Fall themed foods | 4 easy, festive gift ideas for an extra-special autumn

Nov 11, 2021, 11:55 AM | Updated: Nov 18, 2021, 9:54 am
Fall Themed Foods...
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This article about the best fall themed foods is sponsored by Macey’s. Happy shopping!

Do you always find yourself pressed for time during the holidays, but you still want to impress your family and friends with autumn-themed foods?

Don’t worry– here are a few fab ideas for beautiful, tasty autumn gifts.

4 fast, easy fall themed foods that will have your family saying, “mmm!”

Fall Themed Foods

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Macey’s makes it easy to prepare holiday gifts and fall themed foods for parties. Check out the following recipes for some quick, stunning autumn food ideas.

1. Spread autumn cheer with homemade caramel apples

Fall Themed Foods

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Nothing talks autumn like a caramel apple. All you need are fresh apples, some M&Ms, and candy caramels.

To make perfect caramel apples, soak the apples in hot water for 5-10 minutes. Let your apples cool to room temperature before coating them in melted caramel.

Be sure to cool your caramel to 190 F before dipping the apples, and place the apples in the fridge immediately to help them set.

(Or, if you’re short on time, Macey’s bakery has already done the work for you. Get ahead of the holiday rush and order yours online today!)

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2. Help the meal prepper in your life: give the gift of mason jar food mixes

Fall Themed Foods

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Clear, glass jars can be used in any number of ways.

Fill some mason jars with cookie mix, print out a cute recipe card, and tie it all together with twine. This makes a great present for a neighbor or co-worker.

Or, if you know a meal prepper, put together some oatmeal mixes or muffin mix. If you want to go above and beyond, you could even can some autumn soup to help them stay on top of their meal prep game.

3. Candy gift bags are a cute, fun gift anyone will enjoy

Fall Themed Foods

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Stop by the gift wrap section at Macey’s and pick up some clear bags, twine, and tissue paper. Then, take a quick trip down the candy bar aisle.

It’s a quick way to say thanks and get in the season.

For an extra festive touch, look for bags and candy bars that already have autumn prints on them. Or, grab some construction paper and cut out leaves and pumpkins that you can tie onto the twin.

4. Autumn mugs make festive and versatile gifts

Fall Themed Foods

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Grab some cute, festive autumn mugs at your local Macey’s, and fill them with whatever the recipient likes best.

Stuff autumn-themed mugs with hot cocoa or apple cider packets, marshmallows, warm socks, and holiday tissue paper. Depending on how large the mug is, you could even include a pack of mini cookies.

Or, put together a mug soup kit. Some ideas include an autumn squash soup mix or an autumn wild rice soup packet. Add some fresh rosemary, a cute spoon, and a recipe card for fresh, homemade dinner rolls, and you’re all set!

Beat the holiday rush & stop by Macey’s today for fall-themed food!

Whether you’ve got a little time or a lot of time, let your creativity flow! From jars and jams to cakes and candy, your friendly neighborhood Macey’s has what you need to craft fall-themed snacks and thank-you gifts this holiday season.

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Fall themed foods | 4 easy, festive gift ideas for an extra-special autumn