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Aimee Cobabe is a Utah native who fell in love with storytelling as a kid reading anything she could get her hands on. She fell in love with radio production at Utah State University. Now, she chases good stories for KSL NewsRadio. You can reach her at

Jazz owner files application to house NHL team in Salt Lake City

What isn't clear is whether Ryan Smith wants to build a new arena for the NHL or revamp the Delta Center.
6 days ago

Tooele County students speak with International Space Station astronaut

The students gathered in the high school gym and communicated with the astronaut and the International Space Station via ham radio.
14 days ago

Unwelcome Home: Exploring the challenges of buying a home in Utah

The housing market in Utah remains as competitive as ever. Some people are braving it, some just can't stand it.
16 days ago

Charges filed for deadly pit bull attack in Taylorsville last October

The man who owned the dogs involved in the fatal Taylorsville pit bull attack faces misdemeanor charges. The attack killed his 63-year-old mother.
19 days ago

Baskin Robbins locations in Utah fined for breaking child labor laws

Sixty-four Baskin Robbins employees were found to have worked longer than the maximum of three hours after school.
1 month ago

911 call reporting 12-year-old driver on I-15 released by police

A 12-year-old driver was caught in her mom's car while driving down I-15 earlier this month. She was eventually stopped in Sandy.
1 month ago

Salt Lake City’s 2034 Olympic bid unlinked to proposed stadiums

IOC officials said that Salt Lake City's bid for the 2034 Olympics should not hinge on the construction of proposed MLB and NHL stadiums.
1 month ago

Man accused of killing U of U football player Aaron Lowe pleads guilty

The man who was accused of shooting and killing University of Utah football player Aaron Lowe has pleaded guilty. 
1 month ago

Here’s why Spanish Fork High School was in lockout Thursday morning

The outside doors at Spanish Fork High were locked when, during a fight between students, someone thought they saw a gun.
2 months ago

Super Tuesday Republican caucus preview

Super Tuesday is here and Republicans will meet at hundreds of locations across the state to debate their choices.
2 months ago

Legislature approves bill funding Utah MLB stadium, Fairpark District

As it reads now, House Bill 562 retains an increased tax on car rentals, but removes a hike in the hotel tax.
2 months ago

Bill allowing parents to sue social media companies moves closer to becoming law

HB464 gives Utah parents the power to sue a social media company if their child develops mental health issues after using the apps
2 months ago

Lawmaker wants to increase maximum amount of time for involuntary civil commitments

Utah lawmakers are supporting a bill to increase the maximum amount of time for involuntary civil commitments.
2 months ago

Report: Utah elected more women in 2023 but still lags U.S. average

Annual research from the Utah Women and Leadership Project shows Utahns elected more women to represent them.
2 months ago

Utah Board of Education unanimously votes to censure Natalie Cline

The Utah State Board of Education has unanimously voted to request Natalie Cline resign. With this vote, the board has officially censured her.
2 months ago

Consumer Price Index increases by 3.1%, inflation worse in west

The Consumer Price Index went up last month, with inflation worse in the western states. Economists were hopeful it would be a little less.
2 months ago

Adoption revision bill would make it easier to adopt in Utah

Utah lawmakers proposing changes to adoption laws that could significantly reduce legal expenses for families looking to adopt.
2 months ago

Carjacked mail truck in Bountiful led to police standoff

The carjacking of a mail truck in Salt Lake City on Monday turned into a SWAT situation in Bountiful around 1:00 p.m. on Monday. 
3 months ago

Lawmakers make revision to potty training bill

A House committee has passed a bill requiring potty training for kindergartners before they start school. However, it made a change first.
3 months ago

Lawmakers propose to keep Utah running on coal and natural gas

Utah Republican lawmakers say they don't want to put the cart before the horse when it comes to the means of fueling Utah.
3 months ago

Democrats express frustration after Senate passage of gender bathroom bill

Rep. Angela Romero, D-Salt Lake City, feels H.B. 257 will marginalize Utah's LGBTQ+ community. She and many other Democrats hope for a veto.
3 months ago

Transgender bathroom bill clears Utah Senate committee hearing

The bill, HB257, would require everyone to use the bathroom with the gender that matches their birth certificate.
3 months ago

Iowa caucuses kick off amid freezing temperatures

Despite the Iowa caucuses taking place amid sub-zero temperatures, Utah GOP Chair Robert Axson is still optimistic about turnout.
3 months ago

Lt. Gov. Henderson, First Lady Abby Cox endorse Nikki Haley for 2024 election

First Lady Abby Cox said her husband, Gov. Spencer Cox, was not endorsing Haley at this time.
3 months ago