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Debbie Dujanovic is an award-winning reporter and anchor, as well as the host of Dave & Dujanovic on KSL NewsRadio. You can reach her at

Dujanovic: If you live in this city, don’t let kids run through sprinklers

Lehi is one of the fastest-growing cities in Utah and is mostly made up of families. Residents are facing a public health scare.
8 months ago

Dujanovic: Battling inflation like it’s 1981

Inflation has Debbie Dujanovic budgeting like it's 1981. She has tips on how to battle inflation and save your wallet some tears.
2 years ago

OPINION: No thanks Gov. Cox, I won’t buy and store fireworks

Advice to "buy and store" fireworks during a mega-drought year in Utah is bad advice, says KSL Newsradio host Debbie Dujanovic.
3 years ago

OPINION: Council’s inflammatory police shooting response isn’t leadership

A police shooting must not be a catalyst for politicians to repeat angry rhetoric without learning the facts -- or being ignorant of them, writes Debbie Dujanovic.
4 years ago

Debbie Dujanovic: Winning my 10-year battle with anxiety

The battle with anxiety can be brutal. KSL NewsRadio Host, Debbie Dujanovic shares her story on overcoming anxiety.
4 years ago

OPINION: With COVID-19 rules, violators may be prosecuted

Cities, counties, states, and nations are all issuing new COVID-19 rules. Are they really all that? Debbie asks Utah's Lt. Governor, the Salt lake County District Attorney and the Salt Lake County Sheriff..
4 years ago

Opinion: Coronavirus is not going to ruin my happy birthday

Debbie Dujanovic reconsiders the value of the freedom to begrudgingly celebrate a birthday with friends in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
4 years ago

OPINION: I’ve learned a lot about myself because of COVID-19

Debbie Dujanovic has learned a lot about herself in just a few weeks of covering COVID-19 for KSL NewsRadio. Here are some of her takeaways.
4 years ago

Utah parents want vape tax

77% of Utah voters who were surveyed by the American Heart Association said they support a tax increase on vape products and I might not have been one of those polled, but I'm right there with those 77%.
4 years ago

My letter to brides-to-be after reception center abruptly closed

Advice to brides-to-be after an event center with Utah locations closed its doors.
4 years ago

SUU Commencement Speaker: Condoleezza Rice

President of Southern Utah University Scott Wyatt announced that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be the college's commencement speaker this spring.
4 years ago

Illegal credit card skimming: Three habits I changed at the gas pump

According to the FBI, credit card skimming costs banks and consumers $1 billion a year when unwitting customers encounter the devices on the street.
4 years ago

Opinion: What Chief O’Neal’s Death Taught Me About Life

KSL Newsradio host Debbie Dujanovic shares her thoughts upon learning of the death of her friend, Sandy City Police Chief Bill O'Neal.
4 years ago

Dave and Dujanovic: Country music star helps raise $47,000 in honor of fallen officer Joseph Shinners

Country music star Billy Dean performed two concerts to raise money for the family of fallen Provo police officer, Joseph Shinners.
4 years ago

Experts worry stalkerware is secretly tracking your smartphone

An inexplicable surge in your data use, or a battery that won't keep a charge, are both signs your phone may be infected with stalkerware.
4 years ago

Wife of fallen Utah police officer thanks community, talks about struggles

A GoFundMe with a goal of $85,000 aims to take Master Officer Joseph Shinner's coworkers and family to DC for the Annual Peace Officers' Memorial Service.
4 years ago

Opinion: My daughter’s vape addiction has become her mission

Despite her athleticism and her brains, and in contrast to my public anti-vaping stance, my own daughter was secretly nursing a vape addiction.
4 years ago

I-15 gridlock prompts search for solutions at Point of the Mountain

Beginning Thursday, the Utah Transit Authority will hold open houses for residents to pitch solutions to gridlock at Point of the Mountain.
4 years ago

Utah woman grew up in La Mora, Mexico. Now, her family is fleeing

Emily Langford grew up in La Mora, Mexico. "I will never go home again unless it is safe. And I don't see it being safe again."
4 years ago

How to keep yourself safe if you plan to travel to Mexico

A search of the U.S. Department of State’s travel advisory database revealed no part of Mexico is without warning to tourists.
5 years ago