Heather Peterson

Law enforcement agencies cracking down on distracted driving

More than 40 Utah law enforcement agencies will be out on the road through Sunday, April 14 to look out for distracted driving.
16 minutes ago

$1 million in scholarships offered to University of Utah students for community service

The University of Utah students who are doing well academically have a chance to receive a whole new scholarship by doing community service.
22 hours ago

Free annual health screenings will be offered to Provo City School District students

Free annual health screenings will soon be offered at elementary schools in the Provo City School District.
2 days ago

National Park Service being sued for switching to cashless entry

The National Park Service is being sued for going cashless at 30 national parks and monuments.
4 days ago

DEA assembles Utah Drug Overdose Task Force to combat opioid crisis

The Utah Drug Overdose Task Force will include 10 local law enforcement agencies to target drug dealers and suppliers.
7 days ago

Is there a war brewing over artificial grass in Salt Lake City?

Some people in Salt Lake City are being asked to pull out their artificial grass, and they are not happy about it.
8 days ago

Esports sanctioned as an official high school activity in Utah

Utah schools embrace esports as colleges and universities across the U.S. offer millions of dollars in financial aid for the sports each year.
9 days ago

Utah Prison Education Project launches U of U bachelor’s degree program

The Utah Prison Education Project is raising money for a computer lab so students can do the research they need as they go through the program.
10 days ago

Salt Lake City Police warn about advanced skimming devices

Salt Lake City police claim criminals are becoming more covert, creating even more realistic-looking skimming devices.
10 days ago

Group petitions U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect migratory bird called Wilson’s phalarope

The Center for Biological Diversity submitted a petition to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect a bird called Wilson's phalarope, under the Endangered Species Act. 
13 days ago

Wet weather may make for some soggy Easter egg hunts

Rainy weather is threatening Easter weekend festivities. Some Easter egg hunts will continue, others are looking into contingency plans.
14 days ago

Fawn’s Family Rescue provides lounge to relax with adoptable cats

Fawn's Family Rescue recently opened its doors in Bountiful. The new cat lounge provides a comfortable way for people to hang out with feline friends.
15 days ago

LISTEN: Utah Rep. Phil Lyman blames Baltimore bridge collapse on DEI

Rep. Phil Lyman said the bridge collapse is because of "governors who prioritize diversity over the wellbeing and security of citizens."
17 days ago

Want to see the solar eclipse? Go to Dallas

Michael Zeiler, an eclipse cartographer said the closest part of the eclipse's path to us is Dallas. 
18 days ago

Multiple sclerosis rates in Utah are some of highest in the nation

Doctors from Intermountain Health are trying to figure out why people in Utah are more than twice as likely to have multiple sclerosis than most other Americans. They believe genetics can make a person predisposed to the autoimmune disease, but it is often triggered by other factors, like a vitamin D deficiency.
21 days ago

Utah wedding costs are skyrocketing

As everything in Utah's economy becomes more expensive, so do weddings. While data shows couples were spending an average of about $17,000 last year, this year, they are looking to spend about $24,000.
21 days ago

West High School opens on-campus clinic for students

The West High School clinic is the first of its kind will provide students with mental health resources and preventative healthcare at school.
22 days ago

Utah’s public universities seek approval for tuition hikes

The University of Utah and several other public universities are asking the Board of Higher Education to approve tuition hikes for next year.
24 days ago

Orem man training for year-long run around United States

Chris Avery, a coach from Orem, is training to spend 365 days running around America in 2027. If he does, he will set the Guinness World Record for most consecutive ultra-marathons.
25 days ago

UDOT considers Mountain View Corridor safety after two fatal crashes in one month

UDOT has already lengthened a pause that occurs between green and red lights, but officials say drivers need to be more alert.
1 month ago

UVU offers freshman housing option for the first time

Starting this fall, Utah Valley University will offer on-campus housing to incoming freshman for the first time. The college says its in an effort to help freshman feel more connected to the UVU community.
1 month ago

Tumbleweed cleanup in South Jordan comes to an end

South Jordan said their cleanup efforts have concluded, taking 25 dumpsters-full of tumbleweeds to the landfill.
1 month ago

Non-alcoholic beer sales skyrocket in Utah

Consumer data collected by Axios shows Utahns spend $303,654 on non-alcoholic beers in January alone. That number is up from about $221,700 from January 2023.
1 month ago

$14.2 million awarded to Navajo Nation and Hopi Reservation for solar electricity

Right now, more than 10,000 homes on the Navajo Nation and Hopi Reservation are not connected to the electricity grid.
1 month ago