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David Joy, Wahlquist Jr High

“The thing that sets Dr. Joy apart from others is his ability to admit he doesn’t know everything and that it is ok to make mistakes. Showing that he still struggles makes it so much easier for his students to connect with him. He pushes them to be better in the classroom but more importantly outside of his classroom. He encourages kindness and is often told that his classroom makes students feel safe and accepted. This is because of who he is. He is kind and sets an example of how to allow others to be themselves. Any student who enters his classroom can feel the difference and I know they are so lucky to have him as their teacher. When the pandemic started, he went to great lengths to keep the kids engaged and connected often at the expense of his pride. The videos he made continue to be talked about. His passion for teaching keeps him going through the hard days and it is obvious he loves his job!”

Submitted by: Leanne

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