Aubri Wuthrich

Utahns volunteer with American Red Cross to aid hurricane evacuees in Florida

The American Red Cross has volunteers on the ground in Florida to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.
30 minutes ago

A Google analysis shows which words are the most confusing to Americans

Americans use Google to define terms that are confusing for them, this study shows which terms are most commonly searched.
6 days ago

Beavers rescued and released in Uintas to rebuild Carter Creek

A family of beavers was relocated with the hope that they will repopulate a formerly thriving beaver habitat.
13 days ago

During Sickle Cell Awareness month, American Red Cross seeks donations

As fall approaches, the changes in the weather and temperature can cause pain and discomfort for people with sickle cell anemia.
16 days ago

Family of beavers is the latest attraction in Logan Canyon

Families are making their way to Temple Fork River, in Logan Canyon to watch another family (of beavers) doing their beaver thing.
26 days ago

Carmelite Fair returns to Holladay after two year absence

At the Holladay location, since 1952, the nuns have dedicated their lives to praying for the world. The annual fair is their main source of income.
28 days ago