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Cindy McCandless, Morningside Elementary

“To say Mrs. McCandless is an outstanding teacher is an understatement. She has gone above and beyond to make this year a year full of learning and fun for her students. She has created systems for online students as well as in person students to succeed and has been consistent in her ability to reach out to every student and make them feel loved. She has a special persona in the classroom which helps students to achieve their potential, feel loved and also want to listen and behave because they have a desire to learn. She has managed classroom conflicts between students and difficult situations in the classroom by teaching students life skills and ways to cope. She teaches the arts and engages students in connecting with the visual arts and also motivates them to love reading. My son has transformed as a result of being in her classroom and I feel so lucky as a parent to have a teacher like Cindy McCandless at our school!”

Submitted by: Molly Neves

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