Audrey Brian – Lindon Elementary

Sep 23, 2016, 8:45 PM | Updated: Jan 15, 2021, 6:11 am

Mrs. Brian has been my son’s teacher this year. She has influenced him in many positive ways. She is a fabulous teacher and I would like to recommend her for the teacher feature award.

My son is a boy that loves to be challenged. Mrs. Brian has challenged him in all academic areas. He came into the class already ahead in math and science. Mrs. Brian has allowed and encouraged him to move ahead. She has helped him think deeply about his learning and apply what he learns to real situations. She has also helped him improve and even excel in areas that were areas of weakness for him. My son was not a strong writer at the beginning of the year. Mrs. Brian has systematically taught and practiced a structure for writing that has helped my son become a strong writer. I appreciate her knowledge of how to teach. Her understanding goes much beyond the basics of how to teach academic subjects. She knows how to reach each student individually, no matter where they are in their learning and what their interest level is for that subject.

Mrs. Brian makes learning fun and engaging for all students. She has an energy and love for learning and for children. The class participated in many STEM projects, a genius hour project, and other activities to help students gain a depth of knowledge and understanding that is deep and broad. In addition, regular lessons in the class were conducted in a way that encouraged active involvement and creative thinking. This type of teaching takes much more effort and expertise on the part of the teacher than lecture based instruction. My son thrived in this environment. I am sure that the other students did as well.

Mrs. Brian is personable and caring. Her students know that she cares for them personally both in class and in life. She has taught them life lessons as well as academics. She is interested in what they are doing outside of school and she works hard to help them develop into good citizens and strong leaders.

I hope that this description shows why Mrs. Brian would be a great choice for the teacher feature award. She has gone much beyond the expectation of classroom teacher and has positively impacted her students’ lives in many ways.

–Kristin Bjorn

Audrey has taught at Lindon Elementary for the last 5 years. She has taught 4 years of 3rd grade and this last school year was her first time teaching 4th grade. Her school’s Principal, Kate Ross, has nothing but kind words to say about her. If fact, after I proposed to Audrey, Kate had a talk with me because she was worried about losing Audrey. It is very evident that her superiors think that she is an excellent teacher.

Two years ago she was asked to teach an advanced class, on the assumption that the most disruptive students needed more engagement and harder lessons in order to reduce their boredom. The theory actually worked, and she had a wonderful time teaching those students. At the end of that school year, her Principal suggested that she switch to the 4th grade to start an A.L.L. class. This year, her students passed 100% or their end of year tests. It took a lot of extra work for her, because she needed to developed lesson plans for each class that year. That said, her dedication payed off and her students learned all they needed to and more!

Mrs. Brian loves her students. She gives her heart and soul to the class. All of her students just love her, and she comes home every night to tell me how great they are. Audrey has used Harry Potter as her classroom theme, and encourages her students to read the books, in an effort to bring magic into their lives.

I believe that Audrey Brian is the best teacher I know. I wish I could have had her as my teacher. She is absolutely deserving of the KSL Teacher Feature award!

–Collin Brian


My son Parker has had Mrs. Brian for the past two years. He has loved every minute of it! She loves each child individually and focuses on their strengths and helps them strengthen their weaknesses. She goes out of her way to help each child love learning.

This year she took on the challenge of starting the Advanced Learning Lab for 4th graders at Lindon Elementary. It was no small task and she handled it beautifully. She pushed the kids to go above and beyond. She encouraged them to think outside of the box.

Parker says that as far as teachers go, she is the funniest. He says she is kind. He says she is a good teacher and his most favorite thing about her is that she loves Harry Potter! Both Parker and I would love it if you would honor her by awarding her with KSL’s Teacher Feature!

Thank you!

–Julie Rivers


Mrs. Brian is a standout in the field of education. Her willingness to adapt to a new grade and program for the first time this year shows her true dedication to her students.

My child’s weakness was in her writing skills and with Mrs. Brian’s help in an improved way of thinking, she was able to score one hundred points higher on her end of year testing.

She is a teacher dedicated to helping students, and differentiating to meet individual needs is a fundamental part of her educational paradigm. By providing opportunities for students to develop a personal connection and love of learning, Mrs. Brian has been a strong model for our school.

–Talina Jensen


As Audrey’s father, I am tempted to be biased toward her, but my experiences in her classroom make me sincerely believe that she is an incredible teacher.

I have come to her class many times, mostly to read to the children, but also several times to teach sculpting since I am in the fine art sculpture business. Since I am there only when I have the class’s attention I have not witnessed Audrey’s teaching, but I have been consistently amazed at the relationship she has with her class. The combination of love and discipline that she has with her students is remarkable.

Looking at the faces of the children, whether she talks one on one or to the whole class, it is clear that they obey her because they love her. They love her because they can tell she loves them. There is no trace of authoritarian fear in any of those eyes. They are enthused and trust Audrey’s gentle and firm hand. She is clearly a source of strength and comfort to them.

In addition to academic work, she also brings extra dimensions to her classroom, like her running club, which exercises during recess, and teaching her children to play chess. Who does that with fourth graders?

What I witness in the classroom is confirmed in her enthusiasm about her class away from school. Teaching the gifted class is an extra challenge because of the need to challenge the most gifted students while not leaving the less gifted ones behind, but her love for the children keeps her going. She eagerly looks for ways to better teach all skill levels and genuinely loves being with her students.

I am remarkably proud of how Audrey is such a loving and effective teacher!

–Michael Baer


Mrs. Brian is a teacher that is willing to go above and beyond what is required. She gives the kids experiences and opportunities that I have never seen an elementary teacher provide. My child grew in so many ways in her class because she was willing to take the time and invest in my child.

–Hannah Banks


Mrs. Brian has been an amazing teacher to my son for the past 2 years. She has an amazing ability to light the desire of learning in her students and they adore her for it. This may be because they know that she adores them. She goes above and beyond teaching more than just academic topics. She teaches and models exemplary character and responsibility. Because of Mrs. Brian, my son wakes up excited to go to school every day.

–Michelle Jensen

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Audrey Brian – Lindon Elementary