are bothered by smoke in the air, you should stay inside as much as possible. 

The department also suggests on reducing car trips and not using the grill and lawnmower.

To keep indoor air fresh, the DEQ says to turn off the swamp cooler among other things. It also suggests using air filters, closing the fresh air intake on window air conditioning units, and postpone vacuuming to avoid kicking up dust.

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