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snowboard global supply chain issues
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Supply-chain issues impacting local snowboard shops, related businesses

Snowboards like this one might be harder to find as a result of global supply chain issues this winter. Photo: Getty Images

MILLCREEK, Utah — Some local snowboard shops are already feeling the impact of the global supply chain issues

Two snowboard shops, same global supply-chain problem 

Less than a mile from each other, two board shops reside on 3300 South in Millcreek between 3000 East and 3100 East. 

While both strive to be the best in Salt Lake County, Salty Peaks and Milosport have a common problem: a shortage of equipment. 

“In the course of the last 34 years now, I’ve never seen it like this before,” said Salty Peaks owner Dennis Nazari. 

The ‘it’ he’s referring to is a shortage of snowboards, bindings and other hard goods. 

Nazari said he has a steady stream of winter clothing flowing into the shop, such as gloves, hats, jackets and pants. 

“In the last 60 days, just about every manufacturer let us know about either delays in shipping, price increases, shipping surcharges, MSRP pricing going up … cancellations,” he said. 

Nazari said many colleagues in the industry have complained of similar delays. He said a shortage of materials is having the same effect on the ski industry. 

The difficulty up the street at Milosport does not appear to be as troublesome, but manager Max Raymer confirms they are seeing delays with some brands. 

Raymer said a few companies have reached out preemptively to say their orders would take longer than normal to arrive. 

Buy now to avoid regret later

Not only is inventory slim right now, but global supply-chain problems mean it might also be even harder to find a snowboard later this winter. 

Nazari said several brands have essentially told him “what you get is what you get.” Salty Peaks is not planning on restocking some popular items before the ski resorts close next spring. 

While he understands the desire to find a great deal, Nazari said price shopping might come back to bite you in the end. 

“You’re better off buying it now and holding onto your receipt and bringing it back if you don’t need it … than you are to shop around, come back and find out that … now it’s gone,” he said. 

Nazari said customers who like to wait until the end of the season to find a great deal on older gear might be disappointed. According to him, some of the previous year’s products were nearly the same cost of the brand new stuff in his shop at the beginning of this year. 

He pointed out the limited inventory and higher prices are also having an impact on the used-gear market. 

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