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Cold air funnels: what are they and should we worry?

Funnels can form during mild thunderstorms and rain showers, when there is warm air at lower altitudes and colder air above the clouds. 
8 months ago

UVU Police Academy has more women graduating than ever before

Female officers tend to use less force and are good at de-escalating situations and using communication techniques.
9 months ago

Be Ready Utah created in 2006, due to flooding

Be Ready Utah was created back in 2006 for flood control in St. George, now it proves to be more useful than ever with recent flooding.
10 months ago

Virtual learning continues and thrives in Jordan School District

The ability for students to work at their own pace is one of the reasons cited for the continuing popularity of virtual learning.
10 months ago

Utah’s wildlife impacted by historic snowfall

The winter and the snow this year have had a big impact on Utah's wildlife. Some animals have thrived while others are hurting.
10 months ago

Looking back at Utah’s record-breaking winter in pictures

Utah has been pounded with snow this season. While it is good for some things, it is hard in other aspects.
11 months ago

Influencer and author spreading awareness and acceptance for those with autism

Author Matthew Kenslow says he wants to bring awareness and acceptance to those with autism, through social media and his own book.
11 months ago

Utah is one of the most AI-obsessed states in the nation

A recent study shows us that Utah is in the top 10 states in the U.S. that are obsessed with AI or artificial Intelligence.
11 months ago

Pew Research Center study reveals how Americans feel about different religions

The study asked about seven different religious groups in the United States. It specifically asked if the religion was favorable or unfavorable.
11 months ago

FEMA provides Utah more money for COVID-19 reimbursements

The money is earmarked for Utah County to reimburse it for the previous use of shelter and other needs for emergency workers.
12 months ago

Workforce options have changed in rural areas since the pandemic

Western Governors University recently concluded a study which delved into Lightcast’s job-listing data from the past five years in rural areas.
12 months ago

NBA All-Star weekend, a time to give back to Utah communities

Over 3 million dollars will be donated to different organizations and charities around Utah during the NBA All-Star Weekend.
1 year ago

Utah expert explains connection between Ukraine and Turkey quake

The devistating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria will likely be soon forgotten as the focus of the world shifts back to the war in Ukraine.
1 year ago

Proposed legislation would ban gas chambers to euthanize pets in Utah

Utah is one of three states that allow for the use of gas chambers as a method to euthanize pets. Sen. Mike McKell would change that.
1 year ago

Avian flu kills wild birds in four more counties in Utah

The avian flu was detected in wild birds in 13 Utah Counties.
1 year ago

Kaysville Firefighter arrested on charges of enticing a minor

Twenty-nine-year-old Andrew Leonard has been charged with Enticing a minor.
1 year ago

Salt Lake City International Airport recognized for on-time performance

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City International Airport is recognized as a top performing airport worldwide. The airport ranks third in the world for being on-time. For an airport to receive this award, it must have a good track record for on-time departures. Salt Lake City’s airport does very well in this department.  SLC […]
1 year ago

Utah firework safety for New Year’s celebrations

Fireworks are a great way to ring in the New Year, but it is always good to know how and when to safely use them.
1 year ago

Ski village, with homes and commercial space, coming to Nordic Valley

Cottages, townhomes, and commercial space will fill the village once the project is complete.
1 year ago

What you need to know about avalanche safety in Utah

Staying safe in Utah with some tips on avalanche safety.
1 year ago

Shortage of baby formula continues to worry parents

While the baby formula shortage has improved since earlier this year, experts say there still isn't enough.
1 year ago

USU Eastern student takes 3rd in global welding competition

The USU Eastern welding student scored seven points behind the gold medal winner and took the Best of Nation Award.
1 year ago

Two Utah Girl Scouts win badge riding to the moon on Artemis 1

SALT LAKE CITY  — Two Utah Girl Scouts have received a badge that’s flying to the moon on Artemis 1 mission, which launched early Wednesday as part of a crewless spacecraft around the moon. Girl Scout Victoria Moore and Junior Girl Scout Karissa Amante  won “Girl Scouts to the Moon” essay contest. Girl Scouts of […]
1 year ago

Bonneville High automotive technician shop named top in the nation

To earn this award Bonneville High had to be nominated by a local business. Then students and parents wrote letters of recommendation.
1 year ago